I don’t know what to say...

Judge admitted everything we said was true then turned around and gave Mom more time. I have to process. I will explain more later but thank you for your prayers. Who knows where we would been without them.
  • chickadee
    Oh, Diane, this dragging things out is nerve-racking even for me so I cannot imagine how you must feel.
    by chickadee at 12/19/17 8:58PM
  • sjean
    Unbelievable. Yet too common.
    by sjean at 12/19/17 8:59PM
  • tryphena
    Nothing that happens in court makes much sense these days.
    by tryphena at 12/19/17 9:04PM
  • misssonja
    God must have a plan in all this -- though it is surely hard to see the good in it from where we sit.
    by misssonja at 12/19/17 9:07PM
  • joc
    Sometimes it takes great patience to see what the long term outcome is and remember that God knew all along. Just keep doing what you do best and that is to love and guide these precious children and influence them for good in every way you can. I have seen it happen.
    by joc at 12/19/17 10:49PM
  • ceoltoir
    I'm so sorry. My heart aches for all of you.
    by ceoltoir at 12/19/17 11:46PM
  • split_rock
    So, so sorry you and the children are caught in this judicial quagmire.
    by split_rock at 12/20/17 6:11AM
  • ginnyann
    oh dear! so sorry there is a continuing of these heartaches.
    Prayers and hugs coming your way!
    by ginnyann at 12/20/17 10:05AM
  • marmee
    Life is seldom fair in the realm of men. But God is good and He can turn this to work toward good for all involved. I pray He does. Thank you for loving and caring for them as you do.
    by marmee at 12/20/17 3:12PM
  • bandmom
    May God continue to give you strength and wisdom as you cling to Him during these trials. (((HUG)))
    by bandmom at 01/02/18 8:05AM
  • ginnyann
    Haven’t heard from you since last year :(
    Are you all doing OK? Thinking of you and praying for better days!
    We miss you on pleo!
    by ginnyann at 02/07/18 8:15AM

Thank you...

For your prayers.

James took off all week. We were in court Tuesday and Wednesday. It was long, boring, heart breaking, and not finished. After 2 days of testimony from the Kids Mom, James, the Kids therapist, me, friend of mom’s, and their mom again the judge decided not to decide. We have to return the 19th to hear what he decides. He asked the Kids mom if she has insurance on the Kids. He then told her to call and find out how much it pays for in Home counseling services. Don’t know where that will go.

It seems she testified we won’t communicate with her. We send her mail, email, texts, and write papers and send them to her through the children. Our attorney had copies of some of the papers. It was exhibit 3. She handed it to me while I was on the stand. When her attorney -a nice guy, asked me for the 2rd time why we didn’t communicate with her I held up the 1 inch stack which included the children’s itinerary, Dr visits and results, school work, etc. I asked him, “ Don’t communicate? What do you think THIS is?” I’m afraid I asked him twice. He stood there, blinked a couple of times, and mumbled out, “Ill ask the questions here.”

Our attorney called her on several contradictions between her testimony and her deposition. Like all of the testimony.

I don’t look for anything to change at all.

Sorry if this is a downer. We have had many praying and if this is what God sees as best, it is what we’ll deal with!
  • sjean
    I am glad you had the proof. That is so frustrating.
    by sjean at 12/09/17 12:48PM
  • tryphena
    I don't understand why this has to be so difficult...mom sounds so unstable!
    by tryphena at 12/09/17 1:46PM
  • misssonja
    ^ Been there and the injustice -- and the destructive impact on innocent children -- is maddening. When my mom died and my sister got out of jail and wreaked havoc again, I stopped at the prosecutor's office and asked exactly what she had to do to actually STAY in jail. He pulled out a stack of folders on her and said in disgust, "I don't know." I knew then it would NEVER be over.
    by misssonja at 12/09/17 7:20PM
  • split_rock
    Our justice system is broken. And the innocent suffer. So sorry this is continuing to drag out. Prayers continue.
    by split_rock at 12/10/17 6:46AM
  • joc
    It isn't over yet. More prayers are in order! And then, if the answer isn't what we want, we still know He answers. And we don't always understand. But, He can see the future and we can't. Still praying.
    by joc at 12/10/17 7:30AM
  • ginnyann
    continuing to pray for you all. So sorry its not over yet.
    keep your chin up.
    Be with me Lord, I cannot live without you.
    hugs!! Big ones!!
    by ginnyann at 12/10/17 7:05PM
  • friend2all
    I thought I would post this since Mrs. Ginny mention this hymn in her comment.

