Welcome, Amos Matthew Bartley

He's finally here!

It was quite the experience, but it was all worth it. It's actually a great story, so I'll tell the short story. We had been planning for a waterbirth, so for us to do that, Sam had to be at least 37 weeks along. So, as soon as 37 weeks came, we kept telling him that he could come any moment, and we'd be ready for him. There would be days where Sam would have Braxton-Hicks contractions for an hour to two hours at a time, but then they would always stop.

We hit 39 weeks and we found out that Sam's mom was sick and in the hospital, therefore we had to go to plan B. We had to start telling Amos that he had to stay in until Nana was out of the hospital. She was in there from Sunday night until Thursday night. So, Trisha picked her mom up in Bowling Green and got to Atlanta around 3:30pm on Friday afternoon. We had prayed and prayed that God would let Amos wait until her mom got here and now that she was here, we started praying that Amos would come anytime. Well, we visited a little that afternoon then got ready to go to dinner. For dinner that night we were going to a restaurant here in town that is known for their eggplant parmesean. Their eggplant parmesean is known for putting women into labor. The name is Scalini's and babies that are born within 48 hours of eating the eggplant parmesean and inducted into the "Eggplant Baby Club" (and mom and dad get a free dinner!!).

So, around 6:30 we got in the car to drive over there, and Sam had just started to feel some light contractions...but that was nothing out of the ordinary. Well, all during dinner she kept feeling contractions, but they were around 8-10 minutes apart and were feeling just a little bit different. While at the restaurant, I decided to call my parents just to tell them they might want to get things ready, because we might be calling them to come at any moment. Since they have a 10 drive ahead of them, they went ahead and started getting ready. On the way home from the restaurant, right before we got back to the apartment, that's when the harder contractions started. In fact one contraction came and Sam looked at me and said "I BETTER be in labor, because I cannot go through this again when it's the real thing!" So, we called my parents and they got in the car and headed over. Looks like God answered another prayer and 3 hours after her mom got there, labor started!!

We got back in the house and started timing all the contractions and they started around 8 minutes, and got down to about 5-6 minutes. We called our doula and let her know what was going on, and called the midwife too, so they could start planning. The contractions started getting stronger and stronger throughout the night. Our doula got here around 5:00am and helped Sam get super relaxed and walked her through every contraction. That's when I was able to get a little rest, because I knew that we had a LONG day ahead of us. Around 9:00am we decided to head to the hospital because the contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart.

We thought for sure that since Sam had been in labor for 12 hours now and contractions 2-3 minutes apart, then it wouldn't be too much longer. We got there and the nurse checked her out and she was at 2 cm...but during the check, the nurse made it 4 cm. We couldn't believe it. We thought it would have been more than that. But we checked into the room and really got started. Sam labored ALL day and ALL night and around 8:00pm the midwife did a check and realized that his head was turned a little sideways and that was why he wasn't making the decent down. So, they got her out of the pool and broke her water and then the pushing started. That lasted around 2 1/2 hours and right before he came Sam got back in the pool and then he came out! That was an amazing experience. I got to catch him and was the first person to hold him. I handed him to Sam and then the bonding started. He came out wide awake and he just stared at us and we all stared back at him. It was crazy and surreal all at the same time. And I will go ahead and add that Sam is a superwoman because she labored 26 hours and gave birth without a single bit of medicine. Like I said...a superwoman!

Then we all got to celebrate. All the family came in and it was just a happy moment. Amos was 8lbs 10oz and 19 inches long and he was born at 10:35pm on July, 11th. He is such a good baby. He sleeps a lot and feeds great. We couldn't ask for a better little boy. Sam is obviously tired, but overall we are all doing great. Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts, well wishes, and your prayers. I will leave you with some pictures of the cute little guy. See you guys later.

This was the pool Amos made his debut in.

This is me catching Amos.

Our first moment as a new family.

I love the look on his face in this picture.

Wearing his first t-shirt.

I have arrived!

