how you doin?

so yesterday morning i had my first scrimmage game for football. then afterwards my friend devin had a party and me and charlie headed over there. it was pimpin. well im out.
  • curlie
    Hey, Gary!
    by curlie at 08/25/05 9:01AM
  • fireflys_lilight
    welcome to the nast!
    by fireflys_lilight at 08/25/05 6:10PM
  • bereanatheart
    Gare, I didn't know you were on! Welcome!
    by bereanatheart at 08/26/05 12:52PM
  • palindrome90
    whoa, hey gary! welcome to pleo :)
    by palindrome90 at 08/27/05 9:58AM
  • jusplayin
    ITS GARY!!!! good luck tonight!:)
    by jusplayin at 09/05/05 5:19PM
  • tony
    WHOA...GARRRRYYYY! What up my man!:P
    by tony at 09/14/05 11:02PM
  • deusvitae
    You have done well today, sir. It's good to have you on the side of the Lord. :)
    by deusvitae at 10/05/05 11:02PM
  • 71lespaulcustom
    Greetings brother!
    by 71lespaulcustom at 10/05/05 11:09PM
  • glenn
    Your joy is shared by many brothers and sisters today!! I rejoice in your commitment to God! May God continue to bless you in everything you do!
    by glenn at 10/06/05 12:34AM
  • mattdevore
    Welcome to the family of God.
    by mattdevore at 10/06/05 5:58AM
  • whipsmile
    I heard about your baptism! The angels are rejoicing, as are all of your brothers and sisters in Christ. Welcome to the fold.
    by whipsmile at 10/06/05 6:11AM
  • funsahm
    Welcome to God's family new brother! Praise God!
    by funsahm at 10/06/05 8:05AM
  • tony
    You're such a you know that? and Good choice man, i didn't know you were baptized...Thats great!
    by tony at 11/14/05 6:29AM
  • thediesel
    gary die in a fire
    by thediesel at 02/21/06 11:02AM
  • almostlucky7
    hey Gary it's nathan
    by almostlucky7 at 03/03/06 9:20AM
  • abrahamp
    by abrahamp at 10/24/06 9:06PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:20AM
  • jesjon1512
    Hi gary how you doing its elyses older sister jessica...hows your brother and sisters doing?
    by jesjon1512 at 06/29/07 2:14PM
  • babyelephant
    Hi Gary! Don't forget about game night tonight at 7:00!
    by babyelephant at 08/17/07 8:51AM
  • lovnprayers
    Hey Gary welcome!
    by lovnprayers at 08/19/07 12:00AM