09/25/17 7:28PM

I made the kids some hot wings for lunch and the battle began. I could hear Jesse telling his sister, " But I like the humerus! You eat the tibia and fibula!

The church shooting was less than 30 minutes from our building. We locked our doors while we worshipped God last night. Never did I think that would happen! Truth is I was going somewhere the other day and passed my turn. I pulled into a church parking lot to turn around and they had a locked gate that I fussed about. Now I might understand a little better.
  • joc
    oh, so sad that it has come to this point!
    by joc at 09/25/17 10:34PM
  • kailua
    I am with Jesse - I like the humerus too!

    So sorry about the need to lock the door.
    by kailua at 09/26/17 12:41AM

My next...

Grand baby is due the end of March. S/he is 6.63 inches long today!
  • marmee
    Congratulations! I love this. :)
    Our 10 lb grandson was born on Tuesday. He's squishy and I'm in love for the 11th time.
    by marmee at 09/02/17 5:29PM
  • split_rock
    Tiny, growing blessing! Congratulations!
    by split_rock at 09/03/17 6:21AM
  • tryphena
    Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is fun news :-)
    by tryphena at 09/03/17 2:59PM
  • sjean
    Congrats! Our next blessing is due in February.
    by sjean at 09/03/17 4:09PM
  • friend2all
    Congratulations on your new Grandbaby.
    by friend2all at 09/03/17 7:31PM
  • kamille
    Congrats to you!
    by kamille at 09/03/17 8:12PM
  • misssonja
    by misssonja at 09/03/17 8:58PM
  • joc
    Aw! Another GRAND baby to love! Congratulations.
    by joc at 09/03/17 9:59PM
  • ceoltoir
    by ceoltoir at 09/04/17 4:30PM
  • kailua
    by kailua at 09/04/17 5:32PM
  • ginnyann
    Congrats to you and family!
    by ginnyann at 09/05/17 11:22AM
  • sjean
    The one in February will be our 5th. You are right about Orlando. We are scheduled to fly next Thursday. We are definitely watching the hurricane path.
    by sjean at 09/06/17 10:07PM
  • joc
    Prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
    by joc at 09/07/17 12:58AM
  • sjean
    We were supposed to fly to Orlando in Thursday. Today it was cancelled. It sure makes sense.
    by sjean at 09/11/17 6:37PM
  • chickadee
    Congratulations, Grandma!
    by chickadee at 09/13/17 10:00AM

Not that there's anyone left here to tell but...

We go to court Oct 2/3. We are asking the children's mother be given only supervised visitation as she has refused to follow dr recommendations and give medications. She has also defamed each professional when talking to the children so the children don't know who to trust any more.

Prayers for this proceeding, for each and every person involved, and for God's will in the best interest of the children would be appreciated. Prayers that their mother find her way to the Lord and have her heart touched with His love are desperately needed.Prayers for vision, clarity, peace, and pure hearts for all are needed.

Thank you
  • tryphena
    I'm still here! :-) Oh, how those children need this to turn out right!
    by tryphena at 08/11/17 4:46PM
  • joc
    I'm here, too. Praying for a good outcome for those precious grandchildren.
    by joc at 08/11/17 10:29PM
  • kamille
    I'm still out here. Prayers for everyone & everything.
    by kamille at 08/12/17 1:30PM
  • ceoltoir
    I will pray.
    by ceoltoir at 08/12/17 4:21PM
  • misssonja
    I'm here and I empathize deeply.
    by misssonja at 08/12/17 6:16PM
  • sjean
    Just prayed for these sweet children and for you.
    by sjean at 08/12/17 7:36PM
  • split_rock
    Prayers for a good outcome for all, but especially in the best interests for the children.
    by split_rock at 08/14/17 6:00AM
  • ginnyann
    I will pray also. For all of you!
    by ginnyann at 08/14/17 11:22AM
  • joc
    Your post on "granny's" pleo blog is so full of wisdom. Just want you to know I admire you for all that you are doing and have done.
    by joc at 08/19/17 3:27PM
  • marmee
    No baby yet! But he'll come sometime soon. :).

    The situation you face here is heart-wrenching. I pray good comes.
    by marmee at 08/23/17 5:46PM
  • bandmom
    Praying fervently!
    by bandmom at 08/25/17 8:46AM
  • kailua
    I am so sorry for the strife that woman is causing. I will pray for you, the children, James, the situation and her.
    by kailua at 08/25/17 4:14PM
  • meditationis
    Here's hoping it goes well. Finally!!
    by meditationis at 09/24/17 12:28PM

Sweet as soda pop

Last night a friend from worship took me and the children to a Gospel Meeting about an hour away. The flier for the event had a photo of the speaker but didn't mention his name. I thought I recognized him but the photo on colored paper was a tad fuzzy. When we arrived - in sheets of rain with 2 minutes to spare - Fredric Gray greeted us. Ah! I was right! He introduced himself and I told him I knew who he was. He was befuddled! I told him he would have no idea who I am but I am Grandmadiane on pleo! He said, "I know who you are!" And marched me off to see Heather (crazy _mama)! I was tickled she was actually with him! i remembered her last post on pleo was her concern as to whether her baby could be turned right before his birth. Poor thing goes through so much to bring into this world her beautiful little gifts and that little one was no exception! Her last post was months ago with no update as to the final position of the baby! I'm sure many of you have wondered and been praying for her. She and I discussed just telling you she's still carrying ands is now 13 months pregnant and that's why she has delayed writing! But i think you'll want to know - she has a beautiful baby boy, who after visit after visit with various professionals FINALLY in a 20 second appointment flipped him! He is a chubby, head full of hair, beautiful little one!

Now, I didn't discuss this with her because I didn't know until after she and I spoke but, Fredric and most of the children are heading home today while Heather and her oldest and youngest go to Wisconsin. I am sure they would appreciate prayers for both groups as they travel and are separated from each other.

Ok, I need to go and take the kids to their mom! Hope you have a blessed day!
  • kamille
    Will pray for them.
    by kamille at 08/05/17 8:19PM
  • misssonja
    I am jealous that you got to see my pal!!!
    by misssonja at 08/05/17 11:03PM

We got notice today...

On Aug 11 we go to court to set a court date for trial. Please pray! The sooner the better and for a heart that is open to hearing the children's challenges!