Ready to come home.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
  • julie
    Wow! Congrats on your little blessing! I hope ya'll are able to come to the wedding in a few weeks! I can't wait to meet him!
    by julie at 07/14/09 6:30PM
  • trishie
    Sammi is super woman, you are super daddy and Amos is super baby... and I am super aunt!
    by trishie at 07/14/09 10:35PM
  • someday
    Thank you so much for sharing the story. We are so happy for the three of you!
    by someday at 07/15/09 6:45AM
  • ed
    Great pics and great story!! I'm so happy for the three of you....you've got alot to look forward to!
    by ed at 07/15/09 10:13AM
  • trishie
    You just would have called Bethany, the super doula, way earlier than you did.
    by trishie at 07/15/09 11:32AM
  • thehandoftheking
    by thehandoftheking at 07/15/09 3:16PM
  • emilylankford
    A very exciting & memorable story! So thrilled for you guys & thankful things went the way you had hoped & prayed for. God is good!
    by emilylankford at 07/16/09 8:58AM
  • nornie
    Superwoman!!!!! Congrats!!
    by nornie at 07/16/09 10:44AM
  • jennginn
    Great story! :)
    by jennginn at 07/16/09 4:51PM
  • boanerges
    We are super happy for you. You'll be a great dad!
    by boanerges at 07/17/09 12:36PM
  • kiss_the_rain
    What a great story! Sounds like you will both be wonderful parents
    by kiss_the_rain at 07/17/09 5:07PM
  • beckylboyer
    Wow! I have to agree that Sam is a superwoman! But I'm glad that the water birth worked out and that Nana was there. Lots to be thankful for! Most importantly a safe birth for mommy and Amos. So happy for you guys!
    by beckylboyer at 07/18/09 8:33PM
  • mpettes
    What a great story! Congrats to you both, on a beautiful baby boy! So glad Amos is here safe and sound
    by mpettes at 07/20/09 1:19PM
  • bigdeborah
    Congrats!!!!! So happy for yall!
    by bigdeborah at 07/28/09 10:57AM
  • mec
    So happy for you both thanks for sharing a very special moment in your life right up front and close. Amos is so bless to be born in such a loving Christian family. He is so sweet.
    by mec at 07/29/09 6:22PM
  • mini_lizzie
    congrats! this is so exciting. :)
    by mini_lizzie at 08/04/09 12:00PM
  • melmibelle
    that was so awesome getting to read that, amazing how God works :). . . he is so beautiful, sam is amazing!!!! i've heard of that restaurant, we thought we would go there if we had a baby in atlanta, that's awesome. hope you three are doing great!!!!
    by melmibelle at 08/04/09 11:50PM
  • melmibelle
    p.s. made me cry seeing those pics of you guys as a family, it is so AMAZING!!!!
    by melmibelle at 08/04/09 11:51PM
  • potatoprincess
    What a sweet heart! Congrats!
    by potatoprincess at 08/16/09 1:25AM
  • bibbit18
    Awwwwwwwwwww. I have Such CUTE neices and nephews. Its cause they look like me.
    by bibbit18 at 10/15/09 12:11PM

We're still alive and kickin' (Well, at least Amos is kicking)

I guess it's about time that we gave an update as to what's going on in our world. On this very day we are at 38 weeks and 3 days, so not too many left to go. We're definitely at that anxious state. We're ready to go at any moment with the bags packed and all, so I think that's why these last two weeks are creeping by. Plus everytime she has any cramps or contractions, I get excited that this might be the beginning...yet it never is...yet!!

But we three are all doing very well. We actually just recently bought a new home too. So, we have LOTS going on in the next couple of weeks. Amos is due on the 14th, our closing date is on the 17th, and we can move into the house on the 20th. Our lease at our apartment is up on the 31st, so we'll have about 11 days to slowly move everything in. With a new baby, I'm sure moving is going to be quite the hassle. But we've got lots of family and friends that are willing to help. We're excited to actually have a place of our own. We figured that now is the time to buy, so we did!

That's really all that I have to offer right now. But I did want to leave you guys with some pregnancy pictures that a friend took for us.

Hope all is well with all of you guys, and I'm sure that the next time you hear from me, we'll be holding our little guy in our arms. See you then!

  • hogfan216
    Sorry about the HUGE pictures. I don't know what to do about it, but really, I don't care, cause I kind of like them big. You get more detail!
    by hogfan216 at 07/03/09 5:55PM
  • lala
    adorable pictures! you look great Sam. can't wait to meet the little guy. take care!
    by lala at 07/03/09 7:56PM
  • thehandoftheking
    I bet you can't wait for the day to arrive.

