How Ironic

I guess you can just look at the post from last year about this time...same deal. ;D
  • fullofgrace

    by fullofgrace at 08/22/10 10:50PM
  • el_magnifico
    Give it another month and it'll be time for the annual update/blurb :-)
    by el_magnifico at 07/08/11 8:20AM

When the Rodeo Comes to Town

Well, the Rodeo/Clackamas County Fair is in town this week. It is that time of the year again. The fair grounds are only a few blocks from the house, and so we have to be careful not to get caught in the traffic overload. It is not too bad if you stick to the back roads and avoid the main drag. It is nice though to be able to walk right down to the fair grounds without having to park and go through all the hassle most of the other folks have to put up with.

We plan to go later in the week, probably on Friday when both of us will have the day free. Sandra wants to ride some of the rides this year, so we will have go earlier in the day in order to make the usual rounds before the rodeo starts at 7:00. Fun stuff!

P.S. For those of you who are members of the Hunting group, there is a post up that I would like you to take a look at. Thanks.
  • teelside
    Oh, fun. I think I'm getting too old for most rides, but I can still relish a rodeo. There must be some cowgirl in my lineage somewhere:) Enjoy!
    by teelside at 08/19/09 3:34PM
  • sugarcane
    I've been to that fair- about 10 years ago- liked the native american show. Have fun!
    by sugarcane at 08/19/09 4:04PM
  • grizzlytwelve
    I didn't know that you guys had been to Oregon. What brought you up this way? I'm sure it wasn't just the rodeo/fair (even though it is a good one as far that sort of thing goes).

    I like the native American set up too...especially how that the head Indian there seems to always have his cell phone and laptop out whenever I pass by. Its probably not planned, but it is quite funny considering the environment they are trying to create.

    by grizzlytwelve at 08/20/09 2:59PM
  • karileeresto
    Sounds like it will be an enjoyable time! Have fun!
    by karileeresto at 08/24/09 10:57AM
  • fullofgrace
    song chart memes
    by fullofgrace at 09/30/09 12:08AM
  • fullofgrace

    by fullofgrace at 12/24/09 1:01AM
  • fullofgrace
    by fullofgrace at 03/20/10 12:11PM
  • wberk
    You win. Book will be mailed tomorrow. Hope you'll read it and discuss it - tell me what you think; we need to get some conversations generation on these subjects.
    by wberk at 03/30/10 5:37PM
  • teelside
    Adam, I would save the snake for you but I don't think UPS would like me sending it to you. Are you doing ok? -- Wayne
    by teelside at 05/08/10 7:53AM
  • teelside
    I started the apple orchard about three years ago. It is starting to produce apples pretty good now in a number of the trees. They are mostly semi-dwarf trees and so they bear apples much sooner than standard trees. The eighteen varieties I have now are a good start for my orchard. I do have room for a few more inside the fence so I will look for some varieties that I don't have. I do love all apples! The honey crisp have quite a few apples on them this year. That is a very good apple.
    by teelside at 05/10/10 7:41PM
  • teelside
    I agree, Adam, it would be very cruel. It would be like boiling a kid in its mother's milk! (Ex. 34:26) This was repeated three times in the O.T. Just not right!
    by teelside at 06/01/10 7:05AM
  • karileeresto
    We are at Temple Terrace and Yes Don Truex still preaches there! Awesome preacher I have really enjoyed hearing preach for the last year and a half.
    by karileeresto at 06/08/10 7:33AM

I know it is springtime...

...when I get this itchy feeling in the back of my throat and start sneezing with unexpected regularity.

Otherwise, I would have to go by the flowers.

Indirectly, I suppose I do anyway.

  • ambiguous_username
    Sounds fun. For some reason, it's always the worst for me during the summer.
    by ambiguous_username at 04/10/09 7:38PM
  • fullofgrace least you haven't been sucking pollen for the last month....florida has been BRUTAL...
    stupid allergies....grumblegrumble....
    by fullofgrace at 04/13/09 12:53AM
  • heroforthenight
    me too
    by heroforthenight at 04/13/09 10:11PM
  • emmybear
    or go BUY flowers...maybe your wife likes them ;)
    by emmybear at 04/16/09 10:45AM
  • fullofgrace
    funny pictures of cats with captions
    by fullofgrace at 07/01/09 8:58PM

Time for another update

I suppose folks were starting to wonder how I have been so active on pleonast recently if the internet was still not working. It has been back up for a while...I just felt like writing on places other than my blog. :D

Hope everybody had a good Labor Day.

  • fullofgrace
    i did!
    love you...:)
    by fullofgrace at 09/02/08 10:36PM
  • karileeresto
    John and I live in Central Park across from FC a few buildings over from where you lived. How have you been?
    by karileeresto at 09/03/08 8:16AM
  • emmybear
    So, does it rain every day where you are?
    by emmybear at 09/05/08 7:39AM
  • grizzlytwelve
    At certain times of the year.
    by grizzlytwelve at 09/05/08 4:56PM
  • komreed00
    Whats goin on maaaaaaaaaaaan it's been a while, its Paul Konrad, anyway, I dunno if you heard or not but I'm married with a kid on the way, crazy huh... whats good with you
    by komreed00 at 09/28/08 6:05PM
  • cowboybrian
    Hi! thank you for the b-day card!
    by cowboybrian at 11/12/08 10:33AM
  • heroforthenight
    new year happy
    by heroforthenight at 01/01/09 9:53AM

Hard to Update

...when the internet is not working properly.

The internet at the public library works just fine though. That is, if this is all that I am posting...which it is.

Peace to all.
  • fullofgrace
    sorry i missed your calls!
    i'll try to call you again soon when i get a few minutes.

    love you!!


    how old are you now?
    by fullofgrace at 08/19/08 7:39PM
  • grizzlytwelve
    Take your age (as of Dec. 10, 2008) and subtract two years. There you go.
    by grizzlytwelve at 08/19/08 10:29PM
  • grizzlytwelve
    There are no cell phones allowed in the library. :D
    by grizzlytwelve at 08/19/08 10:29PM
  • slave_of_jesus_jdb
    Good to hear from you Adam. Nice way not to tell everyone on pleo how old your sister is. Good brother. Not that you are old...dough!
    by slave_of_jesus_jdb at 08/20/08 9:46AM
  • shellbell
    umm....thanks...i think...
    by shellbell at 08/20/08 4:57PM
  • mrwiser
    whats up adam? ready for hunting season? holler at me sometime lets catch up
    by mrwiser at 08/23/08 6:34PM
  • mrwiser
    yes yes i am alive, haha. great to hear from you man. its been toooo long.
    by mrwiser at 08/24/08 9:18PM
  • heroforthenight
    You are still beautiful.
    by heroforthenight at 08/26/08 6:15PM
  • operationchaos
    Is your internet related to the Projector at Church?
    by operationchaos at 08/28/08 12:02AM
  • grizzlytwelve
    No...but it has the same operator. :D
    by grizzlytwelve at 08/28/08 1:57AM
  • tommygirl
    Hey I just wanted to say I appreciate your thoughts on the collection thread.
    by tommygirl at 09/02/08 6:27PM