The Past Few Months...

(thanks to Julianne for the idea)

:: in nouns :: Henderson Boulevard. songbooks. Digital SLR. lighting. Sutton. satsumas. happymail. Devos. Laptop. cell phone bill. Facebook. sand. teddy bear. the smell of coffee. glow-in-the-dark stars. journal. skype. hot chocolate. hair gel. Bibles. phantom. red traffic lights. silly songs with Larry. duckies. taco bell. pillow. the pink monkey. iTunes. popcorn. headphones. stage production. retainer. messy hair. quotes. Bones (the TV show). speed dial. apples. Plague. The Jeans. allergies. socks. Vista. Ladies Bible class. star confetti. palm trees. one mirror. QUARTERS! yearbook. Omega. gummy rats. SI. purple cardstock. ramen. friends.

:: in adjectives :: Life-changing. yellow. happy. sad. complicated. simple. contradictory. beautifully different. exciting. new.

:: in verbs :: crying. napping. texting. LOL-ing. Worshipping. learning. laughing. listening. talking. testing. cramming. singing. napping. twirling. crying.

:: in complete sentences :: It was my first semester of college and I was at F.C.! Dreams DO come true. I can’t believe how crazily blessed I am, and I can’t wait for next semester.


I was going to do ::in pictures::, but I don’t like putting pictures on pleo—not as safe as facebook. Plus I’m not exactly sure how to, lol
  • sjbgurl
    Dreams do come true - I can SO relate! ;)
    by sjbgurl at 12/27/08 1:11PM
  • mcmilwj
    by mcmilwj at 12/29/08 11:11AM
  • dchawkeye08
    agh - the plague!
    by dchawkeye08 at 12/29/08 11:38AM
  • billy87
    sounds like alot but i'm glad your having fun!
    by billy87 at 12/30/08 11:02AM
  • keithsluv
    WOW, I'm so happy for you...sounds ?eventful? ...& Satsuma as in the Body Shop scent? I like that one too.
    by keithsluv at 01/05/09 6:24PM
  • seashelll
    by seashelll at 02/21/09 9:18PM
  • seashelll
    How are you right now?
    by seashelll at 02/21/09 9:19PM
  • dear2deer
    Hi! I hope you had a fun spring break. Do you have summer plans yet? The girls want you to come over for a girls night. You know pizza, soda, movie, make necklaces and bracelets.
    by dear2deer at 03/30/09 12:28AM
  • kattath
    Happy Birthday!
    by kattath at 04/05/09 10:27PM
  • minnie
    Jena is overdue for a post ;) I miss you! I was going back through my blog and I found where you wrote me right before FC. Good memories!
    by minnie at 06/26/09 12:16PM
  • bestill
    Hello, friend!
    by bestill at 03/29/11 5:14PM
  • alexthecellist
    well, you are ;)
    by alexthecellist at 03/29/11 7:59PM

Go wish [Billy|billy87] a happy birthday!

He turns 21 tomorrow. (wow he's old!)

  • prtbone
    I guess that makes me old ;)
    by prtbone at 07/07/08 7:07AM
  • billy87
    by billy87 at 07/07/08 5:08PM
  • ineptspy
    Hi Jena! This is Georgia!
    by ineptspy at 07/29/08 2:30PM
  • minnie
    Hey Jena :)
    by minnie at 08/04/08 10:59PM
  • minnie
    It's so cool that you have a pleo.It's even cooler that you go to Paris Ave with my Aunt!How did you know to connect me with Lori?
    by minnie at 08/04/08 11:03PM
  • beckyboo
    hey jena! are you excited? only one more week
    by beckyboo at 08/05/08 11:08AM
  • minnie
    Aww..neat!Well,I'm excited to meet you and I'll add you on aim so that maybe we can talk a little before FC if there's time :D
    by minnie at 08/05/08 3:01PM
  • billy87
    hey so you should post! lol
    by billy87 at 08/17/08 4:42PM
  • minnie
    I'm right across the hall :)hehe
    by minnie at 08/17/08 11:56PM
  • forgetmenot
    lol, post.....about how you are liking Florida. :)
    by forgetmenot at 08/19/08 3:36PM
  • keithsluv
    Yes, how are you liking FL, and the palm tree outside your window (I heard from your MOM) Let us know if FC is verything you thought it would be and more...
    by keithsluv at 09/05/08 9:45AM
  • birdflu13
    hi jena how are u
    by birdflu13 at 09/09/08 3:52PM
  • stargazermom
    Hi Jena. How is FL? I tagged you. See my blog for details.
    by stargazermom at 09/24/08 8:08AM
  • keithsluv
    Jena, what's UP!?! How do you like your first hurricane season, FC, and your room. so far?
    by keithsluv at 10/08/08 9:43AM
  • billy87
    sooooo...its been awhile since my
    by billy87 at 10/18/08 9:52AM
  • minnie
    I miss you.
    by minnie at 12/15/08 6:17PM
  • luvnwebkinz
    Hi Jenna! It is Elaine from church. How ae you?
    by luvnwebkinz at 02/17/09 2:25PM

Going without internet for a week...and then another week...and then another week (this shall go on and on all summer)

I'll check back here on Saturdays when I'm off (between loads of laundry and prepping for the next week). And I'll try and give you updates on the coolest summer job ever.

