I know I'm late

I know that I should have said it long ago, but... I'm Home!!! The trip was very good. About 30 were baptized. I don't know the exact number. I won't be able to go again next year but the following year Rachel and I plan on both going.
  • dare2dv8
    Dude. You updated. *Drops dead*

    Good to hear the good news about the Philippines. Glad you're back in one piece. :-P
    by dare2dv8 at 06/27/08 11:58PM
  • click
    Great news!
    by click at 06/28/08 6:56AM
  • blondechick89
    That is swesome:)
    by blondechick89 at 07/03/08 7:05PM
  • ohiorajrefreshed
    hey man, how are u?
    by ohiorajrefreshed at 07/21/08 1:55PM
  • kattath
    you're getting married in two hours!!!
    by kattath at 12/30/08 11:58AM
  • kendrad
    by kendrad at 12/30/08 3:37PM
  • curlie
    CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the family! :)
    by curlie at 01/01/09 1:13AM
  • juliamiriam
    Hey!! This is Julia Perz!!! How are you?
    by juliamiriam at 03/10/09 9:45PM
  • punnygrandpa
    Guess who's on pleonast now! Thanks again for your help!
    by punnygrandpa at 03/28/09 11:46PM

In the Philippines

Hello from the Philippines!!! It is so hot!!! It was upper 90's today. I don't really have much time or I will be charged more but just wanted to say " hey! I'm alive!" It is going well. 8 Baptisms so far. And we just started preaching today. It should be a profitable trip for the Lord. Talk to you all later.
  • cincyfan84
    i wish i could be there with you all. give everyone my love.
    by cincyfan84 at 05/22/08 6:23AM
  • click
    That's wonderful! Hope things continue to go well!
    by click at 05/22/08 6:32AM
  • waynardferguson
    Good luck brother! I hope to hear more about it!
    by waynardferguson at 05/22/08 3:00PM
  • nanna
    that is so great. Praise the Lord!
    by nanna at 05/22/08 4:52PM
  • vermonster
    I miss you.
    by vermonster at 05/23/08 6:09PM
  • michellelb
    that's great! So wonderful to hear about new additions to The Family!

    I'll be praying for your safety and everyone there with you!
    by michellelb at 05/23/08 10:25PM
  • kattath
    Happy Birthday!!!
    by kattath at 06/02/08 12:29AM
  • blondechick89
    That is so awesome :)
    by blondechick89 at 06/15/08 9:19PM

Oops! I did it again!

I am sorry but I have changed my mind again. I will not be going to Florida. The congregation in Manteno has asked me to stay with them as their full time preacher. I have decided this is the best choice but would like to ask for your prayers. This will be a trying time for me and for Rachel. Through the Lord's help we will push through.
  • nanna
    I will be praying that things work out for you guys soon. Do you all have a date set?
    by nanna at 04/17/08 8:20PM
  • forgetmenot
    We will pray. :) you all will make it! :)
    by forgetmenot at 04/18/08 10:36AM
  • michellelb
    I'll definately keep ya'll in my prayers! I know how difficult a long distance relationship can be...
    by michellelb at 04/18/08 11:19AM
  • vermonster
    I love you!
    by vermonster at 04/19/08 12:48AM
  • vermonster
    You're sweet. :)
    by vermonster at 04/19/08 12:49AM
  • vermonster
    I miss you.
    by vermonster at 04/19/08 12:55AM
  • srching4trth
    ditto on the prayer thing...it will be worth the wait in the end! Funny how God doesnt always make the same plans that we do lol
    by srching4trth at 04/21/08 10:40AM
  • kendrad
    How is Rachel doing? Is she back home?
    by kendrad at 05/16/08 8:55AM
  • vermonster
    I'm praying you get to the Philippines safely, sweetheart. &hearts
    by vermonster at 05/19/08 10:35PM


So, I found out something yesterday that made me very sad. It actually ruined my whole day and is still strongly affecting me. I found out that I was mistaken and my spring break ISN'T FOR ANOTHER WHOLE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I really need a break. I am exhausted. Mentally and physically. Please, no comments on my mental abilities... or my physical abilities. I can't wait until I can sleep in!!! It will be so great. But, you know me, I will be sick of it after the second day. :) Oh well, I will be better once I have Rachel with me again.

I think this is the longest post I have made in a very long time. Wow!
  • tony
    Well have fun sleeping when your break does come:) Since i'm attending 2 different colleges right now, i have one spring break this week and one next week... it's rather stupid.
    by tony at 03/13/08 4:49PM
  • click
    Totally the longest post in, like, well, um forever! Haha=)
    by click at 03/13/08 4:58PM
  • dare2dv8
    :-P Good luck getting through the week.
    by dare2dv8 at 03/13/08 5:30PM
  • kattath
    I'm sorry dear! that would be dreadful!!! :'(
    by kattath at 03/13/08 5:34PM
  • waynardferguson
    You've eliminated all basis for my comments....
    by waynardferguson at 03/13/08 6:18PM
  • michellelb
    yeah, it is... I feel overwhelmed with all this information, haha...
    by michellelb at 03/14/08 12:14AM
  • blondechick89
    I'm sorry :(
    by blondechick89 at 03/14/08 5:57PM
  • vermonster
    I'm sorry your spring break is later than you thought. :( I love you so much!!!
    by vermonster at 03/14/08 11:10PM
  • vermonster
    I will post when I get a chance, dear. (We'll see when that is...) :*
    by vermonster at 03/14/08 11:15PM
  • nanna
    where is Rachel?! WOW! That is so sad.
    by nanna at 03/16/08 3:46PM
  • dragonqueen95
    Hi!!! enjoyed going to the opera with you guys on Tuesday.....hope your head isn't still hurting!!!...or you stomach, trust me I know how it is to be horribly carsick!!!!
    by dragonqueen95 at 03/27/08 4:20PM
  • bg
    Hey Josh, its brittany guyer. I just wanted to say congrats I haven't been able to tell you and rachel yet but I am very excited for the 2 of you!
    by bg at 04/04/08 5:35PM


I just thought I would remind everyone that...


Thank you for your patience! :)
  • kattath
    when I saw the title I thought "if he says he's getting married I might just jump through the computer and kick him!"

    good thing you didn't say that! ;)
    by kattath at 03/03/08 10:08PM
  • waynardferguson
    It's a good thing you reminded us--otherwise we might forget.
    by waynardferguson at 03/03/08 10:48PM
  • vermonster
    by vermonster at 03/03/08 11:01PM
  • michellelb
    well good thing u reminded us, we might have forgotten...
    by michellelb at 03/04/08 1:47AM
  • michellelb
    oh, lol... I put that in b4 I saw Waynes post, haha
    by michellelb at 03/04/08 1:47AM
  • mintifudge
    *throws up a little in mouth* lol--jk
    by mintifudge at 03/04/08 12:20PM
  • bibbit18
    I really dont think we could forget. That hes getting married or that he loves Rachel.
    by bibbit18 at 03/11/08 3:37AM
  • beunsung
    I didn't know that... hmm. You learn something new everyday.
    by beunsung at 03/20/08 5:54PM