I decided to catch up on some photos from the summer. I have been wanting to go to the beach lately so these seemed like the next best thing. These were all taken on our trip to CA this summer. We love the beach and the kids had a blast playing in the freezing cold Pacific Ocean!

I apologize for the size of the pics, but the resizer isn't working right now and I don't feel like waiting!

******* Several of you have commented about the feet in the sand picture. My baby, Cody, was afraid of the water so I let him take some pictures. He took that shot on his own. He was very interested in the shots he took and was thoughtful about each shot. There may be a photographer in our future! ********

  • DessertDiva
    Wow, gorgeous photos! I love the silouettes of the people against the sunset. Just breathtaking!
    by DessertDiva at 09/18/08 12:33AM
  • SaraJones
    You need to turn the sunset picture into a puzzle on fb.
    by SaraJones at 09/18/08 8:00AM
  • birdy
    i see catalina! and i think diamond head too! =)
    by birdy at 09/18/08 8:27AM
  • icantbreathe
    Is that Catalina, wow he would be so impressed!
    by icantbreathe at 09/18/08 9:27AM
  • sarahsmile
    awesome photos!!
    by sarahsmile at 09/18/08 10:13AM
  • nornie
    Beautiful, the scene and the family.
    by nornie at 09/18/08 11:33AM
  • acurtis
    What beautiful pictures! It makes me long for the beach too!
    by acurtis at 09/19/08 6:54AM
  • belle
    Gorgeous! :)
    by belle at 09/19/08 10:55PM
  • hotlantamom
    I'm going to the beach next week for Scott's wedding! I haven't been in a few years. I'm excited.
    by hotlantamom at 09/19/08 11:45PM
  • hotlantamom
    anna maria island. I think it's in the Tampa/St. Pete area. The wedding is on Friday night and we get all day Saturday to play on the beach!
    by hotlantamom at 09/20/08 11:55AM
  • princessjaime
    every time I go to the beach I take a "feet picture" I have one from every trip! too cute :)
    by princessjaime at 09/20/08 8:18PM
  • ukgran
    Amazing pictures!! I love the beach!!!
    by ukgran at 09/23/08 1:58PM
  • dixiechick
    TAG, you're it:)
    by dixiechick at 09/23/08 9:58PM
  • twohandsonthewheel
    hey mrs andrea! :) those are beautiful pics (:
    by twohandsonthewheel at 06/09/09 7:37AM
  • ed
    thanks for your words. you said that y'all have had a loss there...anyone we know?
    by ed at 06/15/09 12:35PM
  • horselover
    MOMMY! I love you :)
    by horselover at 06/23/09 11:16AM
  • thehandoftheking
    Cool pictures; I like the first one of the sun ... the one with all the people in it.

    I'm stoked you all enjoyed the link!
    by thehandoftheking at 07/07/09 9:17PM
  • nicoleg
    Cute pictures! I havent seen your page in a while I guess - this new upgrad I've been so out of it - yes I LOVE TN at Thanksgiving its actually my fav time - and plus its our 6 yr anniversary and Opryland will be decorated (thats where we got married) so I'm super excited and hoping to get at least one night out w/the kids since there will be loads of babysitters! Looks like you guys are having a good summer...only a little over a month right till your new nephew is born! so exciting :)
    by nicoleg at 07/14/09 9:59AM
  • melmibelle
    i know she has grown up so fast i can't believe it, she's almost 11 months, she especially looks big with her hair up. they change so unbelievably fast. i loev the pics of ya'll
    by melmibelle at 09/08/09 9:13PM
  • twohandsonthewheel
    :) Thanks mrs. andrea. :)
    I think I'll be okay in the tube, but it's more about the shot they have give me to put the dye in my shoulder. :/
    That's what I'm most afraid of. :(
    by twohandsonthewheel at 10/06/09 8:08AM

Home Again!

Wedding's done! We are home! YAY!!

The wedding was beautiful! Seeing everyone and meeting some great people was fun! I will post pictures when both me and my camera battery are replenished!

The battery is replenished but I'm not!! Here's a small sample of pics!

The girls


Katie and our grandmother, Ma Jewel (Katie is actually wearing a dress in this photo!)

