Ladies Bible Study

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05/21/08 11:01PM

If there is anyone else that would be interested in studying with us please let them know! I'm hoping to get this going by next week sometime. Will you all have the book by then? Let me know when you get it in so I have an idea.

05/20/08 4:42PM

Okay ladies, if you are interested you'll need to get the book. I don't know how long it will take to have it shipped to you so you'll need to keep me updated. Do you think next week sometime we could start?

Woman's Bible Study Group

I was wondering if the ladies would be interested in a bible study group here on Pleonast. I've started reading a book called "The Christian's Everyday Problems-Strength for daily living" by Leroy Brownlow. Would you all be interested in reading the book with me and I could post discussion questions once a week??? Who's all with me on this? You can find the book Here for $4.99. I just thought this would be a great way for us ladies to discuss how we can better ourselves and share ideas with one another. What do you think????
  • she_a_hen
    I would like to but I might have to jump in a little late. things are a little busy right now :) good idea though and I will get to looking for it.
    by she_a_hen at 05/21/08 10:37PM
  • loveofjebs
    If it's not too much trouble to email me them until I get it, that would be great. I am really looking forward to the class and hopefully we will really be able to delve into the word!
    by loveofjebs at 05/21/08 11:00PM
  • curlie
    Very interesting. I'm not sure I'll be able to get the book that soon, but I'll try! :)
    by curlie at 05/21/08 11:03PM
  • a_starr
    I am going to go over to Truth bookstore on Friday and pick up the book. I can't wait! :)
    by a_starr at 05/21/08 11:39PM
  • mbc
    I don't think so. I have been fighting back problems since the fall. I had a ticket to go to Texas for a softball tournament at the end of next month, and don't think there is anyway i can do that either.
    by mbc at 05/22/08 7:22AM
  • tickets
    i'm interested yes, but money is very tight right now...saving up for my knee surgery copays... i may have to just join it late. what all is it about?
    by tickets at 05/22/08 6:00PM
  • mcbecci
    I don't think I know you, but could I join the study? I'll look for the book today. I'm going to the FC bookstore to get a different book anyway. Looking forward to it.
    by mcbecci at 05/23/08 11:20AM
  • sarahbee
    Hey Brittney, that sounds great! I just ordered a book so hopefully it will come next week. Thank you for wanting to do something like this, you are an encouragement!
    by sarahbee at 05/23/08 1:53PM
  • mcbecci
    Thanks. I got the book and look forward to studying it. That's awesome that you work with the airlines. How do you like it?
    by mcbecci at 05/23/08 2:39PM
  • conniefran
    Hey! I got the book today at CEI.
    by conniefran at 05/24/08 2:03PM
  • kayhack
    you very welcome!
    by kayhack at 05/24/08 7:54PM
  • kmbrewcrew
    no problem!
    by kmbrewcrew at 05/24/08 9:23PM
  • beckdobbins
    Hey Cool.... I have been out of town for awhile. How soon will you start?
    by beckdobbins at 05/25/08 4:20PM
  • ncreaves
    It was so good to see you again. I know you and Lisa enjoyed seeing each other again. I've been thinking about the study and thought I had the book, but didn't. But I wrote a book tha is close to being ready to publish and I need to polish it--I've just re-read it and found some errors. Hopefully it will be in print by the end of the summer. Its titled Choosing a Mate--Letters to Singles (has 44 letters in 13 lessons of real life experiences and advice. Its a different approach. And then we are going to Mexico in July and Brownie and I are teaching I am really busy, but if I can see I can pull off the time, I'll let you know. That's a great idea. I may try to get the book just in case. Thanks for thinking of me.
    by ncreaves at 05/27/08 2:34PM
  • beckdobbins
    the only one I could find by Leroy Brownlow was "Living on the Plus Side..." Could I look on Amazon?
    by beckdobbins at 05/27/08 3:15PM
  • littledieman
    will you have another one of these studies later on this summer? I have 2 weddings I'm in (one this Fri) that we'll be gone for/doing showers and stuff for and don't have the time right now.
    by littledieman at 05/27/08 5:11PM
  • abigail
    Hey! well this just sounds awesome! I will check out truth bookstore for the book. Thxs for the invite!
    by abigail at 05/31/08 10:59AM
  • ginnyann
    Hey, flychic....I was lurking on one of your pleo friends about your bible studies.....we were in the same book....I will not be lukewarm.....did yo'all do a lesson on the chapter about Heaven and Hell??? That is the lesson I have to teach this time for our Ladies. Any helpful info???? Thanks.
    by ginnyann at 06/23/10 7:41AM
  • ginnyann
    Hey, flychic....I was lurking on one of your pleo friends about your bible studies.....we were in the same book....I will not be lukewarm.....did yo'all do a lesson on the chapter about Heaven and Hell??? That is the lesson I have to teach this time for our Ladies. Any helpful info???? Thanks. Sorry, didn't mean to send this twice.
    by ginnyann at 06/23/10 7:42AM

Going Private

I now have a gold membership so all of you spies out there can no longer see what's going on in my life! Muahahaha! :)

If there is someone who would like to get in touch with me post here and I will add you to my friends list.
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    ooooooh sneaky :)
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    can I be on your friends list? please, please?? :)
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    Yay Gold!
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    I best be
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    Up on yo'friends list
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    Christians Go Here!
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    Brandy went home to her mother. Hope you are well. Come see us!
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    I might do the same thing soon. Add me to your list.
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    add me? hope youre doing well. miss your little sammies! :)
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    Now Bitt, you must add me.....
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    Hey there! No, I didn't know you were online. Was it on yahoo im or aol? I am sorry, I didn't know you were online. I am doing much better now. My finger is still pretty messed up, but I am doing therapy twice a week. How are things with you?
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    Okay, so I know I must know you because I aded you to my friends list, the only thing is that I don't remember who you are anymore, and I'm not on your friends list to find out who you are. If you know who I am can you just let me know who you are so I stop wondering.
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    I don't remember you. We are located at 929 Indiana Ave. in Roanoke.
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    Hey Brittney...Hope all is well with you! :-)
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