Summer is almost over!

Well, hate to say it but summer is coming to an end. School will be back in full swing before I know it. But that also means there will be a pay check too! :) Summer has been fun Went the islands, spent a lot of time at cedar point, babysitting, and spending time with family. Hope your summer has been fun. Whats new with you?
  • rockymtnslover
    Boo for end of summer. Yay for paychecks. :)
    by rockymtnslover at 07/28/09 3:08PM
  • lorileigh
    I'm holding on to summer for as long as I can!
    by lorileigh at 07/29/09 10:48PM

Spring Break

So we were going to Florida for Spring Break But change of plans I will be staying home finding something to with my time. Hopfully I will be able to visit with friends and maybe take a small trip somewhere. Got any ideas?
We have a Gospel meeting this weekend at Norwalk C of C if you able 7:30 each night we have some very talented people coming our way.

Also I am looking for summer job. Anything really I have lots of job applications out. No luck yet got any ideas?

And I know many of you have been asking about Andrews status on his acceptance to BG and basically they ran out of money so we will not be in BG next year. We dont know where yet but please keep our family in your prayers and that we will land near a great church.

  • curlie
    Sorry about the lack of funding for Andrew. :( I hope you find something out soon and that it's near a good congregation and not too far away!

    I'm up for whatever next week. How about thrifting in Columbus since no one has any money? :)
    by curlie at 03/31/09 11:06AM
  • rockymtnslover
    Sorry life isn't working out as you had planned, but God always has a plan. I know you trust him! Love you!
    by rockymtnslover at 03/31/09 12:00PM
  • lorileigh
    I'm so sorry to hear that. However, I know God has bigger plans for you both. Eddie ended up in WV and then in CA. God was definitely working in our lives in both of those instances with a full scholarship and stipends for teaching and working at a government facility. It was amazing how God truly led us in those directions. I'll be keeping you in my prayers. :)
    by lorileigh at 03/31/09 2:55PM
  • lorileigh
    WIL Research Laboratories
    by lorileigh at 04/02/09 8:08AM


Well , as you all know its was St. Patty Day yesterday. And for those of you who dont or have never lived in college town during this holiday it should be called St. drunken look as stupid as possible Day! Yeah lets just say I have seen enough green stuff to last me a long time. And the police were only in our apartment building four times better than last year.

On a more serious note. Please keep those who are not being obedient to lord in your prayers. I have recently found out a friend of mine has fallen away from the lord. I pray they repent and comes back to the lord. The world can be harsh place. Yet, look so appealing.

Weekend plans none yet?
How about you?
  • mamahastings
    Weekend plans- try to clean a path through the house and hopefully have baby goats born!
    by mamahastings at 03/18/09 12:41PM
  • katiebee
    Niagara Falls, I will be praying!
    by katiebee at 03/18/09 2:02PM
  • marchmadness
    I was wondering why it was such a drinking holiday and my sweet husband said it was because of lent. I didn't understand so he elaborated that during lent, many Catholics abstain from alcohal,but on st patricks day, since it is a holy day recognized by "the church", they can get a pardon from their priest to have a break from whatever they are giving up for lent. Insane huh?
    by marchmadness at 03/18/09 2:28PM
  • friedaj
    I got of course all the games that come with the console (wii sport), wii fit and wii play
    by friedaj at 03/19/09 8:36AM

Bachelor and American Idol

Well, one of my show I watch on tv is over. So now Its just American Idol. WOW! Last night was great there are some really good singers this season.

Weekend: well I have an interview this saturday for summer. While school is out so I am excited I might get paid but I think its only part time. And I might get another part time job. To make ends meet. Also, no word from the school on money for andrew yet so keep praying.

Other than that nothing to exciting going on.
What are your weekend plans?
  • bekka
    We are gpoing gutair shopping!
    by bekka at 03/05/09 8:49AM

Weekend stuff!

Well, we had a nice weekend. It was my mom's birthday. And we had all of the family in town it was nice to be together for some meals and spend time together. And we had a PJ party. And watched three movies and had pizza it was very fun I hope she had a nice birthday.

This weekend I think I might be having some company over so I am excited about that.
And Andrew is working more and more every day. So, I am thinking about him alot that he doesnt get overwhelmed with everything!

So how was your Valentines Day?? What did you do??
  • cruisingmom
    Family time is such a precious thing. I am glad y'all do not take that for granted. Looks as though you have taken on your mama's 'southern charm' and have the gift of having company into your home and making them feel so special. She definitely has a gift and I am so happy I was able to be on the receiving end of your mama's hospitality. She taught me many lessons in our short time together.
    We celebrated all day long on Saturday. We took Stacey and the crew out to breakfast to celebrate her birthday. That has been our special tradition with her since she joined the family. On the way home Mark and I did some shopping then stopped and had a late lunch/early supper at the Chinese buffet. It was a good day.
    by cruisingmom at 02/16/09 3:01AM
  • lorileigh
    We actually got to go out on a date (courtesy of two lovely ladies at our congregation volunteering to watch our boys)! We ate at Wakano's, a Japanese Hibachi restaurant.
    by lorileigh at 02/16/09 8:18AM
  • mbeiro88
    me love u long time
    by mbeiro88 at 02/28/09 9:59AM
  • mbeiro88
    fristy ur hot in the pic lol
    by mbeiro88 at 02/28/09 9:59AM
  • mbeiro88
    i love u ur the best sister ever!!!! kiss for you
    by mbeiro88 at 03/03/09 6:43PM