Another wonderful weekend!

We were able to take off and spend some time with Jeff's parents in Dickson! We had a little issue with our van on the way up Friday that involved being stuck (the van wouldn't go forward) on a hill with nowhere to get off the side of the road. With a little help from a passing motorist, we were able to back down the hill and get off the road--(long story). Jeff was a ways behind us in his truck so... when he got there, ( Jeff's parents and a police officer had already arrived) he got in the van to try it and of course, he put it in drive and it went forward just fine. He drove it all the way to Dickson!!

We enjoyed a leisurely Saturday visiting (with Jeff trying to figure out what was wrong with the van) and eating Grandma's good cooking! Bradley went to a Bible study with cousins that night and enjoyed being with them and other young people that he knows from kamp. Then Clay and I worshipped on Sunday morning with the congregation where Jeff was preaching when Clay and Josh were born! We got to see lots of old friends and I was very encouraged by being there! Jeff was back in Owensboro for services and Bradley went with his cousins. We had hoped to stop in Bowling Green and go with Jason on Sunday night but Jeff called and said that Jason was home sick with a stomach bug (sorry, Jason) I had that yucky bug last week and I guess he got it from me!

Anyway, we had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful scenery while we traveled. Have I mentioned that I LOVE FALL!! Our yard has a carpet of yellow leaves and I know that we will have to get them up, but right now I love it just how it is! Hope you all are enjoying the season and we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!

(By the way, the van is running fine--they think it was some kind of loose connection that messed up something to do with the computer that has something to do with the transmission shifting........we are thankful that it seems to be nothing major!)
  • emilylankford
    You guys always seem to have an adventure or two:) Glad you got to be in TN for a little bit. We'll call soon to chat. Love ya!
    by emilylankford at 11/14/07 4:10PM
  • ootda
    Sounds like a good time w/ family...except for the van thing!! Glad you are all safe and sound! Hope to see you Friday. I too, love fall! The little trees in our apartment complex are just beautiful!!
    by ootda at 11/15/07 8:01AM
  • ootda
    Okay, we'll get together after Thanksgiving!
    by ootda at 11/17/07 6:07PM
  • jendukes
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    by jendukes at 11/22/07 10:13AM
  • lucystheboss
    Happy Holidays! This is Lindsey Finley. Hope you guys are doing great :o)
    by lucystheboss at 12/03/07 6:29PM
  • ktcasebolt
    You may have seen this, but if not, I thought you might enjoy it! There is a little DS boy at church, and his mom sent this to me.
    by ktcasebolt at 12/07/07 1:26PM
  • ktcasebolt
    You're welcome! I got teary, too.
    Happy holidays to you too! :)
    by ktcasebolt at 12/10/07 7:58AM
  • flannel_danl
    hey, didn't know you were on here. that's exciting!
    by flannel_danl at 12/12/07 12:51AM
  • jendukes
    Thanks for thinking of them. John has worked on Shawn Bain's car at the shop and he asked him to put us on the list too. I'm not sure if they'll get to come this year, but it's something they are really interested in. Hope you all are doing well.
    by jendukes at 01/29/08 7:37PM
  • jendukes
    We loved getting a Christmas card from Clay. I keep meaning to send him a note. Tell him we said hi!
    by jendukes at 01/30/08 7:21AM
  • jendukes
    We got the camp info and are sending it in today. The kids are so excited. Even Jay, which surprised me.
    by jendukes at 02/02/08 9:56AM
  • ktjb17
    hey! i had lunch with Michelle Hull the other day, and you're name came up when we were talking about camp and FC and all that jazz. congrats to Clay on winning the basketball game! that's so neat!
    by ktjb17 at 02/14/08 12:24AM
  • ktcasebolt
    thank you! :)
    by ktcasebolt at 03/06/08 8:52AM
  • ktjb17
    happy birthday to you and Clay...i don't know the actual dates, but i heard they were VERY soon. :)
    by ktjb17 at 05/04/08 10:38PM
  • ootda
    Safe travels!
    by ootda at 06/06/08 9:16AM
  • tickets
    have fun at kamp kennessee...i grew up going there!
    by tickets at 07/01/08 11:33PM
  • metzgermom
    Congratulations on your new grandaughter. She's beautiful!!!
    by metzgermom at 09/09/08 6:00PM
  • jendukes
    so happy for josh and emily!
    by jendukes at 10/05/08 10:47PM
  • ootda
    Happy Thanksgiving...2008 that is!!!!
    by ootda at 11/26/08 11:16PM
  • saricbradley
    Thanks! Eric is super excited about this promotion. I'm so proud of him!
    by saricbradley at 01/26/09 5:12PM

