New supervisor

So, I just went through a quarterly evaluation by one of the many supervisors at work who have the authority to do so.

I scored a 90%. The benchmark that we must maintain is at least 94%. This is going as a black mark on my record.

As this supervisor was taking me case by case where they docked me points, a glaring similarity struck me... I had never been told about the rule I was supposedly breaking.

Ask a police officer that pulls you over for speeding, not knowing the laws is no excuse. As a citizen is it your responsibility for knowing the rules of the land you live.

But what if the rules change and the authorities never tell the citizens? Strangely enough, all of the points which were deducted from my score were all related to this one particular rule that I was unaware of. I asked her, "when did that new rule go into effect, I'd like to look back on my notes to read up on it?"

This is literally how the conversation went -

her: "We never told you about this rule."

me: "Am I going to be docked points for breaking rules that were not relayed to me?"

her: "Yes. However, we will put a note in your file stating that although the rule was in effect, we did not tell you about the rule, there was no way you could have known about the rule, and that you do not deserve the low score we are giving you."

me: "..."

One week later, I am told that she is now my direct supervisor and I will report to her in everything. She is also the one who will be doing every quarterly evaluation and also my annual evaluation. I died a little inside. My annual evaluation is now 5 months past due and although this last year has been a very productive one for me personally, I have the feeling that the evaluation will landslide against me somehow.

Yes Julie, you know who.
  • splitmesoup
    yikes. this must be beyond frustrating for you! I've heard many of the interesting things Julie's had to say about your company.
    by splitmesoup at 07/22/09 11:07AM
  • hoose
    Oh my word. I hate that place. Although I'm actually not sure who you are referring to... I feel like there are several people who could fit that bill. Ugh.
    by hoose at 07/22/09 11:10AM
  • hoose
    So many things wrong... why on earth should any person have multiple supervisors who could do your review? It's so inefficient. How can they legally do this? I know it's just a review, but a review is a big deal! Did you consider talking to someone higher up (although, good luck with that). Or maybe another of your many supervisors?
    by hoose at 07/22/09 11:13AM
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