Good intentions

I did plan to stay in contact on here but got caught up with the constant changes in my life.

We have moved. Our new address is 725 S. High Street, Unit 20, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133. We now live in a brand new house, one floor, 3 bedroom. Even though it is a condo, we are not attached physically to any other house although we are close. We have a 12x16 foot deck so we do have a small private space. I have had so much trouble deciding what to get rid of and what I might need.

I was afraid the move would make Joe's Alzhiemer's worse but so far it seems to be better for right now. He doesn't want to do much but he said he loves the move. I was so afraid it would take a long time if ever for him to adjust but he is content with his lift chair, new tv and fireplace with gas logs so he doesn't have to cut wood.

David is doing fairly well. In some ways great. The kidney is doing it's job and David is getting his strength back but he is dealing with a vascular issue and the doctors seem to have some different ideas as to the course of action. I guess we will know what the decision is by close of day on Friday. Either way he will spend a few days in the hospital if I understand things well.

I am getting more grandson time with the boys. Sure would love to see the girls but they live in Fl so it will be awhile

Better run, I am still arranging stuff

Write and let me know how you are all doing

  • this_old_man
    I'm glad the move went as well as it did. Have you found a good church? Janet misses playing "Words w/ Friends" with you but she understands. She has had a lot on her plate as well with the death of her father. Tell Joe "Hey" from us.
    by this_old_man at 01/29/15 6:49AM
  • monk
    I was thrilled to see the white dot by your name on my friends list!
    good to hear from you.
    it seems that the older I get, the more I want things to stay the same, but stuff just keeps changing.
    your new place sounds perfect.
    by monk at 01/29/15 9:45AM
  • aleta
    Remembering all the hard work your home required, I am glad you are in the condo and glad to hear of the many improvements, both for Joe and David.

    You would appreciate this. One of the hardest people to leave when Gene and I moved was beautiful Rebecca. She is growing into a beautiful young lady. She obeyed the gospel last year and it was my goal to bring her into my classroom and help her build her files and develop a taste for teaching. Even as a teenager, she would stop by and we would reminisce over the days she was a little one in my class. I miss that girl!
    by aleta at 02/21/15 9:01PM
  • granny
    So glad your move went smoothly. And David's transplant continues to do well. So thankful.
    by granny at 04/13/15 1:29AM
  • chickadee
    Enjoyed the cheery post :)
    by chickadee at 05/11/15 8:05PM

David's transplant

It has been over a year since I posted on here. Since then David went through a year of testing and illnesses. Finally a donor was selected and she only lives 5 houses down from us. She is 54, 85 lbs and 4'10" and one of the nicest people you would ever hope to meet.

David's transplant took place in Baltimore Md at Johns Hopkins Hospital by Dr Robert Montgomery in their incompatible kidney program. He is terrific! David's kidney kicked in while he was still on the table and hasn't let up yet!
You can see God's hand in it all. We were in Baltimore for 10 weeks. We were a bit claustrophobic and really got out of shape. Long term stays in hospitals always take a toll on my body. I am so grateful for all the friends, family, neighbors and strangers that helped us to make it through all the mental, spiritual, emotional and financial challenges that we were able to conquer through God. I thank you all.

We are now home and just put our house up for sale. We had our first 2 showings today and have 2 more scheduled for tomorrow. They do not even have the sign up yet but need to soon. The Lorain County Fair is next week and we get LOTS of fair traffic by our home.....

David got an abdominal infection so they had to open the wound and yesterday they were able to discontinue that. He is healing so fast.

So if you would like to add a couple of prayers on our behalf, David's healing, the sale of our house, safe travels to and from all the hospital visits and the ability to trust God and hand over all the stresses! Thanks again! Love you all
  • kamille
    I have wondered about you so much. Where are you going to move to? Prayers will continue for all of you. I like the "hand over all the stresses" comment.
    by kamille at 08/15/14 6:44PM
  • monk
    I have missed you, too. I check your pleo page from time-to-time.
    I know that you have been busy taking care of family, and that it's been a stressful journey.
    a labor of love.
    hope you can get on here more often.
    how exciting that you're selling your house.
    have you already chosen a new place to live?
    I will continue to pray.
    by monk at 08/16/14 10:02AM
  • squeaky
    I hope you are still on Pleo and keeping up with us. We would like to know how you all are doing. Did you sell the house, if so where did you go. How David and Joe are doing and you. In other words inquiring mind want to know.
    by squeaky at 12/03/14 10:34AM

David news

The time may be getting close. David got a call yesterday from Johns
Hopkins. We have known for a couple of weeks that they have someone that
is in the tissue typing phase of testing but have not been given any
further information. (HIPPA laws you know) Yesterday they said they needed
to send out a lab testing kit for me to give blood. I was his first donor
and none of the others were living donors. So they want to test my blood
to help determine what was introduced into his body that might be a
potential problem for rejection. I am not sure of the dynamics of it all
but it is another step closer.