Fall Blessings!

This is my favorite time of year--the days are crisp, the leaves are colorful, and I find myself even more mindful of the many blessings in my life! We just finished a weekend gospel meeting on the family and it was wonderful! I hope everyone gained as much as I did and was encouraged to go about their daily walk with more energy and determination to be the kind of wife (or husband, parent, child, friend) that God intends for us to be! Hope your day is blessed!
  • fiddle_girl994
    Thanks for the info! FOr some reason I thought it was in february! lol!
    by fiddle_girl994 at 11/05/07 9:50AM
  • fiddle_girl994
    Fakk is my favorite too!
    by fiddle_girl994 at 11/05/07 9:50AM
  • jendukes
    Glad you all had a good meeting. We're going to have one starting Sunday. I saw something about a banquet on your last blog. What ages do you all do that for?
    by jendukes at 11/05/07 7:26PM
  • ootda
    I agree...the mtg recharged my battery too! The pitch-in was great as well. Thanks for having us all!!!!
    by ootda at 11/06/07 7:39AM
  • jendukes
    That sounds like a good idea. I wish we knew some more kids Jay's and Katie's age down here so we could do something like that in a couple of years. That's just one of the things I miss about Owensboro. I was thinking about ladies class after reading Janie's blog one day. Vacation Bible School was great too. :)
    by jendukes at 11/06/07 8:48PM
  • jendukes
    He had a herniated disc when we lived in Muhlenberg County about 10 years ago. This one is new. It started giving him trouble back around the end of August.
    by jendukes at 11/06/07 9:31PM
  • emilylankford
    It is finally starting to feel like fall around here. I raked leaves today - just a small portion of leaves have falled in the front yard, but I have fun raking so I don't mind doing it several times:)
    by emilylankford at 11/07/07 3:12PM
  • ktcasebolt
    Hello! This is Tiffany Casebolt. I didn't know you joined pleo! Welcome! :)
    by ktcasebolt at 11/13/07 11:04AM

10/16/07 9:14PM

Wow, thanks to all of you for writing! We had a good trip to Texas and enjoyed our visit with Josh and Emily! They are doing great and they have their house fixed up so nice! We wish they weren't so far away!! Guess we are home for a while now--we have enjoyed our travels!
  • jendukes
    Glad you had a nice trip, and it's good to here that Josh and Emily are doing well. We'd like to come visit in Owensboro again sometime. Now that the kids are getting older, I'd like them to meet some teenagers from the area congregations. Now they're old enough to make friends and stay in touch. I've thought about them going to camp, but I need to get some information about it.
    by jendukes at 10/16/07 9:32PM
  • bluegrass_boy
    glad you had a good trip :)
    by bluegrass_boy at 10/16/07 9:43PM
  • ootda
    Glad you found me!! Good picture of you and Jeff!
    by ootda at 10/16/07 10:07PM
  • holly_ann
    :) Please give Clay a huge hug for us!
    by holly_ann at 10/17/07 12:57PM
  • metzgermom
    She is even happier than I ever thought she would be. They've just lived through all of the drama involved with 'asking day'! We just picked her up from the airport last night for fall break. She said that she, Hannahand her suitemates were so excited about coming home that they had a 'jumping up and down party' Tuesday night! That's such a nice picture of you and Jeff.
    by metzgermom at 10/18/07 6:56AM
  • coultersmom
    hey, Faye! Welcome to pleo.
    by coultersmom at 10/18/07 1:10PM
  • jaydog
    yeah I know. my mom is technologically challenged too
    by jaydog at 10/18/07 6:49PM
  • fiddle_girl994
    Hey Mrs. Lankford! This is Maria Burnett! I didn't know you had a pleo! I was wondering if you could send me some information about the Owensboro Banquet sometime. Someone told me you might know about it thank you!! ♥
    by fiddle_girl994 at 10/25/07 11:19AM
  • ktjb17
    thank you so much again for a wonderful time on saturday night.
    by ktjb17 at 10/28/07 11:39PM
  • coultersmom
    Saturday night was fun!! thanks for all you did.
    by coultersmom at 10/29/07 9:45PM