    by friend2all at 12/10/17 7:41PM
  • ceoltoir
    The prayers in this household continue.
    by ceoltoir at 12/12/17 1:38PM
  • bandmom
    Still praying. (((HUG))) I'm so sorry this is happening, for all involved!
    by bandmom at 12/14/17 8:13AM
  • chickadee
    (((Hugs))) for you and the kids. I agree with Split_rock.
    by chickadee at 12/14/17 8:40AM

11/13/17 11:25AM

Had mediation today. Kids Mom didn’t show up. Court is Dec 5&6. Please pray.
  • misssonja
    That should be a plus for you. God be with you!!!
    by misssonja at 11/13/17 3:24PM
  • ceoltoir
    I second her comments. And we will pray for the best outcome on Dec 5, 6 (two days in court??).
    by ceoltoir at 11/13/17 4:57PM
  • tryphena
    This does seem to bode well for you.
    by tryphena at 11/13/17 7:29PM
  • joc
    I agree with the others.
    by joc at 11/13/17 7:47PM
  • split_rock
    How hurtful for the kids, though. Hoping this bodes well for your petition in December.
    by split_rock at 11/14/17 6:45AM
  • ginnyann
    still praying for you all.
    Another “black” mark on the mother’s side of the page.
    Wishing you a good thanksgiving even though you all may be anxious about upcoming events.
    by ginnyann at 11/14/17 9:05AM
  • kamille
    Agree with all that's been said.
    by kamille at 11/16/17 7:40PM
  • sjean
    Good for you, but those kids have to feel so abandoned in spite of all the good you do to love and support them.
    by sjean at 11/16/17 8:40PM
  • chickadee
    It is hard to think of how many times she has not shown, how many unthinkable deeds, and yet they must continue going to her.
    by chickadee at 11/19/17 1:51PM
  • sjean
    I just now read your message about the visit while sick. So sorry. Did the children stay well?
    by sjean at 11/25/17 7:46PM
  • kailua
    I prayed for you all. (((hug)))
    by kailua at 11/27/17 1:46AM
  • split_rock
    Will be thinking of you all next week.
    by split_rock at 12/02/17 7:52AM
  • ginnyann
    Praying for you all this week.
    by ginnyann at 12/04/17 8:25AM
  • kamille
    Thinking of you & praying this week.
    by kamille at 12/04/17 7:44PM
  • joc
    Hoping and praying that things well for you and your family.
    by joc at 12/04/17 11:48PM
  • milly
    When you can process everything, we’re eager to hear. Praying. ❤️
    by milly at 12/06/17 9:53PM
  • kamille
    ^Yes, when you can, give us an update.
    by kamille at 12/08/17 7:42PM

11/04/17 12:04PM

Addie sat with me and talked last night. We talked about many things in her life and she shared with me something that broke my heart. She said at mommy's if she and Jesse talk about either no or James their mother has ordered their half sister to hit them. How is this OK in anyone's life? I want to crawl in a corner and pull a covering over me and sit and rock. I HURT SO BADLY for the CHILDREN!

