04/07/10 10:26AM

I am now a licensed driver!! :) I haven't really had anything too exciting to post about so i thought i would just wait until something exciting happened lol. I took my test this morning and passed manuverability perfectly, I couldn't believe it haha! I had to make two left turns without a light which i hate but it all ended up ok so i am sooo glad that it's over! Hopefully I will never have to worry about taking this test again! haha.

Well not much else is new. It's the 4th quarter of school already i can't believe it! I am trying to get a job but I don't think all that many places are hiring now. So far I've only turned in an application for Steak 'n Shake..but hopefully i'm going to get more applications really soon.

I was so nervous this morning that I couldn't really eat anything so now i'm going to eat!

I'm going to try and post more often but we'll see how well that works out haha :)

What is new with everyone else?????
  • split_rock
    by split_rock at 04/07/10 10:40AM
  • thethreat
    nice job Hannah I knew u could do it lol :)
    by thethreat at 04/07/10 10:54AM
  • alp1926
    What's new with me/us? Dad and I now have three daughters with valid Ohio driver's licenses. Girls, let's keep it that way. I pray for your (and everyone's) safety on the road as we travel.
    by alp1926 at 04/07/10 10:56AM
  • rissaj
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it :) That's really exciting, Hannah, congratulations!!!!!!!
    by rissaj at 04/07/10 11:05AM
  • mimi71
    YAY!!! Congratulations! :)
    by mimi71 at 04/07/10 11:29AM
  • marie
    Look out world, here comes Hannah!!!
    by marie at 04/07/10 11:56AM
  • lilah
    Congrats! And good luck!
    by lilah at 04/07/10 9:01PM
  • kait_yerby_16
    Congrats! I miss you!
    by kait_yerby_16 at 04/07/10 11:21PM
  • fredtheorca
    Hey great CONGRATS ON THAT. Now you can stop by and give me rides to church.
    by fredtheorca at 04/08/10 1:38PM
  • hannahk
    ^haha =p
    by hannahk at 04/08/10 6:38PM
  • dr_worm
    by dr_worm at 04/09/10 1:02AM
  • cowgirl_bek
    yay! so exciting :)
    by cowgirl_bek at 04/09/10 9:18AM
  • angel_of_music
    yeah and i beat you in getting mine lol
    by angel_of_music at 06/10/10 8:31PM

It's been a while..

I haven't updated in a while so i thought i would fill you all in on my life :)

Tennis has been up & down this year. I jumped from playing the number 3 spot to the number 1 spot so it has been very difficult at times. Our schedule was also a lot harder this year then it has been in the past. Today varsity went to sectionals which was a lot of fun.. plus we got to miss school =P Each person plays until you lose and the most you can play is three matches. If you win all three you go to districts. I was so close to making it to districts. I won my first two and lost my last one :( By that time it was really getting cold & near the end it was raining so it kind of stinks in those conditions. =\ but oh well i had a lot a fun this season & I have learned a lot so hopefully i will be better next year :) the good news is though that our first doubles did make it to districts =)

Nothing else is new.. just same old school. And I'm still enjoying learning to drive :)

Here's a picture of my team at our last dule match :)

tennis team 09

Have a great weekend!
  • dcroush
    Woo hoo! I'm the first to post a comment!
    by dcroush at 10/09/09 12:06PM
  • bballliz
    by bballliz at 10/10/09 9:20PM
  • alp1926
    You had a great season! Your interim grade report was fantastic, too!!! Keep up the good work.
    by alp1926 at 10/10/09 10:00PM
  • simonc23236
    lol you look so tough in that picture...HEHE (and cold)lol
    by simonc23236 at 10/12/09 6:44AM
  • simonc23236
    rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttt ;)
    by simonc23236 at 10/13/09 6:13PM
  • rissaj
    love you! Your beautiful!
    by rissaj at 10/31/09 8:52PM
  • marie
    I didn't know you were such a whistler. It was good to spend time with you and your mom this evening.
    by marie at 11/14/09 10:21PM
  • orangemachine
    You're so lucky you get to drive(: haha
    I miss my arm-linking buddy!!! I know it's really soon to be saying this, but I can't wait for camp and to see you!!! lol
    Miss ya girly(:
    by orangemachine at 11/17/09 6:31PM
  • split_rock
    I enjoyed our afternoon, Hannah! Thanks for re-introducing me to IHOP!
    by split_rock at 12/20/09 9:30PM
  • angel_of_music
    ok you comment on my stuff but never make a new entry
    by angel_of_music at 02/15/10 6:21PM
  • angel_of_music
    hannah make a new post!!!!
    by angel_of_music at 02/18/10 6:22PM
  • alp1926
    Have a fun, safe weekend with your friends.