    Amos is a righteous name. I mean that in the sixties sense of the word. But hopefully it proves to be true in the other one too.
    by thehandoftheking at 07/03/09 9:30PM
  • stylinmama
    What great pictures!! Congratulations on your new home. Lots of excitement for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures of your new son soon!
    by stylinmama at 07/04/09 12:57AM
  • ed
    pics are terrific!! Try not to get to anxious....I was like that...jumping at shadows...and in the end it started at 4am when I was sound asleep!
    by ed at 07/04/09 2:58AM
  • beckylboyer
    LOVE the pictures! How special to have those! Can't wait to hear all about Amos's arrival. You guys are packing lots in this month.
    by beckylboyer at 07/04/09 9:08AM
  • trishie
    Love the pics! I love your new profile pic too! Hurry AMOS! Aunt Trishie can't wait to meet you!
    by trishie at 07/04/09 11:37AM
  • bigdeborah
    beautiful pics! I pray everything continues to go well.
    by bigdeborah at 07/06/09 12:38AM
  • sjb
    Those are great pics! Hope that baby comes AFTER you move! Trust me... it will be much easier!
    by sjb at 07/06/09 11:52PM
  • melmibelle
    that are awesome pics, did amber take those? if not who did? they turned out really good, sam looks great, can't believe amos is almost here, so excited for you guys!!!! parenthood is absolutely amazing!!!!! can't believe you bought a house, that is so exciting. new baby and new house in like 2 weeks, CRAZY!!!!!! i love you guys!!!! let us know when it all starts.
    by melmibelle at 07/08/09 10:13AM
  • melmibelle
    i love the bench one and the black and white one!!!!
    by melmibelle at 07/08/09 10:14AM
  • mpettes
    Sam looks great! Hard to believe it's already time. Well, it probably seems like forever to you, huh ;)? We moved into our house when Maggie was 4 weeks old. It was crazy, but in a good way. With lots of friends and family, everything will work out great. Congrats you two!!! I'd love, love, love to see you all.
    by mpettes at 07/08/09 12:09PM
  • kris
    Your wife looks BEAUTIFUL! What great pictures! Congrats on the new house! So many grown up transitions with a baby and a new house! Exciting and nerving all at the same time! So glad to hear how God is blessing you!
    by kris at 07/10/09 3:20PM
  • je
    Congratulations, Clay and Sam! Happy Birthday, Amos! I can't wait to meet you!
    by je at 07/11/09 10:36PM
  • courtcraig
    These are really great pictures! Y'all look so cute and happy! :)
    by courtcraig at 07/13/09 5:23PM
  • someday
    We are so happy for the two of you. We saw Amos' picture and he looks so precious.
    by someday at 07/14/09 12:03PM

It's a BOY!!

Well, we're bucking the trend these days and we're having a little boy!! We're both very, very excited and now we can start shopping. Of course the tech told us not to take the price tags off anything, but looking at the ultrasound pictures...I'm convinced!

Here they are...

Here is his little boy thing, in between his little legs.

Here is a picture of the cutest little foot I've ever seen.

And this one is a little scary, but pretty cool. It's a profile of the front of his face. You can see his eyes, nose, and mouth perfectly.

