10/17/07 3:57PM

Thank you Stacey for the idea:)

Is this me in animation?

  • smartiepants
    Hi Sharon :) Missed seeing you at the Women's Retreat this year. Last night, I was read an article you wrote on inward beauty. It helped me and I just wanted you to know that :)
    by smartiepants at 06/23/10 12:04PM

Matt, I think there's something wrong with my feet?!

  • butterfly
    that's me:) Have you seen the pictures ben put up of our ball riding?
    by butterfly at 04/12/07 9:04PM
  • joshreaves
    just remember sweety ''How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace" ( Rom 10:15). Oh by the way, we have big plans to be up there in September for a long weekend. We are going for the sole purpose of rebuking all of you!
    by joshreaves at 04/21/07 10:16PM
  • friedaj
    Did somebody hack your blog again? Where's all your posts?
    by friedaj at 04/21/07 11:07PM
  • pooky
    Ummm, I am going to bring you your registration form on Tuesday. No need to thank me for getting it to you so early.
    by pooky at 04/22/07 8:54PM
  • cdawg
    by cdawg at 04/24/07 10:17PM
  • caraboo
    every time i see that picture i know why mark loves you.
    by caraboo at 04/25/07 3:23PM
  • naturesensei
    You should meet my cousin Gary, he's single you know. ;)
    by naturesensei at 04/27/07 2:55PM
  • mreid72
    Your mom said it was your birthday so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    by mreid72 at 05/08/07 8:42AM
  • fmr1222
    Ditto the comment above ^ Happy Birthday!
    by fmr1222 at 05/08/07 11:01AM
  • aleta
    Happy Birthday!
    by aleta at 05/08/07 4:39PM
  • iloveyousomuch
    can i wash your feet? with acid or something?
    by iloveyousomuch at 05/19/07 8:49PM
  • jhh
    Hi mommy
    by jhh at 07/18/07 3:42PM
  • jhh
    I love you
    by jhh at 07/20/07 7:36PM
  • smartiepants
    Hi Sharon, do you remember me from the retreat in the summer? I had such an awesome time, I can't wait til' the next one. I was wondering if you could get me contact info. on the woman 'Dee' that I was speaking to while there. She really helped me and I want to talk to her. I can't find her # right now.
    by smartiepants at 07/27/07 8:28PM
  • marklhatfield
    Why do I see the foot post? Am I not a friend of yours
    by marklhatfield at 07/29/07 9:05AM
  • tiffany
    girl!! i didn't know you were on here!! yay!! how are you?? YOU are one special girl!! i wish we could have spent more time together
    by tiffany at 07/29/07 3:12PM
  • friedaj
    I had such a good time with you guys this weekend. Thank you
    by friedaj at 07/29/07 8:28PM
  • friedaj
    give em hugs and kisses from Grandma
    by friedaj at 07/29/07 8:32PM
  • beckdobbins
    Hi Sharon - This is Mrs. Aaron Dobbins! I hope you are doing well. We are so excited about your up and coming trip and will be praying for it. What a great opportunity. Hope everything is going well for you.
    by beckdobbins at 08/16/07 11:08AM
  • jfsanders
    hey long time no see or talk for that matter! How are you? Thanks for the message. Jenny and Sean are like only 40 mins from us so we see them like...what seems like 3 times a week! haha any way, how goes it? Hope your all well! Boys are sure getting big!!!!
    by jfsanders at 09/26/07 11:43PM