    Yeah, this is old, old news. Can we see something new soon????!!!!????!!!!
    by alp1926 at 02/20/10 8:25PM
  • split_rock
    by split_rock at 03/02/10 3:06AM
  • alp1926
    Happy Sweet 16!!! Where has the time gone????
    by alp1926 at 03/02/10 7:06AM
  • rissaj
    It is time......post about your Birthday!
    by rissaj at 03/04/10 6:24AM
  • angel_of_music
    by angel_of_music at 03/06/10 10:39PM

09/05/09 11:54AM


I have to say my mom is pretty brave to take me out on the road the first day haha
We have been out driving since 11:30 & i love it =D

Other then that not much is new..
School started so I'm starting to get in a routine everyday again.
Tennis is going pretty good.

I can't wait for fall weather & all the trees to start changing color :)

And it's a 3 day weekend which is fantastic! =)

What's new with everyone else???
  • split_rock
    Wow! This is a red-letter weekend! Congratulations! Enjoy!
    by split_rock at 09/05/09 12:23PM
  • simonc23236
    wow i am VERY impressed you got your learners(i didn't think you would ever get that far :p.......your mom is SO brave lol i wouldn't trust a blond like you :p lol miss you (believe it or not)( i really do)
    by simonc23236 at 09/05/09 2:08PM
  • mercedesbills
    yay for your temps! :D be careful, i'm sure you'll do great though!
    by mercedesbills at 09/05/09 4:09PM
  • thethreat
    well its hard and i dont think it will work
    by thethreat at 09/05/09 4:38PM
  • dr_worm
    Congrats on getting your temps. Did you type this post while driving?
    by dr_worm at 09/05/09 4:51PM
  • short_n_sweet
    Great Job!!
    by short_n_sweet at 09/05/09 9:39PM
  • rissaj
    Temps? Sweet. Congratulations!!
    by rissaj at 09/07/09 10:10AM
  • simonc23236
    ya what ever that doesn't even count(it never dose)lol
    by simonc23236 at 09/09/09 2:15PM
  • simonc23236
    OK OK you win :P (you always do)
    P.S i like the new picture. ;)
    by simonc23236 at 09/13/09 7:44PM
  • thethreat
    nice pic love it
    by thethreat at 09/13/09 8:09PM
  • cowgirl_bek
    you're so pretty :)
    by cowgirl_bek at 09/14/09 7:14PM
  • marie
    How's the driving going?
    by marie at 09/14/09 7:15PM
  • dcroush
    You look really familiar?
    by dcroush at 09/14/09 9:03PM
  • split_rock
    Missed you this evening! Wouldn't it just figure: I finally got my act together to get there, and you guys couldn't be there! Hopefully, next time!
    by split_rock at 09/15/09 9:15PM
  • thethreat
    your welcome
    by thethreat at 09/16/09 4:16PM
  • dcroush
    Ahh, that must be it! How do you know them?
    by dcroush at 09/17/09 6:58AM
  • dcroush
    Your mom explained everything to me, haha. It's nice meeting ya!
    by dcroush at 09/18/09 7:37AM
  • simonc23236
    Did you manage to stay warm at the home coming game :) hope to talk to you soon;)
    by simonc23236 at 10/03/09 8:15AM
  • mercedesbills
    pretty picture :]
    by mercedesbills at 10/03/09 9:21PM
  • mercedesbills
    thank youu :D
    by mercedesbills at 10/07/09 9:11PM


It is soo hot here right now.. I hear it's suppose to cool off throughout the week though which is good cause I don't like this humidity stuff.

I get my school schedule tomorrow! It's crazy how fast the summer has gone but hopefully it will be a good year :)) Plus I have a lot of things to look forward to this year likeeee..getting my temps a week after school starts..my 16th birthday..getting my license..getting a job.. & this tennis season. Oh and they're putting a Sonic in around here which I am very excited about so I might apply for a job there in March :] Also I don't have to go into school until 8:30 because the levy failed so there is less classes. I'm not glad that the levy failed but I am glad I get to go in later because I am not a morning person at all :)

& I got a t.v. in my room! It's not hooked up for the actual t.v. yet but I mainly use it for dvds & VHS' anyway. It's not very big but I like it a lot :) It was my grandpa's & he decided that since Elizabeth has one in her room I should have one in mine too ..couldn't argue with that =)

I'm pretty bummed because I have to get my wisdom teeth out this Wednesday :(( I am scared to death. haha. but hopefully everything will be fine :) but tennis pictures are on Thursday so I will either look a little puffy or I won't be in the picture at all. :(