10/07/07 3:51PM

Jason helped me get this set up--thought I might try keeping in touch with some of you that I don't get to see much! We are all fine and looking forward to some cooler, fall weather! Jeff and I got to take a trip out west a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful time! This picture was made at Bryce Canyon--we saw a lot of God's spectacular handiwork!! This next week, we get to go to Texas for 3 days to see Josh and Emily. Bradley is on his fall break so he and Clay will be able to go--Jason will have classes so he won't get to make the trip with us. Happy Fall, ya'll!!
  • plainjondoe
    happy fall ya'll?.....good one're a poet and didn't know it..ooohhhhh...there i go
    by plainjondoe at 10/07/07 4:30PM
  • jendukes
    Hey! Good to see you on here. That's a great picture. We still miss Southside and still talk about fun times there. Have a good trip.
    by jendukes at 10/07/07 7:10PM
  • jaydog
    Hi! It's Jay Dukes. I wrote to Bradley. Bye.
    by jaydog at 10/07/07 8:46PM
  • ktjb17
    HHHHIII!! welcome to pleo! i love that picture of ya'll, it's so cute.
    by ktjb17 at 10/07/07 9:14PM
  • bluegrass_boy
    hi, this is caleb smithson, welcome to pleo :)
    by bluegrass_boy at 10/09/07 7:52AM
  • emilylankford
    Hello! We are anxious to see you all tomorrow.
    by emilylankford at 10/09/07 8:34AM
  • s_laughter
    Hello! I'm a recent addition to the pleo world myself. Welcome!
    by s_laughter at 10/09/07 9:06AM
  • entheos
    welcome to blogging
    by entheos at 10/09/07 9:12AM
  • jan2004
    hey fay this is marcy , welcome to pleonast
    by jan2004 at 10/09/07 9:38AM
  • saricbradley
    glad to see you on here! add me as a friend please!!!! :)
    by saricbradley at 10/09/07 12:01PM
  • acurtis
    Hey, Adam and Rosie Shumake here...welcome to pleo!
    by acurtis at 10/09/07 3:16PM
  • hogfan216
    Hi Mrs. Lankford, it's the other Clay that you know! Welcome to Pleonast. I just joined a couple of months ago and we love it! Tell the rest of the family I said hello!
    by hogfan216 at 10/09/07 5:26PM
  • holly_ann
    Hi there! It's Linda's daughter Holly. I'm so glad to see you are on pleonast! I miss you guys!
    by holly_ann at 10/11/07 10:37PM
  • tickets
    welcome! i believe i met you once a LONG time ago, i went to kamp kennessee. my name is laura simpson.
    by tickets at 10/12/07 3:37PM
  • metzgermom
    Welcome. This is Janet Metzger.
    by metzgermom at 10/13/07 6:17PM
  • linda_g
    Hi Faye! This is cousin Linda. :)
    by linda_g at 10/14/07 8:51AM
  • lovnprayers
    Hi Faye, my name is Faye too. I'm Charlie's mom and Andrea's mom in law. I have known Emily and her family for many years. Welcome
    by lovnprayers at 10/14/07 10:08PM