In 2010 ...

May the Lord grant us the wisdom to see His will, the courage to choose it, and the strength to see it through!

Happy new year to all of you!
  • hopefullgirl
    Miss you. Happy New year!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    by hopefullgirl at 01/01/10 10:19PM
  • hmjmom
    Happy New Year!
    by hmjmom at 01/02/10 6:35AM
  • mockinbird
    by mockinbird at 01/02/10 9:26AM
  • melissaholden
    That you fior those words of wisdom.
    by melissaholden at 01/05/10 12:38PM
  • southern_yankee_mom
    by southern_yankee_mom at 01/06/10 7:30AM
  • curlie
    Miss you...
    by curlie at 06/09/10 8:01PM

Better get busy ...

Only 364 shopping days until Christmas!
  • phyllisophical_mom
    YOU are soooo funny!! I loved this post and you are so right!! (however, I'm ahead already cause of the gift in this house I can't find!! ha)
    by phyllisophical_mom at 12/26/09 11:05AM
  • hmjmom
    by hmjmom at 12/26/09 11:26AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 12/26/09 2:39PM
  • dederich
    I'm missing you, too!
    by dederich at 12/27/09 8:41AM
  • mockinbird
    I think I might need every one of them. Am enjoying a few extra degrees of warmth here in the Volunteer State. Plan to stay until New Years Day.
    by mockinbird at 12/27/09 5:41PM
  • wifelet
    Good point ... I'd better get to it! :)
    by wifelet at 12/27/09 7:54PM
  • lovnprayers
    It's a good time to buy presents for next year now too because they are all on sale! :o)
    by lovnprayers at 12/30/09 9:22PM

45 years!

45 years ago today I married my best friend ... it doesn't seem possible! This morning he said (in true Chuck style) ... "Ah, 40 years of wedded bliss!" Not bad out of 45! ha!

He's right, though ... there have been hard years, but we've been blessed by sticking it out and holding on to each other in spite of the hard times. The Lord has blessed us richly ... I'm very thankful ...

And I think it's time to get over my funk ... "What can't be helped must be endured" (Mat Feltner) .... so I will be thankful and move on!

We are in Alabama with two of my favorite grandchildren ... and one of my favorite daughters ... and one of my favorite sons-in-law ...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
  • hmjmom
    Happy Anniversary! You and Chuck are excellent examples to you young couples. So many young couples bail out at the first sign of trouble. Loves grows deeper when you work through the hard times together. I hope the two of you have many more years together. Enjoy you time with Sarah and family.
    by hmjmom at 12/24/09 9:24AM
  • curlie
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :) Love you! :)
    by curlie at 12/24/09 11:03AM
  • dederich
    Happy Anniversary!!! 45 years!!! Wow, that makes me feel old! Love you both!
    by dederich at 12/24/09 11:57AM
  • melissaholden
    Happy Anniversary!!!
    by melissaholden at 12/24/09 12:47PM
  • lovnprayers
    I'm glad you made it safely. Have a wonderful Christmas. We are having dinner with one of our Elder's and his family. Charlie and Andrea went to her mom and dad's for Christmas. We had our Christmas with them on Monday night. It was wonderful. Love you.
    by lovnprayers at 12/25/09 12:29AM

Sorry ...

I'm a very poor blogger. Been in a funk lately!
  • wifelet
    Why are you in a funk? It's the most wonderful time of the year! Especially for those living south of Chicago ...
    by wifelet at 12/16/09 6:54PM
  • hmjmom
    Sorry you are in a funk. I hope things get better soon. Maybe some hugs from your grandkids would help. I hope you will enjoy the holidays. {} hugs from me to you!
    by hmjmom at 12/17/09 6:30AM
  • mockinbird
    Well, snap out of it!!! (That's so easy for me to say isn't it.)
    Well wishes to you this holiday season. I am heading your way the 26th so if you could arrange some warm, dry weather I would surely appreciate it.
    by mockinbird at 12/17/09 2:00PM
  • hopefullgirl
    cant wait 2 c yall
    by hopefullgirl at 12/17/09 3:32PM
  • melissaholden
    I know how you feel. I'm sorry you feel funktified. Can I help?
    by melissaholden at 12/18/09 9:22AM
  • dederich
    Hey, who kidnapped my sister's blog!!!!!
    by dederich at 12/18/09 10:22AM

On the road again ...

Getting ready to go traveling again ... planning to leave Friday for North Carolina to visit my mother and brother ... and hoping the leaves aren't all gone in the Smokies.

Then from there to Sarah's ... to catch a soccer game with Ian and a gymnastics class with Maddie ... and maybe see how she looks as a '6' --- :-)

And perhaps we might take a little trip to meet Mr. Levi Samuel Pittman ...

Then when we get home we get a few days to recover, then head to Wisconsin to see Faye off to Texas and bring home another load of stuff from PawPaw's house ...

Does it ever end?

Oh, and would anyone like to have a lovely year-old yellow lab/whatever who is spayed, had all her shots, and comes with a house, heartworm medicine, and electric collar?

  • wifelet
    Ummm ... we don't want a dog. But you're welcome to come see us while you're in the area! :)
    by wifelet at 10/27/09 11:04AM
  • hopefullgirl
    There is NO way I am going as a 6. Grams there are no princesses in Twilight there are only the Volturi and they are first premiering in New Moon and that isn't out till Nov. 20 so I only have a small pic of them from all the previews. The Volturi are like the leaders and there is like only 1 girl.

    I want Buttercup.
    by hopefullgirl at 10/27/09 12:25PM
  • dederich
    Have a good trip. And be safe. But no, I don't want another dog. My two babies are enough.
    by dederich at 10/27/09 12:41PM
  • dederich
    Hey, Mark wants to know why you are getting rid of Butt-cup??
    by dederich at 10/27/09 12:49PM
  • mockinbird
    Sounds like a fun time. Someday we hope to be able to travel whenever we want, but not this decade. And I am VERY sad at the idea of Faye leaving our part of the world. It was nice to see her at meetings and such. My daughters think the world of her.
    by mockinbird at 10/27/09 2:03PM
  • lovnprayers
    I'm looking forward to seeing you. Give you mom a hug and tell Dale and Tina hi for me.
    by lovnprayers at 10/29/09 11:53PM