Thanks everyone for all of your congrats, well wishes, and prayers.
  • trishie
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I'm the first!!!!
    by trishie at 02/15/09 10:01PM
  • trishie
    ^^ I'm with Mel on that little piece of advice up there. My poor sweet little nephew will be so embarrassed!
    by trishie at 02/15/09 10:02PM
  • sweetmelissa
    by sweetmelissa at 02/16/09 2:26PM
  • matthewdickey
    by matthewdickey at 02/17/09 11:13AM
  • sterling
    You know I was gonna write something about your comment up there and then thought better of it... Happy Bday and congrats
    by sterling at 02/23/09 11:32AM
  • trishie
    Luuucky! (Said in Napoleon Dynamite's voice)
    by trishie at 02/27/09 11:40PM
  • trishie
    ^ In reference to Cancun, ya know.
    by trishie at 02/27/09 11:41PM
  • bibbit18
    Ohh! My new Nephew!
    by bibbit18 at 03/02/09 9:10PM
  • sunnylee
    I have students who work at our target...so they def know my name!
    by sunnylee at 03/06/09 4:56PM
  • bigdeborah
    happy birthday....very late. i was just noticing the 216 on the end of your pleo name and thought "hmmm, wonder if that's his bday. judging from the above comments, I assume I was right :) I wanted to let you know amanda_rene on pleo is looking for a congregation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. It's somewhat north of being in between OK City and Conway. I thought your parents might know the area well enough or know someone in the area who would know of a congregation near there. Ya know? I just had to type 'know' again bc I feel like I said it too many times so I might as well type know again.
    by bigdeborah at 03/06/09 5:10PM
  • mini_lizzie
    yay for a little boy! my nephew is the best thing in the world! congrats clay! :)
    by mini_lizzie at 03/09/09 4:08PM
  • DessertDiva
    How is Sam doing? Have you felt the baby kick yet? It's pretty amazing! Now David and I can sit on the couch and pretty much watch my stomach jump every time she kicks. Isn't it amazing?!
    by DessertDiva at 03/10/09 4:15PM
  • DessertDiva
    The sitting then trying to walk thing is what I have problems with, too - the whole lower back thing. David did say the first time he felt her moving that it was a little 'alienish' to him...I don't think he's quite able to visualize that it's our baby in there doing all the kicking and squirming. Have you guys picked out a name? I saw on your Facebook photos that you called him "Amos"?
    by DessertDiva at 03/10/09 5:06PM
  • DessertDiva
    REALLY cute - I love classic names like that. Hence the reason we went with Amelia :)
    by DessertDiva at 03/10/09 5:59PM
  • bibbit18
    Pleasepleasepleaseplease. And I found out today that it rings sometimes. I just cant call other people. Or use it in any way.
    by bibbit18 at 03/10/09 7:10PM
  • markroberts
    thanks for the note! we are very very proud of her! and congrats on the boy!
    by markroberts at 03/18/09 10:21PM
  • marksdena
    hi Sam! Congratulations to you guys! When is the baby due? We got to see the choir in Bowling Green Monday night. There were lots of people there.
    by marksdena at 03/18/09 10:23PM
  • trishie
    Well, you know, BG isn't big enough for all of us. just Kidding. We were busy over the weekend. We had a singing at church Friday, people over on Saturday and Jonathan works EVERY Sunday, so we had to wait until Tuesday.
    by trishie at 03/28/09 11:49AM
  • pokey
    Well, I could be wrong..but aren't the boy ducks the colorful ones and the girl ducks the browner/tan ones??
    by pokey at 05/18/09 8:26PM
  • trishie
    yall never post anymore. Everybody needs to see pics of how cute Sam is.
    by trishie at 07/02/09 1:52PM

Fun for me, and maybe you too!

I got this from Deborah. I haven't seen anyone do it before, so maybe I can be one of the first. Or I might end up being one of the only ones if it's kinda dumb, and if that's the case then you can blame it on Deborah.

Here goes...

If you want to play, go to Google and type in your first name and the word/phrase that I typed in ALL CAPS. Copy and paste the first sentence/phrase you get that makes sense.

Clay NEEDS Tea.- Yeah, to sell at work!

Clay LOOKS forward to the mystique of Monaco as he heads to Monte Carlo for the World Athletics Gala. - That should be a fun trip. I am a world known athlete.

Clay SAYS Sayanora to Broadway. - Why didn't any of you come to my broadway play? I'm very disappointed.

Clay WANTS Another Baby. - How about just start with one...in July. (by the way...this is the second one that has to do with Clay Aiken. I'm getting a little annoyed.)

Clay DOES actually cover the "nazi" angle in the book. - You can buy it on Amazon. I'm a world known athlete and author. I'm quite the Renaissance Man.

Clay HATES Gene Simmons. - That tongue is pretty scary, so I guess that's why I hate him.

Clay ASKS Chrissy to look up. - If any of you know Chrissy, make sure you tell her I said to "look up".

Clay FORGETS his fiance, Catherine Marlow, when he meets Madelaine Collins, beautiful daughter of a father whose political connections could be useful. - Please don't tell Sam I'm also an actor in a Soap Opera. She would be jealous.