Our family
  • brainy_chik81
    Happy Anniversary!!! 16 isnt that bad! my parents' 20th anniversary is this year!! :)
    by brainy_chik81 at 07/25/08 10:36AM
  • matthewdickey
    it was nice to meet you and your family too! We just got back...we went to Tulsa OK after the wedding and spent some time with my uncle on his houseboat, it was a lot of fun!
    by matthewdickey at 07/25/08 10:41AM
  • melmibelle
    happy anniversary!!! love the pics can't believe katie is married.. .
    by melmibelle at 07/28/08 4:57AM
  • hotlantamom
    You have to remember that I have older kids and I had a lot of help. It also makes my kids want to play with them more when they do stuff like this.
    by hotlantamom at 07/28/08 9:31AM
  • matthewdickey
    great pic!....thanks for posting it on my blog!
    by matthewdickey at 07/28/08 11:09AM
  • DessertDiva
    I'm not sure what the type is called, but it's the taller one that snaps and has a zipper pouch on the outside. I love it! :)
    by DessertDiva at 07/28/08 10:31PM
  • acurtis
    Thanks for all the great Camera info...we are definately leaning toward the Canon. I'm like you, though, I will still want a small one to take everywhere.
    by acurtis at 07/29/08 6:15AM
  • brainy_chik81
    i think we're going to kroger, its cheaper there
    by brainy_chik81 at 07/29/08 10:22AM
  • candeepie
    Happy Anniversary :) I loved the picture! thank you :) it was nice to meet you guys as well :)
    by candeepie at 07/29/08 12:58PM
  • floorcoaster
    LOL..... I honestly can't answer that! I still don't know when I'm getting home!
    by floorcoaster at 07/29/08 3:01PM
  • melindasrealmom
    I'm glad you got to meet Val & Denise. We have had so much fun through the years. They are kindred spirits!
    by melindasrealmom at 08/08/08 1:10PM
  • gamomma
    by gamomma at 08/08/08 8:37PM
  • birdy
    hope you are having a good day! love you!
    by birdy at 08/11/08 2:55PM
  • mktmom4
    We are back from started's been pretty wild and crazy around here. We got a very brief sneak preview of 5 wedding pics from David and they are GREAT. I'm sure they will be online soon. I am way behind on posting pics myself...SO UNLIKE ME....ha
    by mktmom4 at 08/12/08 11:33AM
  • shanshan
    Good luck with Claire and school! I will be praying for you guys!
    by shanshan at 08/12/08 7:49PM
  • firestah
    Yes, I am. And by the way, could you call me about working at the shelter next Wednesday? Just want to get everything in order.
    by firestah at 08/14/08 7:21AM
  • cptkeith84
    I wouldn't order yet. We might get a discount code!
    by cptkeith84 at 08/14/08 1:55PM
  • princessjaime
    aww... thanks for the heads-up! she got quite a bit of camera time that I didn't even know about :)
    by princessjaime at 08/14/08 4:08PM
  • mktmom4
    yes, i think there will be a code we can give you don't order anything just yet.
    by mktmom4 at 08/14/08 4:26PM
  • stylinmama
    Thank you very much!
    by stylinmama at 08/17/08 11:56PM

Summer days are here again!

**Oops! I forgot to resize my photos and don't feel like doing it all over again! Sorry for the big pics!**

It's been awhile since I last updated. We have been super busy with the end of school year stuff and just getting used to having everyone home again!

The last week of school was fun but very busy. We had field days - 2 of those, a poetry recital, world communities presentations, beach day, sports day, game day, pj day, book buddy picnic, and the final day! I told you it was busy.

The last day was very emotional for us all. Claire just can't handle the separation. Poor thing just cried and cried. It was very sad. Our school has the 5th graders (highest grade at our school) do a walk of fame at the end of the day. They all parade around the school halls and cry. It is really pretty sad. Then all the bus riders get on the buses and those of us that are not riding the bus go out to the busport and wave as the buses circle 3-4 times. All the kids are hanging out the windows waving and saying goodbye. Very dramatic!

We are enjoying summer so far by spending most days at the pool. It is good to be back outside in the sun and water. We pretty much live there in the summer. Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of summer! Have a great one!

Last day of school!
Field day!
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Book Buddy Picnic (Claire was Chad's book buddy this year - so sweet!)
Photobucket Photobucket
  • SaraJones
    Great talking with you last night. The pictures are great! Poor Claire. I am sure she will enjoy the pool this summer though! Looking forward to next week! Love to you all!
    by SaraJones at 05/28/08 4:42PM
  • fauxbelle
    What cute pictures of all your kids. Looks like a fun last day of school.

    We were involved in a wedding for our son and DIL this time last year so I understand how things can be. It's a fun and joyous time but it nice when it's over.
    by fauxbelle at 05/28/08 11:18PM
  • thehandoftheking
    Great pictures! Field days were the funnest.

