Why do you leave the couch and air conditioner?

We went camping at South Bass Island State Park with the intentions of being there both Friday and Saturday night. As Miranda my youngest would say, "Daddy I love an adventure"... well this qualified.

My day was well prepared for such an adventure. Ford was requiring lots of adrenalin, a floor supervisor was let go, and my chest started hurting requiring two hours of ECG and chest x-rays. (Side note: hypertension and lack of sleep .. ya'll relax...I need too obviously)

I get home late for an early start ...my crowd was patent but restless. A two hour wait was required to board the ferry, but the day was picture perfect as was camp set up... save I forgot a screw driver to assemble the grill. (Don't worry we ate grilled weenies without the screwdriver or borrowing one or using the firepit. Those things don't require THAT much assembly , TO USE.)

We were perfectly situated near the restroom, shower, and potable water source. I felt like a water hole on the Serengeti plains.
The conversations / disturbances / language until about 3 AM were
definitely adult entertainment, many of which I found hilarious.

One lady (I'm being kind) began to explain in gibberish (I'm still kinda stretching this one)to her companion (ok ...this is the only way I can tell this story...watered down)... "this kay coon is in the tent, WHAT kay coon? THIS kay coon. That ain't no kay coon, that's the shell of a dead bug. Your kiddin'?"

The conversation was much more elementary and colorful, but please excuse the dilution ratio. But I am amazed at the simple entertainment required to replace the internet, cell phone, and television. I saw it. Start a fire and a conversation will ensue. More later ....
  • cruisingmom
    Sounds like overall the trip was a good one. I hope besides being entertaining it was relaxing. Did you make it both nights? I hear the weather did get a bit rough. Ethan posted about the rough weather while they were on the island Saturday.
    I hope you will not need to return to a doctor for more tests anytime soon. You need to stay away from doctors. Have you noticed how many sick people are around them??? Take care of yourself Henry!
    by cruisingmom at 06/22/08 12:44PM
  • lorileigh
    That is so funny! Was it a raccoon or a cocoon?
    by lorileigh at 06/23/08 8:25AM
  • mbeiro88
    hey dad love ya
    by mbeiro88 at 06/28/08 12:36AM
  • cmay
    by cmay at 11/27/08 7:56AM
  • rlumapay
    hi to you hope you will be my new friend. I'm Rachel from Philippines.
    by rlumapay at 04/15/09 11:53PM
  • mamahastings
    Where oh where did Henry go? Oh where oh where could he be?

    Looks like you took a year off. Time to post! :)
    by mamahastings at 06/07/09 11:08PM

Time for a new entry

Wow ... long work hours will challenge a feller. But i WILL say being an elder is the work I love. Knocking on doors, visiting, just listening to people ... I like it. I would say its no different than being any ole member, but it ain't.

I will say though ... patience ... is a lost art form. Musta went the way of the dinosaur ...

What have you observed ... relative to patience or the lack thereof?
  • cruisingmom
    WooHoo! Bro. Beiro has posted! I was so excited to see Hank 'lit up'. How blessed the flock in Norwalk is to have you as a shepherd. Henry, I can hardly explain how much I miss you and Becky. The two of you are blessed with so many talents and you are a hoot to share time with, to boot!
    Patience needs some work, in and out of 'the church'. In Bible Study, when tackling 'tough' topics, in our expectations with new babes in Christ and sometimes we need to learn to have it for ourselves too. I have beat myself up and maybe I should have given myself some 'room'. Having patience to let God's time table work is a hard one also. You could probably write a book on waiting on the Lord :o).
    Then there are the checkout lanes at WalMart...I won't even go farther.
    by cruisingmom at 06/03/08 8:15PM
  • cmay
    ...or the people who do weird things when they are driving...of course I have a conscience, it has 3 names- Luke, Matthew and John.
    by cmay at 06/04/08 5:55AM
  • cmay
    Oh, yeah, I also was excited to see that you have a new post, yay!!!
    by cmay at 06/04/08 5:56AM
  • mamahastings
    What an honor. I am so thankful that there are great men, like yourself, to lead.
    As far as patience, I have no room to give any advice on it. :) All I know, is that just when I think I have a little, it seems to leave.
    by mamahastings at 06/04/08 7:51AM
  • dnsanders
    I fully agree about patience. It is lost. We try once and then give up?????? I am reminded of the old saying "if it don't work the first time try try again". With this thought in our minds it will giove us understanding that patience is a necessity at all times.
    by dnsanders at 06/05/08 5:24PM
  • lorileigh
    The times I have the least patience are the times I'm relying too much on myself.
    by lorileigh at 06/06/08 1:31PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 06/15/08 1:39PM
  • cruisingmom
    Hey Old Man. I am sorry I missed your big day on Saturday. Happy Belated Birthday. The world is a better place because you are in it, even if you are OLD!!!
    by cruisingmom at 07/14/08 7:51AM
  • cruisingmom
    Love ya!
    by cruisingmom at 10/23/08 11:02PM


I need ideas. Help me brainstorm.

We (Norwalk C of C Elders) want ideas for our Spring meeting.

A theme is needed. Something useful to sinful people. Something even sinful people will recognize as useful.

