Ethan is 8 months old

* He's still bald (almost)
* He still doesn't have teeth
* He loves to eat chunks of food rather than purees
* He crawls like crazy
* He pulls up like crazy
* He wants to walk
* He loves playing with puppy Zeus.
* He loves to eat leaves and grass
* He hates poopy diapers
* He doesn't mind wet diapers
* He loves to play in the bathroom, trying to get into the bathtub or playing "drums" on the toilet
* He likes pushing things around on the floor (lids, papers, toys, etc)
* He enjoys the song "The Wise Man" the most
* He Loves the horses by the church building
* He likes cats
* He always wants to be picked up when I'm working in the kitchen-- he likes to know what is going on.
* He wants to eat whatever I eat.
* He enjoys eating-- a lot
* He likes giving kisses
* He is the most precious child in the world.
  • jenniferlyn
    Awww, such a great list! I so enjoy reading about him- sounds like y'all are doing great!
    by jenniferlyn at 08/11/11 9:11PM
  • jess
    I wish our boys could play together while we chatted. Why don't you guys move to BG? I know your sister would approve! :)
    by jess at 09/03/11 9:43PM
  • jess
    And you're inspiring me to update my Pleo for the first time since announcing Luke's birth. I think I believe that if I update, I have to tell every detail that's happened in the past 10 months, and since that's too overwhelming, I just don't do anything. But I should do SOMETHING! :)
    by jess at 09/03/11 9:45PM
  • hanban
    oh, and moving to BG, well... I don't think BG is ready for two ULTRA cute kids! ;)
    by hanban at 09/22/11 9:19AM
  • jess
    ^lol. I bet they could handle it! ;)
    by jess at 10/07/11 7:20AM
  • jess
    That was a super sweet compliment to Luke, Hannah. Thank you! Lol at Ethan thinking he's a dog. :)
    by jess at 10/19/11 11:32AM

Things I want to teach my son..

This has been on my mind lately. This is in no way a complete list, and are in no particular order.

1. Respect his father and our Father. Micah is an earthly shadow of our Father in Heaven.
2. Always strive to be better-- in earthly matters and spiritual.
3. Find contentment in the simple things.
4. Whining is for wimps. (I say that because he's whining right now. :) )
5. LOVE everyone. God is LOVE. That is not a liberal idea-- it's biblical!!
6. Forgive quickly and easily. He can learn this from his daddy.
7. Always make sure your shoes match your outfit. (And when you meet a special gal, her handbag needs to match her shoes)
8. Choose friends that help you honor God.
9. Bread and coffee are two of life's greatest pleasures.
10. Set goals. It's the only way to achieve anything!
11. How to sort laundry and how to cook
12. Books are the best entertainment!
13. Be silly (when appropriate).
14. Be kind to others. It's a sign of a Godly man.
15. Real men iron their clothes.
16. Have a servant's heart like your Nana.
17. Be gentle and meek like your pops.
18. Time isn't everything. Sometimes enjoy yourself without watching the clock. (A lesson that mommy still needs to learn!)
19. He has the coolest aunts and uncles in the world.
20. You're never to old to give your mama hugs and kisses.

And something I'm sure he'll learn from his dad... "You ain't gonna learn no younger".

Having children is truly a blessing from God. I hope I make God proud in the way I (and Micah) raise our boy.
  • jenniferlyn
    What a great list! Looks very similar to what I hope for my son. And you're right, they are such a blessing!
    by jenniferlyn at 05/22/11 1:00PM

Ethan will be 4 months old soon!

He is such a BIG boy! We have plunged into the world of cloth diapers, and I quickly found out that I have to be careful which ones I try due to his chunky legs and belly!

A CDing forum led me to the website below, and I thought I'd pass it along. God has really blessed Micah and me, and we have no problems purchasing diapers or other "necessities". However, I know there are people out there that cannot afford diapers. Hopefully some of these suggestions will help (or if you just want to be cheap!!).

Please do not reuse disposables. If you know someone in need (food, diapers, money for bills, etc), email me. I'll see what I can do to help! [email protected]

(I don't know how to link it, so you'll have to copy and paste)

If you CD, what kind do you prefer and why?
  • mmswife
    We cloth diaper about 60-70% of the time. Sometimes I get lazy or my helpers don't want to use cloth so we do use some sposies.

    I like prefolds and covers. Canaan is 19 months so we have toddler poo that doesn't require me to fold the diaper around him. I just bought smaller prefolds and trifold them and lay them in my cover.

    I have 5 Flip covers, 2 Thirsties (1 sized, 1 OS) and 2 Ecobum. Flips are my favorite for sure! My Thirsties are Aplix and the sized one leaks nearly every time he wears it. The Ecobum are alright but they are a cheaper cover and well, you get what you pay for. I like them for night time use though since they are thinner and wrap around the prefold and soaker better.

    I like that the prefolds are all cotton. I also like that I can treat the PUL and diapers separately if need be. This makes the prefolds much more forgiving as far as laundering goes.

    There's a cloth_diapering group here on Pleo in case you didn't know.
    by mmswife at 04/04/11 10:35AM
  • hanban
    I recently purchased the econobum to try out the prefolds without all the expense. :) If nothing else, I have some good burp clothes and some backup diapers! I'm still trying out several brands of dipes. I prefer OS snaps. When E gets older (more solid poo), I'd like to try AI2s/Hybrids. For now, I'm excited about my brand new swaddlebees econappi that arrived. :)

    Yay for fluffy buns!
    by hanban at 04/12/11 10:42AM

Ethan Paul is here!!!!

Born December 9, 2010 at 1:10pm after 7 hours of labor. He was 21 1/4 inches long! I love him more than words can express. Micah is such a wonderful father and dad!!!!!

Praise God for this wonderful blessing!

See Facebook for pictures.
  • shadders05
    That's my girl!!!! Glad you have "easy" labors too! :D
    by shadders05 at 12/20/10 8:07PM
  • leahhallnoats
    Congrats, Hannah! That's so exciting!
    by leahhallnoats at 12/22/10 8:29AM
  • lilsis
    love the name you picked!!! Congrats!!
    by lilsis at 12/22/10 9:19AM

37 weeks...

...So, we'll have a baby in a month or less. Whoa.

My goals: To become a better wife. TO support my husband and make it easier for him to be a good leader. To honor God in the way I support my family, including our child. And to grow as a Christian in ways taht I need it most.

being a mom is a daunting task. I don't know how people think they can do a good job of it without God's help. I suppose that's how we end up with spoiled adults.

Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas.
  • shadders05
    hypocrite... you don't have an updated picture on here!!! h hahahahahaha
    by shadders05 at 11/22/10 11:35AM
  • shadders05
    I love yo u!!!!
    by shadders05 at 11/22/10 11:35AM
  • anna6689
    You're a wonderful example of a godly wife, and you and Micah are going to be two of the greatest parents this world has known! Keeping y'all in my prayers. :)
    by anna6689 at 11/24/10 8:51AM