    You can use the following code to quickly change the displayed size of your images:
    <img src="url" height="#" width="#">
    Here's using the url a picture of a traffic jam, with 100 for height and width.

    So I think you could just add 'height=""' and 'width=""' to your image links.
    by thehandoftheking at 05/29/08 4:10AM
  • dixiechick
    Poor Claire! I know how she feels, though. I always cried and cried on the last day of school.
    Looks like Chad is taking after his dad's hula hooping skills.
    by dixiechick at 05/29/08 7:59AM
  • bikeaholic
    crying on the last day of school is completely foreign to me, but I have a daughter who just bawled about a girl on her bus that is moving up to 6th grade so she won't be on the same bus any more. keep in mind this is someone we've NEVER heard of. nonetheless it was apparently traumatic
    by bikeaholic at 05/29/08 9:53AM
  • bikeaholic
    we also didn't have anything like the 'walk of fame' for those graduating or the busses circling. those things would have been cool
    by bikeaholic at 05/29/08 9:56AM
  • nornie
    Looks like great fun. We are looking forwrd to our last day of school on Wednesday.
    by nornie at 05/29/08 1:20PM
  • abs
    Has she ever been to school when one of her little brothers wasn't in the same school with her? That would be hard for her I'm sure!
    by abs at 05/29/08 3:43PM
  • mktmom4
    FUN TIMES AND was our last day and we had barely walked in the door and the phone was already ringing...friends calling to set up playdates...
    by mktmom4 at 05/29/08 4:33PM
  • icantbreathe
    Well you totally made me cry, but thank you. Love you!
    by icantbreathe at 05/29/08 10:00PM
  • icantbreathe
    by icantbreathe at 05/30/08 9:43AM
  • ukgran
    Sweet little Claire! You can really tell she was crying in that first picture. That sounds like a great last week of school. Hope you all enjoy your summer!!!
    by ukgran at 05/30/08 12:29PM
  • icantbreathe
    Thanks so much for taking me to lunch, it was great! I love you and your kiddos so much!! See you tomorrow!
    by icantbreathe at 05/30/08 2:06PM
  • missysnapp
    That was helpful. Thank you!
    by missysnapp at 05/30/08 5:12PM
  • missysnapp
    Thank you! Tell Shannon Missy said hi and that I'd like to get back in touch with her.
    by missysnapp at 05/30/08 6:27PM
  • SaraJones
    That link did not work!
    by SaraJones at 05/31/08 8:43AM
  • princessjaime
    hey! you don't happen to attend at the Embry Hills congregation in Atlanta, do you?
    by princessjaime at 06/01/08 7:31PM
  • princessjaime
    no, I don't know anyone there, but I visited Atlanta over the weekend and attended at Embry Hills on Sunday morning. I was going to be bummed if I was that close and didn't meet you!
    by princessjaime at 06/02/08 8:18AM
  • thomassive
    last night was a blast! and always feel free to leave inappropriate comments on my blog no matter what the topic :)
    by thomassive at 06/02/08 1:44PM
  • thewanderer
    The Miley thing has been blown out of proportion over something I said nearly a year ago now. I actually didn't see any of the show until a couple of months ago -- I passed by it while flipping through and lasted approximately 15 seconds before I had to move on. But its certainly just fine if Claire likes her!
    by thewanderer at 06/03/08 12:13AM

It's Spring!

We have had a very busy spring so far! The weather is just perfect and we are enjoying lots of outside time. School is winding down and we are all looking forward to swim weather.

As the school year winds down field trips come up! Last Thursday Jason and I (along with Cody!) went with Chad's kindergarten class to the zoo. It was a great day and we had so much fun. I loved the way the school did this trip. Each parent that went was assigned their child and one other child and we were free to do what we wanted when we wanted and then met back at the bus.

On Friday Claire and I spent the night at the zoo with her Brownie troop. What a great time that was! We learned alot and it was so neat to be in the zoo without the crowds.

Chase is finally getting to play some soccer since the rains have slowed down! We had 2 this weekend and it was fun watching them run around.

Cody and I have had some playdates with his friends and he is just busy following me all around! We are still at the school quite a bit but that is slowing down for now. Next year he will be quite the little trooper as I will be at the school much more.

In other big news, Chad has lost his first tooth. He was excited and feels like a big kid now. His 2nd one is about to come out, too. It's a mixed bag for me. I think they are so cute with holes in their mouth, but it means they are growing up and I'm not ready!

Here's some pics from the week. Have a blessed week!

