church of Christ culture vs. the Truth

wifey and i have recently begun discussing/studying several topics regarding "church of Christ culture" and how it relates to the studying what the Bible has to say about several topics.

for example:

women speaking in Bible class: how can they do that when it is so plainly forbidden in 1 corinthians 14.34? (just read the text without putting 'spin' on it to justify it)

how much of what we do is a product of our social norms (and how we rationalize them) rather than what the Bible actually says?
  • dmv
    Amen!!! Keep up with the studying and you will find MANY discrepancies...
    by dmv at 02/13/09 7:57PM
  • deusvitae

    And I agree with you.
    by deusvitae at 02/13/09 10:32PM
  • fishing827
    by fishing827 at 02/14/09 8:50AM
  • luckyinky
    I read deusvitae's treatise about this, and he made a lot of good points. I don't think most Christians are hung up on a feminism, but I think that this interpretation leaves me with many questions. For one, it seems a major handicap to learning if a woman has to wait to ask any question of her husband in their home. Practically speaking, I would have to write down all my questions, take them home, ask my husband, and then wait for him to find the answers. Then what if he's wrong? Am I expected to simply take his word for it? If I would usurp his authority by asking someone else, then it seems that I would have to simply take his answer as the best available. What about asking questions here? I'm not speaking with my voice, but I am asking questions, and not of my husband. How does this impact a woman's ability to teach others? Can a woman only teach other women, and possibly also children? In Acts 18:26, Priscilla AND Aquila taught Apollos, not just Aquila. Was Priscilla stepping on her husband's authority? Is it okay for a woman to speak if her husband "allows" her to, because then she's not usurping authority? Please understand, I'm not trying to be argumentative. I just want to understand the scriptures more fully.
    by luckyinky at 02/15/09 9:40PM
  • callmehands
    I've always thought there were a few obvious exceptions to this - singing and confessing are the most obvious. So, then, the language in 1 Cor. 14 which plainly forbids has other passages which allow.
    by callmehands at 02/16/09 11:09AM
  • fishing827
    i think we overcomplicate things, rather than just read the text for what it plainly says.
    by fishing827 at 02/17/09 7:04PM
  • deusvitae
    We don't know what Priscilla said nor her precise role in teaching Apollos, but we do know that it was done while her husband was present and fully under his authority. It also was not in an assembly, but a private meeting.

    Women teaching women and children is covered under Titus 2.

    In terms of the role of the husband, yes, you might need to wait for him to find the answers, yes, he might be wrong, but so could the Bible class teacher and anyone else you've ever heard speak regarding the Scriptures, and just as with everyone else, the final word is God's, not any man's (Acts 17:11).

    On the other hand, how can men learn how to spiritually direct their families if never challenged/encouraged to do so by wives depending on them for that leadership?
    by deusvitae at 02/17/09 10:21PM
  • fishing827
    the bigger problem is: what does that mean for the next generation of leaders of the church, our families, and our country?
    by fishing827 at 02/20/09 5:34PM
  • fishing827
    well put, ethan
    by fishing827 at 03/06/09 7:37PM

throwin' the baby out with the bathwater

hope this story sheds some light on what happens when "herd immunity" is compromised by parents who don't get the regular vaccinations for their kids (over a fear that is unfounded, despite an astounding amount of research in the area)

Doctors give them because we know that before these vaccines were created, kids used to DIE or be maimed from "common" PREVENTABLE diseases such as:

whooping cough
and the like.

(you heard me right, chickenpox and whooping cough can kill kids)

please, get your kids their shots.
I'm saying this as both a physician and a father.

  • hoose
    Thank you! I have heard several people say that they are doing it the "natural" way and not having their kids immunized. I say this exact same thing, but, since I am not a doctor, it apparently doesn't mean anything coming from me.
    by hoose at 01/23/09 11:56PM
  • fishing827
    ...or kill or maim kids.
    by fishing827 at 01/27/09 7:55PM
  • karalei
    I'm all about vaccines. And yeah, dude, I'm growing a person. Her name is Penelope Layne and she'll debut around April 1st. We still live in Amarillo. I was just visiting my parents in NC. They moved there last March. :) We moved from our house to an apartment in Amarillo. Trevor graduates on my due date and we're thinking times will be a little crazy in case he wants a job elsewhere and we need to sell the house and pack for a move with a new baby.
    by karalei at 01/28/09 8:07AM
  • goonie
    There have been several cases of rotovirus that have gone though schools in the Tampa area. I don't understand, just because some Hollywood parent thinks there is a link to shots and autisim?
    by goonie at 02/09/09 2:36PM