As if to 'explain' Addie added - Helen doesn't hit hard!
  • ceoltoir
    That is utterly horrible! I'm so sorry for what you and the children go through. But they can absolutely rise above the awfulness and grow up to be marvelous, compassionate Christians. I shall pray for that outcome.
    by ceoltoir at 11/04/17 12:56PM
  • joc
    So sad for the children, but they are so blessed to have you and they will realize that more and more as the years go by. Praying for the best outcome.
    by joc at 11/04/17 1:35PM
  • joc
    Just stay strong! The Lord is on your side.
    by joc at 11/04/17 2:44PM
  • marmee
    How very sad that parents “use” children in this way. Thank you for what you do for your family ... they are so blessed.
    by marmee at 11/04/17 5:57PM
  • split_rock
    So sad. So thankful they have you to counter-balance their lives.
    by split_rock at 11/05/17 7:17AM
  • kamille
    This is just so very sad. Sorry you & the children have to go through this. They are so blessed to have you & they will come to know this in time.
    by kamille at 11/05/17 7:17PM
  • chickadee
    I just read your comment to joc... so very sad, Diane.
    by chickadee at 11/06/17 8:22AM
  • misssonja
    Impreccatory prayers may be in order...
    by misssonja at 11/06/17 9:12PM
  • ginnyann
    I’m so sorry the children have to be exposed to such “rudeness “ and you also.
    Hang in there....you are doing such a good job with them.
    Read all that I missed out on in your post below....hope things have settled and you’ve gotten some relief.
    Praying for you all.
    by ginnyann at 11/07/17 9:03AM


First, thank each of you for your kindness when all of you are so burdened yours loves!

Second, my dad went to rehab and is now home. When he got home he went to bed and refuses to get up.

Third, my brother in law was in a fib and they had to restart his heart. He is doing ok now but must go through additional testing.

Fourth, my step dad is better but will never be able to return to the states and it doesn't look like I will ever be able to go there.

Fifth, we were told we have a court date for Dec 5 and 6.

Sixth, Fri we were told we have to go through mediation first before we go to court. It will cost min of $500.00 with an additional $150.00 for each additional hour which is supposed to be split 2 ways. All the material I thought I had until Dec 5 to prepare has to be gathered by this Fri. 7 years worth! Any time the moderator spends in review of said material is an additional $150.00 an hour split 2 ways. I have to get this material together while home schooling and we have our Gospel Meeting this week with Mo Hafley.

Seventh, (best for last) I am going to have a GRANDSON! ( according to ultrasound)
Kenneth(father's name) John Wayne (Wayne was my husband's name) Davis
( Rachel put John Wayne in honor of her dad because he liked John Wayne)

My Facebook post for further explanation of #7:

On Saturday evening family and friends gathered at my daughter's in laws for a gender reveal party. At about 45 degrees it was feeling cool to most folks. Kenneth had set up a package with powder in it that, when shot, would explode out the contents and reveal the gender. All went well and I, according to the ultrasound, am the proud grandmother to another grandson! Kenneth John Wayne Davis, to be called 'Duke'. Kenneth for his father and Wayne after Rachel's dad. My Wayne throughly enjoyed John Wayne and would be pleased with both the name and the nickname.

The children were unable to attend so we had a small reveal here last night. I bought 8 happy face balloons and 2 'Its a Boy!' balloons. I hid all the balloons throughout the house and directed the children through a very hastily written and poorly worded poem to where to look for the gender of the baby finally ending in Rachel and Kenneth's car! To say the children enjoyed the game and were excited about the gender would not begin to cover their emotions!
  • tryphena
    Whew, what a mixed bag this is--congrats on the baby boy! (That's the easiest one to respond to!) "Duke"--kind of a grown-up nickname, but he's going to spend most of his life being a grownup, so that makes sense. No matter what they are named, any name becomes very natural-sounding for the person. I love the John Wayne connection :-)

    It will save you money if you can get the paperwork as organized as possible for the moderator so he/she doesn't take more time just to figure it out. I don't know what-all there is, but a cover page that lists the items in a reasonable order (by date or type of paper?) might also be helpful.

    I would prioritize getting the paperwork together over schooling this week. It's bigger-picture important.

    Hugs to you as you juggling all of your family issues!!
    by tryphena at 10/30/17 7:11AM
  • joc
    Ditto on what tryphena said. Organized Paperwork is soooooo important! Loved the reveal story.
    by joc at 10/30/17 5:24PM
  • kamille
    Congrats on the baby boy. The good thing about home schooling is that when something important comes up, you can cut back on school & catch up later.
    by kamille at 10/31/17 7:52PM
  • split_rock
    We've been away for a few days -- just saw this! Why are these curve balls always thrown at you? I'm sure you'll get the paperwork together in good order for review tomorrow! Congratulations again on your coming grandson! Prayers for peace of mind. Hope you're having a good meeting week!
    by split_rock at 11/02/17 6:38AM