Photobucket Photobucket


Here's a shot of my little tree climbers!

  • thehandoftheking
    The sleepover in the zoo sounds great. That's sweet about the toof.
    by thehandoftheking at 04/23/08 4:23AM
  • floorcoaster
    Howdy! I have a Canon Eos Rebel (or something like that!). It's Canon's lowest model, but it's plenty for my needs. I chose Canon b/c it consistently received the best ratings on (all of their models were rated highest, no matter what division). my last camera was canon too, for the same reason. LOL, just reread your comment on my post! You have the canon too! :D Amanda has a Nikon, so she might have some other thoughts for you. I'll ask her when I see her again in a few days.
    by floorcoaster at 04/28/08 4:21AM
  • beloved
    Hey Andrea! This is Amy DeBoer! How are you all doing? I hope that things are going well! That is so neat that you and Claire got to have a sleepover at the zoo! I always wanted to do that when i was little because it seemed like such a neat experience! well i hope that things are going well for you all! take care!
    by beloved at 04/28/08 7:03PM
  • mamap
    Hi...I just read your comment on my blog. I don't know anything about the Canon 10mp...I really do not have time to do photography forums or anything like that so I just don't keep up with the equipment that's out there. I do well to stay up with my day-to-day duties! I have a Canon 40D and I love it! I, too, was a faithful Canon Rebel 2000 person and was dragged into the digital world kicking and screaming.... I wouldn't go back, now, for anything. The other day I saw my faithful friend (the Rebel 2000) in the cabinet and thought I might as well put it on ebay to sell. I looked them up and they're selling for about $35.00! I couldn't believe they've gone down in value THAT much....Guess they're just obsolete now...
    by mamap at 04/29/08 12:28AM
  • mamap
    BTW, do I know you???? ;)
    by mamap at 04/29/08 12:29AM
  • floorcoaster
    LOL! Good luck! Hope you get the one you want. We are really enjoying ours, as you could tell! That's a teeny, tiny fraction of the pics we've taken! --- How do you make separate paragraphs in one comment? ---- and finally, Todd and Amanda return tomorrow! YAY! :D
    by floorcoaster at 04/29/08 7:40AM
  • beloved
    it's such a small world! it always amazes me how connected everyone is through the church! haha and I'm glad that you can relate to my name for him...he is definitely the hardest person to read of anyone that i have ever met!
    by beloved at 04/29/08 6:15PM
  • abs
    Maybe the night service. Not Sunday morning though, sadly :(
    by abs at 04/30/08 3:46PM
  • lindsloves
    There is the Bug's Life Land that was made just for kids! Definitely check that out! There is also a play area called the RedWood Creek Challenge trail with ropes to climb, slides to go down, and little trails to walk in. There will be a new Toy Story Ride opening soon, but I'm not sure if it will be in June. You'll have to tell me if it's open when you go! I will see you at the wedding!
    by lindsloves at 05/02/08 6:02PM
  • lindsloves
    Oh! And you have to watch the pixar parade when you go also. Its at 5:30 and its very cute!!
    by lindsloves at 05/02/08 6:05PM
  • mray
    Chad was wiggling his tooth we he was at my house!
    by mray at 05/04/08 2:13PM
  • SaraJones
    Hey. I am on at the library. I have tried to call you several times. Hope you are well. Our home phone is working now. Still no computer. The 19th...I feel like I am very out of touch! Love you. Would love to talk with you soon!
    by SaraJones at 05/05/08 11:09AM
  • kerrielee
    Hey Thanks,i trimmed it to make it look like a tree,because they get so big,mine is six feet tall,that they were hiding all my landscaping underneath the bush.
    by kerrielee at 05/05/08 2:38PM
  • mktmom4
    the sandals sound great with me..I will see if our target has them in Katie D's size..she's a 3 or sometimes a 4. Are they flat? NO, we have not been able to find the vest...have also looked in our marshalls a few times. Is is plain white with the black logo? I have seen some on ebay but the logo is navy...I'll check out the sandals today.
    by mktmom4 at 05/06/08 10:05AM
  • mktmom4
    ok, well I think we can get a vest on ebay....I just wasn't sure if I was looking at the right thing or not...they have several on ebay in different sizes...I think they are new with tags too.
    by mktmom4 at 05/06/08 12:53PM
  • mktmom4
    I got the sandals,and they are really cute. Katie D. likes them too.
    by mktmom4 at 05/06/08 11:12PM
  • mktmom4
    Katie normally wears a 3 1/2 or 4...but we got the sandals in a 5...and they are fine...let me know if you don't find them and I can look around out here. Now on to the vest hunt.
    by mktmom4 at 05/07/08 10:59AM
  • mktmom4
    we are just looking for the vest, will probably get it on ebay...and then a little tie
    by mktmom4 at 05/07/08 8:35PM
  • sarahsmile
    Alrighty- we're doing the midnight showing then!
    by sarahsmile at 05/08/08 9:04AM
  • icantbreathe
    ^^ I love that people remember mom's rap songs. MC Kinser in the house!!
    by icantbreathe at 05/08/08 4:51PM

My Thoughts of Late...