The week I'm taking off--guess what? I'll be at camp! I took it off for Chicagoland.

I'll survive.

  • onelittlecandle
    congrats on your graduation, on going to FC, and good luck on your summer full of camp life! :)
    by onelittlecandle at 06/01/08 8:51AM
  • vermonster
    I'm not going to be at camp. :( I'll see you at FC, though!
    by vermonster at 06/01/08 10:49PM
  • seashelll
    ditto. Thanks for the senior picture; I still haven't gotten mine done yet.
    by seashelll at 06/23/08 1:16PM

Answers to the questions everyone's been asking me after graduation

--Ok, first a minor announcement: I got my hair cut today! Donated it to locks of love! Sooo happy it gets to be "short" for summer (it's still pretty long, but much shorter than it was!). So nice!--

Yes, I am going to Florida College. I got accepted offically and that's totally the plan. I didn't even apply anywhere else.

I'll probably go there for two years and then on to Western Kentucky or somewhere.

I plan on majoring in English or something English related.

This summer I'm going to be a Girl Scout camp counselor! WOO!

I'm still totally going to Chicagoland camp!

The novel I'm writing is getting longer and will be finished (probably sometime this summer).

  • sjbgurl
    I'll see you at FC, girl! :)
    by sjbgurl at 05/27/08 5:59PM
  • nillabarr
    Can't wait to see your hair!!

    So excited that you are going to FC!!

    Didn't know you were writing a novel! VERY cool!
    by nillabarr at 05/27/08 11:52PM
  • forgetmenot
    bet your hair's cute! :) See you Saturday :)
    by forgetmenot at 05/28/08 4:45PM
  • eladea
    i'm glad you're still going to chicagoland. so am i.
    by eladea at 05/30/08 8:45PM

I think too much

So I was listening to a sermon a few weeks ago when the preacher said something that made my head get flooded with thoughts. His sermon was on character, and he was talking about us thinking to ourselves “I need to do some work on my character.” My thoughts started flying all over the place! Because I often think that exact same thing and mean something entirely different. And suddenly it occurred to me…

I sometimes fall into the wrong thinking with this.

You see, I’m a writer. I write stories; I’m writing a novel at the moment. And in my novel are these characters, created partly from my imagination and partly taken from real people. And they have these characteristics that I try and portray to my readers (all five of ‘em).

You know, I’ll either just flat out tell them (for example) “Bob is nice” (direct characterization). Or I’ll show them that through “Bob’s” actions, thoughts, dialogue, and through other character’s opinions of him (all of this is indirect characterization, which is what really makes a character). A lot of work goes into character development; it’s often what drives the plot. That’s what makes it fun. :-)

Everything my readers know about my characters, I have informed them. But in real life, character is not what you show everyone else. It’s who you really are. Who you are when no one is watching.

(Of course, your actions should be a reflection of your character…but that’s not always the case.)

Anyways, my characters aren’t there when no one is watching. I’m with them whenever they’re on paper, and, since they’re fictional, they don’t exist off of paper. So everything I write is meant to tell you something about them and to advance the story.

‘Characters’ is really a bad name for them; it should be more like ‘reputations’ or something.

So, to summarize, I frequently have to remind myself that character is not what people ‘read’ in my life-book. Because that can all be well and good while my thoughts are rotten. ‘Cause the Lord knows the inner-workings of my heart. What about my character development? It’s completely different than the character development of my characters.


I let this post sit for awhile before I posted it, and weirdly, the process of writing it has strangely affected my writing. :-) I keep thinking Why is my character doing this? What’s their motivation? What’s going on in their heads? (hee hee—what’s my character’s character?). And I’m laughing while I type this because I just realized that this has made me think the same things about myself. Why am I doing this? What is my motivation? What will this lead to in my life-plot?
  • vermonster
    Really good thoughts, Jena.
    by vermonster at 02/03/08 10:49PM
  • billy87
    When he said that it made me think quiet a bit to...because when it comes down to it, it really is c combination of who we are when noone is around and when people are around. Once those two people become the same, a well-balenced character I think has been created.
    by billy87 at 02/04/08 9:55AM
  • billy87
    a combination''
    by billy87 at 02/04/08 9:55AM
  • forgetmenot
    Very good thoughts...everyone can always use a reminder and continue "working on ourselves" to mold us into what God wants. :) Thanks for sharing!
    by forgetmenot at 02/04/08 11:01AM
  • ijman
    i enjoyed reading that.
    by ijman at 02/29/08 7:32PM
  • kattath
    Happy Birthday!!!
    by kattath at 04/05/08 1:24PM
  • vermonster
    Happy Birthday, Jena!
    by vermonster at 04/05/08 1:28PM
  • billy87
    Happy Birthday!
    by billy87 at 04/10/08 2:22PM
  • forgetmenot
    Happy Birthday Jena! :)
    by forgetmenot at 04/10/08 6:13PM
  • onelittlecandle
    happy belated birthday, Jena! :)
    by onelittlecandle at 04/10/08 7:01PM
  • bestill
    come see my post
    by bestill at 05/26/08 9:25PM