Clay GOES off on CNN. - I'm sure they deserved it.

Clay LIKES 45 LEGO creations. - If you want, I'm name them for you....

Clay EATS too much candy but is looking forward to his training starting next week. - Oh so true!

Clay WEARS a fringed buckskin outfit. - Don't you all wish you could see me in that??

Clay WAS ARRESTED FOR his part in a drive-by shooting. - Don't mess with me!

  • DessertDiva
    These always make me laugh - out loud. I've seen a few people do these starting with Jessi.
    by DessertDiva at 02/03/09 4:56PM
  • ed
    i like 'covering the nazi angle' and th!e 'fringed buckskin outfit' the best
    by ed at 02/03/09 5:05PM
  • bigdeborah
    thanks for the support Clay....go ahead, pass the blame on. :) And I came to your Broadway play, but you refused to see me when I tried to get your autograph!
    by bigdeborah at 02/03/09 5:13PM
  • thehandoftheking
    matt skates roy romer ledges and saticoy and kills both spots
    by thehandoftheking at 02/03/09 7:48PM
  • stylinmama
    Haha! Love it!
    by stylinmama at 02/04/09 12:42AM
  • SaraJones
    I agree that the school is not to blame for the decision. I agree that people have to make decisions for themselves. I just hate to see so many of our dear friends struggling to make ends meet because they have such a load of debt from their educational pursuits. How is Sam feeling?
    by SaraJones at 02/07/09 7:09PM
  • je
    Those are funny. I thought of another one to add, but Google basically told me that Clay IS dirt. I didn't think that was very nice.
    by je at 02/10/09 2:35PM
  • lw
    Haha...this is funny! Thanks for the house comment.. I figured since I would be doing laundry, a nice laundry room might make it "alittle" more enjoyable (if that is possible LOL)!
    by lw at 02/11/09 2:52PM
  • lw
    Oh and PLEASE come to Houston and see us..we would LOVE it...oh and the floor plan is all yours ;)
    by lw at 02/11/09 2:58PM
  • bibbit18
    I wanna see them too! I tried to call you and mama and I couldn't get either of you!
    by bibbit18 at 02/12/09 3:15PM

Forgetful Wife and Flood Warnings

I've heard it over and over again, that pregnent women have terrible memories. Well, I'm here to say that it's definitely true! Wow, I'm actually quite surprised at how true it is. Sam used to be able to juggle all kinds of things. Work stuff, family stuff, church stuff...everything and keep it all straight. Now, she's lucky to remember to put the orange juice back in the fridge...which leads me to my first example.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted something to drink. I got a glass out of the cabinet and proceeded to fill it up with ice. What do find? I find the orange juice just hanging out in the freezer. That's at the end of quite an extensive list of things she has forgotten.

A couple of weeks ago, we went on a trip to Bowling Green for a friend's baby shower. We got back late Sunday night, and on Monday, Sam called me and was almost in a panic because she had just remembered that she was supposed to teach Bible class the day before. She completely forgot.

Then Monday night, she was supposed to go to a women's Bible study at another ladies' house from church, who she told the night before that she would for sure be there. Yeah, she completely forgot!

Then the worst is Tuesday night. I made dinner because I was off all day. Sam got home around 7 that night and around 7:30 we sat down at the table to eat. While we were eating, my phone rang. I looked at it and it was a friend from church. I said "That's weird, Ira is calling me." I answered the phone and at the same time Sam yelled "We're supposed to be babysitting Rosemary!!" Yeah, we were supposed to be at their house at 7:15 to babysit their daughter, Rosemary. She yelled so loud that it scared me and I accidentally hung up on him. Anyway, we literally walked out of the door in 30 seconds. We were about 40 minutes late. On the way there she told me to remind her of that story any time our babysitter was late!

So, I'm here to say that it is definitely the truth, when you hear people talk about how pregnant women lose their memories!

Lastly, I will leave you with a little warning that I read on the Weather Channel's website. Since it's been raining a lot here the past couple of days, I thought that I would check the weather to see when it was going to quit. Well, there was a flood warning out for our area. The very last paragraph of the warning was this...


So, thank goodness they reminded me to "turn around and do not drown" Yes, I copied and pasted that from the actual warning. Ridiculous!