Please send any ideas ... help.
  • this_old_man
    Spiritual Growth!
    by this_old_man at 01/04/08 9:16AM
  • jlmanager
    Sin...Why It's Bad.
    by jlmanager at 01/04/08 10:00AM
  • jlmanager
    Actually, I'll second that.
    by jlmanager at 01/04/08 10:05AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    What is a sin?
    by indiansgothedistance at 01/04/08 6:58PM
  • cmay
    Why sin separates us from God
    by cmay at 01/05/08 1:57PM
  • dnsanders
    I agree with Kristy and Cmay. Combining a series of what is sin and why it separates us from God. Using Scriptures from Galatians 5 works of the flesh and Revelation 21:22-27 for motivation to avoid works of the flesh and a reward. Throw in James 1:14-15 in along with that. Personally I think using basic scriptures that point out the obvious things plainly and clearly will benefit everyone inclusing Christians. It comes through recognizing sin (works of the flesh Gal. 5:19-21) what it does (sin James 1:14-15) and what it costs (separation from God and His promise Revelation 21:22-27)
    by dnsanders at 01/07/08 8:13AM
  • friedaj
    Do you know when you guys will have your next gospel singing?
    by friedaj at 01/07/08 3:32PM
  • deusvitae
    by deusvitae at 01/13/08 2:15PM
  • rivereagle
    What will I do when God says...?
    by rivereagle at 01/29/08 2:12AM
  • lauressa
    Thanks for your support with the whole wrestling thing with Griffin and Danny! I am hoping things will be different next year!
    by lauressa at 02/14/08 12:01PM
  • indiansgothedistance
    Love you Daddy!
    by indiansgothedistance at 03/22/08 7:23PM
  • danmadrigal
    Hey - I am helping a church in Alabama find a preacher. If you know someone, let me know.
    by danmadrigal at 04/10/08 8:18PM
  • mbeiro88
    hey daddy love you and miss lots ur baby
    by mbeiro88 at 05/12/08 5:29PM
  • cmay
    Happy Anniversary!!
    by cmay at 05/23/08 9:10AM
  • cruisingmom
    Happy Anniversary Bro Beiro!
    by cruisingmom at 05/23/08 9:12AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 05/23/08 9:23AM

Need an opinion ...

I thinking about a singing on:

November 2, 2007 at the Norwalk Church of Christ. What do you think??? I'm just checking .. nothing official ... yet.
  • jlmanager
    As far as we're concerned, not sure we would make this one. We're doing a lot of travelling already in October/November, and Jen is trying to get home to see her folks at some point. We'll see, though.
    by jlmanager at 09/17/07 8:52PM
  • friedaj
    I can only hope that whatever date it may be that I can be there.....
    by friedaj at 09/18/07 10:21PM
  • rockymtnslover
    Whatever date you set, we will always try to be there!
    by rockymtnslover at 09/19/07 2:24PM
  • mbeiro88
    he dad love you
    by mbeiro88 at 09/23/07 1:05PM
  • dawnmk23
    I heard from Ethan there's another elder in the flock! That's wonderful and may God bless you and you serve Him daily!
    by dawnmk23 at 11/04/07 1:18PM
  • jimmybuck
    As long as you bring that mandolin. J/K--may God bless you as you lead His flock.
    by jimmybuck at 11/04/07 10:23PM
  • lorileigh
    Congratulations! Eddie and I think you are a wonderful, worthy man.
    by lorileigh at 11/05/07 7:35AM
  • jlmanager
    by jlmanager at 11/05/07 10:51AM
  • rockymtnslover
    We are both so proud of the godly man you are!
    by rockymtnslover at 11/05/07 3:58PM
  • friedaj
    I am sure that this appointment speaks volumes of the man you are. No wonder everyone is so proud of you and your work for God
    by friedaj at 11/12/07 12:46PM
  • indiansgothedistance
    I Love you and Miss you!!! text
    by indiansgothedistance at 12/10/07 1:24PM
  • cmay
    Hey, Henry! It's me. Cheryl!!
    by cmay at 12/19/07 4:17PM
  • lorileigh
    Happy Holidays!
    by lorileigh at 12/26/07 9:17AM

Out of commission ...

I just turned in my timesheet a few minutes ago. 83.5 hours ... a new personal record. Tired has a new whole meaning. My back hurts, I drove home dangerously sleepy, and of all things to think about ... I thought about good Onesimus in Philemon. Should I RUN?

I tend to think our American culture, makes us free-er than we ought to be. We tend to think ourselves more important ... more selfishly ... more independent than we have license for.

Actually I'm too tired to evan type.

  • curlie
    Sorry about that, Henry! :( Do you have to work tomorrow?
    by curlie at 09/02/07 9:46PM
  • this_old_man
    And old diddy! "I see the moon"sung by the Mariners on Columbia Records (featured on all Arthur Godrefy Programs)copyright 1953, words and music credited to Meredith Willson but a version goes back to as early as 1784 are cited in the Opie's 'The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes' Also Jean Ritchie recorded a version on her "Clear Waters Remembered" LP years ago.
    by this_old_man at 09/03/07 6:08AM
  • this_old_man
    Okay I'll 'fess up, I googled it. :)
    by this_old_man at 09/03/07 6:09AM
  • rockymtnslover
    Is that 83.5 hours in one week? I'd be dog tired, too!
    by rockymtnslover at 09/03/07 3:14PM
  • madtomkidd
    Yup... freedom has a price. Far too often, that isn't a nose dive into sin, but a slowly wandering path away from faithful devotion.
    by madtomkidd at 09/05/07 9:26AM
  • hank
    Can't disagree. Just like Onesimus.
    by hank at 09/07/07 10:16PM
  • rockymtnslover
    Now THAT is busy! lol!
    by rockymtnslover at 09/10/07 9:01PM