"...honor the king."

whether you voted for him or not, he's our president now.

so honor the king (as the apostle paul said)

and pray that God grants him the wisdom needed to righteously govern.
  • bruke
    by bruke at 01/20/09 9:02PM
  • trolleem
    Thanks for asking...actually, I haven't seen the person upon whom that resolution focused (we had several class hours together lsat year and none this semester). I imagine God will be sure I stick to that resolution and will provide the opportunity to do so. :) I appreciate the follow-up.
    by trolleem at 01/21/09 7:12AM
  • stena
    ugh! okay, but only b/c paul said so.
    by stena at 01/22/09 10:58AM

merry Christmas!

see, i'm not afraid to say it.

nor am i afraid to say that i have absolutely NO problem with Christians celebrating December 25 as a "religious holiday" of sorts

...even though i understand that it was likely not the exact time of year Christ was born, as well as the date's pagan origins.

additionally, i have no problem with brethren who choose not to celebrate Christmas.

what i DO have a problem with is someone who condemns another saint for celebrating said holiday as there is absolutely no authority for that position.

i say this because of Paul's discussion regarding holy days in Romans 14, and am thankful for the freedom God gives us.

  • callmehands
    right on, brother. There is no more direct application of Romans 14 than this very issue. Merry Christmas to you as well!
    by callmehands at 12/12/08 4:09PM
  • dmv
    by dmv at 12/12/08 4:52PM
  • hoose
    I agree!
    by hoose at 12/12/08 5:11PM
  • curlie
    Good thoughts.
    by curlie at 12/12/08 7:39PM
  • lefantstaf
    did you always say "ya'll"? or has kentucky gotten to you?
    by lefantstaf at 12/13/08 8:43AM
  • jdieman
    Marry Christmas to you as well, sir. I completely agree with your thoughts.
    by jdieman at 12/15/08 1:19PM
  • jimmythek
    Merry Christmas Ian. Hope all is well with you and your family
    by jimmythek at 12/15/08 1:21PM
  • goonie
    God give us amazing liberties and it's sad when brotheren try to limit what others can do.
    by goonie at 12/15/08 2:14PM
  • marklhatfield
    Ian, hope all is well with you and yours. Looking forward to a great year in service to the Lord. God bless you brother
    by marklhatfield at 12/30/08 8:30AM
  • littledieman
    miss you, too! I wish you all lived back in Louisville so we could hang!
    by littledieman at 01/18/09 12:56PM

my copy

i've always wanted a copy of the Bible that's written in the format of a novel (no chapter or verses, just prose like a letter)

i read something interesting the other day that brought it back to mind and gave me an idea:

Deuteronomy 17:18

so, i'm doing the same thing...i know it's gonna take awhile.

i'll probably have Eli do one too before he goes away to college to take it with him.
  • jlmanager
    I've been (slowly) working on that project myself, but it's been off and on. Something else that you can do is to cut and paste the internet versions into Word (instead of "paste", do a "paste special" and select unformatted text), then strip out the verse numbers and footnotes. It sounds complicated, but doesn't take long.
    by jlmanager at 11/29/08 10:22AM
  • coulter
    amen brother, if only the kings would have followed that law themselves!
    by coulter at 11/29/08 8:50PM
  • pitufa
    Nate has had the same idea and it really does make a difference when you read the Bible straight forward without the chapter and verse divisions - I hope you are able to accomplish this task!
    by pitufa at 11/30/08 12:16AM
  • fishing827
    i thought of that, but i think actually reading/writing it out is a crucial part of the process.
    by fishing827 at 11/30/08 8:04PM
  • coulter
    you need to check one of my 'friend; blogs, dbsmelser, or Darryl Smelser. He has some interesting medical stuff up.
    by coulter at 12/06/08 7:16PM
  • coulter
    His post sounds like something I would try.
    by coulter at 12/06/08 7:17PM
  • a_starr
    I would love a Bible in prose. I think it would help the unintentional breath we take every time there is a verse division. You selling it when you're done? ;)
    by a_starr at 12/09/08 9:23AM