When I get where I'm going
on the far side of the sky.
The first thing that I'm gonna do
Is spread my wings and fly.

I'm gonna land beside a lion,
and run my fingers through his mane.
Or I might find out what it's like
To ride a drop of rain

Yeah when I get where I'm going,
there'll be only happy tears.
I will shed the sins and struggles,
I have carried all these years.
And I'll leave my heart wide open,
I will love and have no fear.
Yeah when I get where I'm going,
Don't cry for me down here.

I'm gonna walk with my grandaddy,
and he'll match me step for step,
and I'll tell him how I missed him,
every minute since he left.
Then I'll hug his neck.

So much pain and so much darkness,
in this world we stumble through.
All these questions, I can't answer,
so much work to do.

But when I get where I'm going,
and I see my Maker's face.
I'll stand forever in the light,
of His amazing grace.
Yeah when I get where I'm going,
Yeah when I get where I'm going,
there'll be only happy tears.
I will love and have no fear.
When I get where I'm going.
Yeah when I get where I'm going.
  • ukgran
    Beautiful! Thanks for the birthday wish!
    by ukgran at 04/08/08 11:31PM
  • hotlantamom
    I love that song.
    by hotlantamom at 04/09/08 7:30AM
  • dixiechick
    Me too. Brad Paisly is the man.
    by dixiechick at 04/09/08 7:54AM
  • shanshan
    ^^ "Brad Paisly is the man." So true! :)
    by shanshan at 04/09/08 11:58AM
  • abs
    I love this song! He is one of my favorite singers. And he seems like he would be a nice guy in real life too.
    by abs at 04/10/08 7:54PM
  • sarahsmile
    I'm not a huge country music fan, but I do love this song a lot. Did Jason sing it at a PF talent show once?
    by sarahsmile at 04/11/08 9:15AM
  • abs
    Claire came down to Louisiana on Monday. She flew here alone, and stayed with the Shermans. Last night Mrs. Sherman dropped Claire at my house, and she'll be staying with the Harpers until Sunday when she will be "reunited" with her family :) Busy schedual!
    by abs at 04/12/08 10:22AM
  • abs
    Yes ma'am! Her and little Jack and Henry. Mr. Eric isn't coming as far as I know. I think Mrs. Sherman is staying until Wednesday. With family, I suppose. My guess is she would be at church Sunday, but I don't really know her plans
    by abs at 04/12/08 11:09AM
  • lisy
    Hey! Good to hear from you! Your kids are getting so big! They're adorable!! Hope you guys are doin well too!
    by lisy at 04/12/08 11:06PM
  • thewanderer
    I, too, love that song.
    by thewanderer at 04/13/08 9:58PM
  • mktmom4
    WOW, small world for sure. We go way back with Kelly and her family. Kelly and Wendy were tiny little girls when we met them. I am in touch with their mom from time to time and knew she moved to New York. I've seen pics of the kids over the years.
    by mktmom4 at 04/14/08 1:45PM
  • mktmom4
    Wonder who else we both fun....
    by mktmom4 at 04/14/08 1:46PM
  • birdy
    hey! I called you yesterday, but you didn't answer! Talk to you soon! Love you!
    by birdy at 04/16/08 11:04AM
  • stylinmama
    I just asked, so you should be getting an invite soon. :)
    by stylinmama at 04/17/08 1:39PM
  • dhootman64
    Hey Jason, Andrea said you wanted a golden retriever puppy? Right? Hope you are all well. How's Georgia?
    by dhootman64 at 04/17/08 5:01PM
  • abs
    I would love to, but isn't Saturday night the teen thing? I was planning on attendeding that, but if you can't find anyone else, I'd be happy to do it! I love your kids! and I would love to be able to help you out. There would be plenty more teen things in the future.
    by abs at 04/18/08 3:38PM
  • matermagistra
    WOW. I love the words to this song.

    How are yall doing?
    by matermagistra at 04/21/08 10:07AM