what is important to you in life?

i know i havent been on in a while, but there has been alot going on. i do however, have somethings to say that i hope you will find helpful with your own lives.
i think far more often than not we forget how much we have or we forget why we are here. there are often things that happen in life we have no control over, they may be hard to deal with or overcome but we have to. now while we have no control over those things what we do have control over is how we handle ourselves in the situation. these pety little things that seem so huge to us in our own lives can become bigger and bigger. i think of it as a spark and we are the fuel and we feed the fire until we have turned it into a forest fire. gossip, deciet, lies, can often be spread like wild fire. getting caught up in them can call for tremendous responsibility and can make ones life miserable. sometimes we can see that it is not only our decisions that impact us but those around us decisions also. someone can put someone else in a bad position to make a decision that they should not have to make. a person can allow a problem even though it is supposed to be resolved to control thier life by obsessing over it and not allowing themselves to do as we are instructed to do, to FORGIVE AND FORGET. often we feel we have done this or say we have but can we honestly answered we have moved on? i know i have struggled with these my self with my brother, and some very close friends. i have learned the hard way what it truely means to forgive and forget and it may be hard but it is possible or we would not be instructed to do so. i know what is right for me to do in my life. i know my values and beliefs and i stand by them i will not live a pesemistic life and be miserable. life is too short here on earth to live in dwelling on the past no matter what has happened. i think about job and how he was tried, tested, and tempted by the devil. but he did not lose faith he did not give up. he truely knew what was important in his life and saw to it that first things came first. so i would like to leave everyone with one question. are your priorities set right with what is mose important in your life, and if so is what is most important in your life right?
i love you all very much!!!
  • emh1990
    Hey...long time no talk! Miss you!
    by emh1990 at 09/06/07 10:58PM
  • gernblanston
    Glad to hear you are doing better. Did not understand what happened with you and Tim. He moved to southern IL recently. Love you.
    by gernblanston at 08/31/08 9:20PM

02/11/07 7:04PM

well i am an aunt of one month as of yesterday! he is very adorable! his name is joshua david! im very excited to be an aunt because well ive never been one and in may i will be an aunt again, still very much just as excited about this baby as joshua! of course. well i miss you all very much let me know what is going on with you all
  • jusplayin
    whose babies?
    by jusplayin at 02/11/07 9:57PM
  • curlie
    Pictures? :D How is Sandra doing?

    Marcie and Ben are due soon too, right? Exciting! :)
    by curlie at 02/11/07 11:19PM
  • holly_ann
    What? Huh? Whoa! Congrats!
    by holly_ann at 02/11/07 11:29PM
  • anitaj
    Hi, Heather. This is Ms. Anita. I just found you today here on Pleonast. It was so good to see you a few weeks ago, and congrats on being one of the aunts of Joshua David. I like the picture of Heather 'n Heather you posted. I miss those happy, smiley, carefree girls.
    by anitaj at 04/22/07 5:19PM
  • emh1990
    Hey, Heathie. This is Elyse. Keep in touch.
    by emh1990 at 05/18/07 5:35PM
  • jesjon1512
    by jesjon1512 at 06/11/07 2:22PM
  • lovnprayers
    Hey Heather Welcome! Faye Trotter here
    by lovnprayers at 08/18/07 11:56PM

tis the season

well i told my boss that i am quiting, there is a lot of stuff going on right now and i have so many complications at work it is not really worth my time there, i decided it was time to part and to leave on good terms and surprisingly it went well. so i am really excited about that i have put in some applications in rockford since my life seems to be leading me there lately. so i could use a little break anyways. well i hope all of you have great holidays hope to hear from you all soon
  • holly_ann
    Good luck with the job hunt! See you Christmas Eve!
    by holly_ann at 12/20/06 2:33PM
  • curlie
    Rockford is not a bad place. I love a lot of people there. ;) Have a great holiday. Hopefully we'll see you next Wednesday. We'll be at 10th Street.
    by curlie at 12/20/06 3:59PM
  • holly_ann
    Have you tried to contact Heather at all?
    by holly_ann at 12/21/06 4:05PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:22AM
  • justin
    Hello Heather hope all is well with you . We miss u in Rochelle!! Did you have a nice Christmas?
    by justin at 12/30/06 9:46PM


have a very merry christmas everyone! hope your holidays are full of fun, love and family!
  • thediesel
    wow... crazy! uve got some sick plans!!!!
    by thediesel at 12/10/06 7:33PM
  • holly_ann
    thanks! What is your address?! I've been trying to get it out of people but haven't been successful. Thanks for your card. I have one for you and your family, but can't get it to you!
    by holly_ann at 12/19/06 4:27PM

college life

so its coming down to the crunch time in school world... studying for finals and research and term papers due and all that good stuff i am meeting tomorrow with my counselor to see what classes i should take it should be interesting since i have no idea... well after one semester with a math teacher who is not worthy to carry the name teacher i have decided teaching math may not be what i truely want anymore, i am going to explore a little bit probably look into nursing (pediactrics) or child care or something along those lines but who knows! i am also now worshiping with the church in rockford once again. while rochelle has been nice and are a very good congregation i feel better edified in rockford no hard feelings and my family still chooses to worship in rochelle i alone chose rockford, but they are supportive of what i feel i need. so that helps! well ill try to keep you all updated we'll see ...