It is hard not to get excited and maybe even overly optimistic. Please
join us in praying to God to do what is best for David.

Thank you all once again.
  • derbydi
    Hoping and praying with you!
    by derbydi at 07/27/13 10:37AM
  • kamille
    We are hoping & praying here.
    by kamille at 07/27/13 1:10PM
  • kamille
    Between Akron & Cleveland.
    by kamille at 07/27/13 6:16PM
  • squeaky
    Praying and praying hard. I'm excited for you.
    by squeaky at 07/27/13 6:19PM
  • kamille
    Oh, that is sweet. Thank you so much but we'll get a hotel. Maybe we can do lunch or something. We are actually following our daughter up there. She is meeting all her "gang" from Indy. They all graduated & have jobs elsewhere, married & live elsewhere, etc. But they all try to get together when they can. I'm hoping to see one of the girls, who is S.'s best friend. Also hoping to see one of the babies.
    by kamille at 07/28/13 3:32PM
  • granny
    Get excited! Like a child facing the joys and sorrows of life. Your life.
    by granny at 08/07/13 3:07AM


My brother is in China again and in the first week there have been 18 Baptisms. I am so proud of him. This trip he took his son-in-law. Pray for their safety
  • aleta
    That's great!
    by aleta at 07/14/13 10:40PM
  • kamille
    That is really good news. I hope they stay safe.
    by kamille at 07/15/13 12:04PM
  • squeaky
    Wow it's so great to know that people still hunger and thirst after the word. Praying
    by squeaky at 07/16/13 5:13PM
  • granny
    I love that man's love for his fellow man.
    by granny at 07/23/13 2:29PM

Ups and downs

David was in dialysis yesterday as usual. Regular treatment until the end. Usually when they pull the needles out of his arm, he bleeds for 5-10 mins. Yesterday he bled for an hour and 15 minutes. He said his hand was numb and hurting from holding the sites and he bled a lot, being covered in blood. The thought is that his platlet count is really low again. If so he will probably end up with another transfusion and a bone biopsy. He has an appointment with the hemotology doctor on Thursday. Please pray that things go well for him when he goes Monday for dialysis. He cannot afford to keep losing that much blood.

The incredible part, he drove a 4 hour trip to see Sharon and the boys and to attend services in Chillicothe in the morning. I honestly don't know how he does it, other than by the strength of God.

I got to see some friends that now live in California as they were passing through on a LONG vacation with 4 young children. They seemed to be doing quite well so far. My, how those children have grown since I last saw them.

Eddie, Joe's son, finished his first course of Chemo. Good news after the PET scan was that it has not spread from the lungs. He did get terribly sick before it was done.

Joe is going through a phase that is better than it was. The doc has given him meds for the Parkinson's symptoms and so far seem to be helping.

He is still walking with me on the majority of days. Around the park twice is a mile and he usually will make two trips although he takes some "bench" time along the way. I am fine with that as long as he is still trying.

Peanut drives me nuts. You would think by now he would be used to the idea that he has a leash and he cannot go "squirrel hunting". But "NO" the knucklehead tries to break away, bites at his leash, tries to break my arm and howls like I am killing him although he has on the halter (not the collar) He would break his crazy neck with it. I guess I will just keep trying.
  • aleta
    This WAS an up and down post; mostly up. Glad to hear that about Joe and his son. I chuckled at your Peanut. :)
    by aleta at 07/13/13 9:18PM
  • kamille
    A LOT of ups & downs but glad for the ups.
    by kamille at 07/13/13 9:21PM
  • split_rock
    Hope your week goes well and that David's dialysis is uneventful. Will he be back here for dialysis?
    by split_rock at 07/14/13 1:52PM
  • split_rock
    I just knew that sometimes he is able to arrange to have dialysis at different hospitals when he is traveling.
    by split_rock at 07/14/13 2:43PM