Well, I guess I will be back in about a month to post again!
  • mpettes
    You. are. so. funny. Clay. You just make me laugh. Great stories (although I don't remember being forgetful with any of my pregnancies. Uh oh, maybe I'm pregant right now and just can't remember. AHHHHH!!! - no, NO, please don't start any rumors! It's NOT TRUE!!! =). Love the sign. Wish we could see you guys and laugh together...
    by mpettes at 12/11/08 4:29PM
  • stylinmama
    Haha! Oh I can TOTALLY relate with this! When I had first started taking a purse with me I was, like 9 and would, of course, leave it everywhere. Since then I have never left it anywhere. Just since getting pregnant I have walked off and left it 3 times! It's always quickly recovered, but what a scatterbrain I am! :) I feel for Sam, I can relate. :)
    by stylinmama at 12/11/08 5:20PM
  • tracey
    Hope Sam doesn't forget the warning.....especially the "do not drown" part : )
    by tracey at 12/11/08 5:24PM
  • jennking
    Don't tell Sam, but after the baby comes-it doesn't really get better. I'm still crazy as can be! :)
    by jennking at 12/11/08 5:25PM
  • emilylankford
    Obviously, I don't know about the pregnancy part, but....after the adrenaline of being a new mommy wore off, I've been pretty forgetful myself. Something about lack of sleep maybe.....:)
    by emilylankford at 12/11/08 5:55PM
  • ed
    yeah laine had a shocking memory! it drove me crazy! i wish i could say it improved after the baby arrives....but so far no joy!
    by ed at 12/12/08 3:28AM
  • blesu
    It is so TRUE!! I was laughing the whole time I read this because I can so understand where she's coming from. I actually saw on a news special that pregnant women's brains shrink 8%. The brain regains it's size after the baby is about 6 months. I think it is God's way of helping women forget their pregnany woes,aches, & pains. That way they have additional children.
    by blesu at 12/12/08 7:07PM
  • haileym
    I didn't have so much of a problem of memory loss as I did breaking things. They say that your finger tips just don't have the sensitivity or something that they usually do. I broke tons of stuff...our fishbowl, plates, a bowl we got when we got married. Hope you guys are doing well!
    by haileym at 12/13/08 9:31PM
  • mec
    LOL!!! Rolling in the floor. That's provided Clay you remember next month you know what they say the husband experiences labor pains, nausea, weight gain so watch out you will be experiencing memory lost next month.
    by mec at 12/14/08 8:26PM
  • mini_lizzie
    please don't drown before the next post! ;)
    by mini_lizzie at 12/16/08 2:59PM
  • heatherfeather
    wow I thought the memory was an issue only after the birth and then usually only after about the 5th kid...my Mom does say that you lose gray matter in the after birth
    by heatherfeather at 12/16/08 9:46PM
  • lw
    That is too funny! Congrats again!
    by lw at 12/19/08 5:05PM
  • sjb
    OK, I completely understand the memory loss. Tim used to get so frustrated with me because I couldn't remember ANYTHING that he would lean down to my belly and say, "PLEASE leave some brain cells for your mother!" LOL It does come back once the baby comes (not fully, but mostly). =-)
    by sjb at 12/19/08 10:51PM
  • tickets
    baby Annie, why?
    by tickets at 12/31/08 7:48PM
  • bibbit18
    hahahahahaha. As a younger sister I apreiciate the ammunition.
    by bibbit18 at 12/31/08 10:57PM
  • potatoprincess
    oh how funny! Good luck with your memory! I have that problem and I am NOT pregnant! HA!
    by potatoprincess at 01/02/09 10:42AM
  • bibbit18
    Of course I am. Give me all your money and I'll share it with you.
    by bibbit18 at 01/12/09 12:45PM
  • pokey
    that's it??! Why make us wait from May until January? It's hard to remember everything!
    by pokey at 01/22/09 2:28PM
  • beckylboyer
    ha ha! He wanted WATER. He had been running around like crazy and was thirsty. :) How is Sam feeling? Does she look pregnant yet?
    by beckylboyer at 01/26/09 7:37AM
  • beckyroo
    Hello there! So glad to see you on here! Congratulations on the new baby coming. :-)
    by beckyroo at 01/26/09 6:39PM