So our daughter, Blythe, met the sidewalk & the sidewalk won. She was in a terrible biking accident at Waterfront Park tonight. She & her friends rented one of the made-for-four bikes & they crashed with everyone landing on Blythe. She's got lots of scrapes & 3 badly sprained fingers, on her right hand, of course. Her sweet face was spared as well as her $3,000 smile! I learned on Facebook that Landon had to have some minor surgery today, he has an abcess in his groin (yikes!). Is it just me or is the Army trying to hurt my child??? He has had everything since joining! He'd never had anything more major than breaking teeth in a soccer game, allergies, & ear infections! He's had a URI (twice), staph infection, sprained ankle (not the army's fault), & now this. I feel for him. He can't leave base this long weekend so he is really bummed. On a good note, he was able to attend "real" church last Sunday in Fayetteville & was so happy. Please remember him in your prayers. Football season is here & I am delighted (definitely understating the fact). My husband will be a football widower! Have a wonderful long weekend!
  • derbydi
    You like football but Bruce doesn't??? That's funny!
    Sorry to hear about Landon's woes. Hope it turns around for him soon.
    And Blythe. Ouch! Hope she recovers quickly!
    by derbydi at 09/05/09 10:00PM
  • amber_blossom
    Don't forget the Email address I wanted!
    by amber_blossom at 10/14/09 8:17PM
  • carryann2
    We are getting married in Bardstown, thats where he is from!
    by carryann2 at 03/13/10 4:27PM

What Is Wrong With Me?????

I am still purging! I don't think it will ever end. I have enough stuff to stuff 2 more houses, it's ridiculous. Less is definitely going to be better. I also deep, deep cleaned today. I'm not really sure why as we will probably be leaving this house at the end of the year. But it's all deep cleaned & looks fabulous! My white kitchen cabinets look brand new & sooo shiney. I will never have white cabinets by choice. They show everything. I'm very tired now.
  • amber_blossom
    I hope y'all don't plan on going very far away! We like you! :D
    by amber_blossom at 08/17/09 9:07PM
  • derbydi
    I guess you're getting ready for a move? When you get finished there, feel free to come to my house. ;-)
    Congrats on your accomplishments!
    by derbydi at 08/18/09 4:40PM

I'm Purging!

With a move in our somewhat distant future, I felt the need to purge. My friends who know me well know that I am very sentimental & have stockpiled a life's worth of sentimental "junk" in my bassement. To my credit, it is very organized & inventoried (although not bar-coded). I have filled 3 outdoor trash cans (the tall ones) with my children's old school papers & art work. I took pictures of some of the cute stuff so I can clutter up my picture folder instead! It's been a relief to have a lot of it gone but has opened up a flood of wonderful memories of my children when they were little. I'm hoping to wrap it all up today!
  • derbydi
    I love to purge!
    Good idea to keep the kids' work in a picture folder. :-)
    by derbydi at 08/04/09 9:44PM

The French Are Really On To Something!!

Someone in France has made a bio-friendly surfboard using a resin made out of soy, corn & sugar. Yeah, that's smart. Putting humans on something that tastes good in an ocean full of sharks.

I Love My "Old" Friends!

Well, they're not really old, it's just that I've had them longer than my "newer" friends, who I also love! Having a nice, relaxing time in Wichita & hoping to eat at one of my favorite places tonight, Abuelo's.
  • derbydi
    Yeah! Sounds like a good place to eat!
    by derbydi at 07/18/09 10:57AM