Well I hope everybody has a great school/work year!
  • alp1926
    I love your positive outlook. Hopefully it will be a good year for all of us.
    by alp1926 at 08/10/09 2:40PM
  • short_n_sweet
    Yay for TV haha. I hope everything goes well on Wednesday!!!
    by short_n_sweet at 08/10/09 6:32PM
  • split_rock
    You have a lot to look forward to. Will be thinking of you -- hope tomorrow goes well.
    by split_rock at 08/11/09 10:29AM
  • shwesles2011
    Sounds like u are goin to have a week and school yr. I really wish u would have came to LEigh's cause it was amazing and cant wait to see u again and i miss ya alot.
    by shwesles2011 at 08/11/09 12:27PM
  • crimmomx5
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow!!!
    by crimmomx5 at 08/11/09 12:44PM
  • thethreat
    well u dont worry about ur teeth just ask allison its not soooo bad after ur druged:)
    do u think that u will also get a car anytime soon? i hope everything goes well will u be @ church?
    cuz u will kinda be on ur own to beat the boys @ the trivia. =)
    by thethreat at 08/11/09 1:50PM
  • thethreat
    so i guess they cant lose if they didnt play
    by thethreat at 08/11/09 2:03PM
  • thecube
    I'm praying for you!!!!
    by thecube at 08/12/09 7:45PM
  • fredtheorca
    Hope you are feeling better when you read this if not make Beth wait on you and milk it for all it is worth
    by fredtheorca at 08/12/09 9:54PM
  • thethreat
    hey would you feel better if i gave you some cheese. :)
    by thethreat at 08/14/09 10:06AM
  • thethreat
    what is your fav.
    by thethreat at 08/14/09 2:37PM
  • cowgirl_bek
    how's your mouth?! hope everything went good. did they put you out? that was my favorite part haha.
    by cowgirl_bek at 08/14/09 6:55PM
  • leighbee09
    hey hannahannah. i wish you could've been here, it would've been great! once you can chew food again you and liz need to come here and we'll all go get chinese!!
    by leighbee09 at 08/14/09 9:33PM
  • simonc23236
    Hey hannah hope you are feeling okay. i have been thinking of u and hope everything went okay.Miss u and hope to talk to u soon ;)
    by simonc23236 at 08/15/09 4:46PM
  • thethreat
    hey hannah do u feel any better? was my guess right did you feel better after you were drugged? :)
    by thethreat at 08/15/09 10:01PM
  • thethreat
    thank you hannah i love you too ;)
    by thethreat at 08/16/09 8:22PM
  • shwesles2011
    hope to see u soon cause u are amazing to hang out with and hope u have a great school yr
    by shwesles2011 at 08/17/09 8:45AM
  • simonc23236
    by simonc23236 at 08/24/09 12:03PM
  • simonc23236
    please ;)
    by simonc23236 at 08/24/09 12:03PM
  • alp1926
    Have a good first day at school tomorrow!!!
    by alp1926 at 08/25/09 8:56PM


So far my summer has been great (:

I spent last week at Abby's in Dayton which was fun because I never get to go anywhere. haha

Tennis is going good.. We have practice two days a week from 10-12 which is really fun..and speaking of tennis did anyone see the Wimbledon mens finals?!? Oh my goodness! I am SO mad that Andy Roddick didn't win, I felt soo bad for him. He looked so sad ..and he was so incredibly close to winning. I like Roger Federer but I think Roddick really deserved to win =[ This would have been his first time ever winning Wimbledon & he almost had it!

I have a car wash fund raiser for tennis on Friday.. which should be interesting..we really need the money so I hope it goes well.

Friday night I went to see fireworks with some friends..they were really good! And the place that usually does them where we can see them from our house didn't do them this year because there was not enough money. :( but a house in one of the back developments was shooting them off from their backyard so we got to see a minishow. :]

((I don't really like this new pleo but I guess I'll eventually get use to it))

I might be playing in a tennis tournament next week but I'm not sure yet.

I'm trying to run everyday again to help stay in shape (:

Camp is very soon so I'm pretty excited for that!!

I can't believe how fast the summer is going! It makes me sad but I can't complain.

Life is good ((:
  • alp1926
    I'm sorry Rodick lost, too. I know it was special for Federer to win his seventh, but it would have been nice for someone else to win his first. It was a hard fought match. So, so close. It could have gone either way.

    You're right -- life is good. Must remember that!
    by alp1926 at 07/05/09 10:34PM
  • fredtheorca
    A few things--- 1--my car is pretty dirty and I am going to be out that way Friday perhaps where is the car wash? 2--running everyday? who is chasing you everyday? =)
    by fredtheorca at 07/06/09 8:28AM
  • thethreat
    well i cant wait for camp either and life is hard to enjoy because of the suprises and i think that this summer is faster than last year
    by thethreat at 07/06/09 9:20PM
  • shwesles2011
    hey wats up can't wait for camp in a week and 3 days
    by shwesles2011 at 07/08/09 10:55AM
  • mercedesbills
    aww thank you :)
    by mercedesbills at 07/31/09 6:09PM
  • orangemachine
    hannahhhhh i miss you toooooo!
    by orangemachine at 08/04/09 6:25PM