Thanks Everyone.

Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. It was a good day, hectic at work but we (me, my brother and my wife and her family) went to Longhorn for supper. That isn't the best part though. As most of you know already, my wife got me 3, yes THREE, black lab puppies. We named them Harley, Lily, and Bo (2 boys and a girl). They are soo cute and fun. They're also a handful but it's all worth it. We got an "invisible fence" for them. My wife and I are going to install it this weekend. We have enough wire to let them run in 2 to 3 acres.

Oh by the way, I have pictures of them i'd like to post but I don't remember how. Can someone help me?
  • split_rock
    Here you go -- family portrait:

    Four out of five's not bad
    by split_rock at 11/23/08 7:42AM
  • split_rock
    Nate & Christie
    by split_rock at 11/23/08 7:44AM
  • split_rock
    Triple retrievers
    by split_rock at 11/23/08 7:45AM
  • split_rock
    It's a three-dog job
    by split_rock at 11/23/08 7:45AM
  • split_rock
    Farmer Nate
    by split_rock at 11/23/08 7:46AM
  • split_rock
    And, last but not least:

    Proud papa?
    by split_rock at 11/23/08 7:46AM
  • split_rock
    Proud papa???
    by split_rock at 11/23/08 7:47AM
  • squeaky
    That t shirt is a hoot. Love it.
    by squeaky at 11/23/08 6:41PM
  • bballliz
    love the shirtt!
    by bballliz at 11/24/08 11:39AM
  • split_rock
    Travel safely! Can't wait to see you guys! (Not that I think there's a chance in the world you'll read this till you get back home!!!)
    by split_rock at 11/26/08 8:15AM
  • split_rock
    Joseph & Uncle Nate – I really have to find Nate’s baby picture to compare!
    Joseph & Uncle Nate 11/29/08
    by split_rock at 11/30/08 7:37AM
  • split_rock
    Raylon was baptized tonight!
    by split_rock at 12/07/08 8:50PM
  • split_rock
    Four weeks till Gatlinburg!
    by split_rock at 02/14/09 10:21AM
  • split_rock
    by split_rock at 03/24/09 12:54AM
  • alp1926
    So sorry about Christie's grandma. Prayers are with you all.
    by alp1926 at 08/10/09 9:06AM
  • split_rock
    It has come full circle -- do you suppose it's time for a new post? This one started with thanks to those who wished you a happy birthday -- a year ago! Now it's time for another birthday -- hope your day tomorrow is a happy one. Love you.
    by split_rock at 08/13/09 9:30PM
  • alp1926
    Happy Birthday, Nate.
    by alp1926 at 08/13/09 10:10PM
  • mrs_worm
    by mrs_worm at 08/13/09 10:23PM
  • split_rock
    Happy birthday, Nathan . . . . not sure why I'm bothering to post on pleo -- it's a "mom" thing, I guess. Hope you have a great start to this new-to-you-year!
    by split_rock at 08/13/10 11:29PM
  • split_rock
    Happy New Year, Nathan. (Though why I'm posting on here is beyond me!)
    by split_rock at 01/01/11 5:38AM

I'm Back...

It's been a while since I've posted....A long while. my wife and I have been very busy lately. For those of you who know us you know that's not that unusual but we are actually MORE busy than usual. As most of you know, we just bought a house, our first house. We had for a while spent every spare moment working on it. It was in good shape when we bought it, we could have just moved in. But we decided to tear all the trim out (my idea, that's my specialty) and repaint everything. The paint was kind of important. The previous owners had painted the living room dark blue, the dining room pink, the utility room yellow and every other room white. Sounds crazy? Keep reading. One of the bedrooms upstairs (which we have done nothing with) was painted gray and while the paint was wet....are you ready for this?....they threw glitter on the walls. That room will require some special attention :) The main floor is all trimmed and painted, except for the dining room. I'm still working on it. I am also in the process of laying tile in the 1/2 bath. Never a dull moment around here.

Oh thought that was all we had going on? Ha! The company that i work for has 7 houses in the construction phase. One we just finished, 2 that are ready for trim and tile (we do that ourselves) and the rest will follow right behind.

Still not all....My wife and I have been busy in our "off work hours" doing side jobs. We have 7 yards that we mow regularly. We installed 5 cubic yards of lava rock at one of them and have another waiting on mulch. We also do handyman type work. Yesterday, we rplaced 2 exterior doors and installed 3 storm doors for a customer.

You thought I was finished? It's hay season. The past few days, me, my wife, her dad, and her cousin put up 300 to 400 square bales.

And last but not least, we still take care of our 35 calves.

There, I think that's all. We finally got the internet. We had to get DSL. We're used to cable but it doesn't run out this far. Actually, it runs to the house across the road. Our neighbor said the cable wanted him to pay $8,000 to run cable across the road and it would probably cost more to get it to our house because we live on 18 acres and about 15 of them are between us and the road. Oh well, I'm happy with DSl for now.

I'm done rambling, hope everyone is doing well!
  • split_rock
    We've got a project list a mile long up here for you guys -- but I don't know if you'd have time for the commute! ;)
    by split_rock at 06/09/08 2:07AM
  • rachelw
    The glitter sounds psychadelic (sp?) like one of the rooms in our house when we bought it. Our dining room had mirrors- big and little mirrors glued to the walls in triangular dimensions like a cheesy 70's dance club. It was awful! All we needed was Austin Powers and the dicso ball mentioned above^^^:-)
    by rachelw at 06/09/08 9:03AM
  • mrs_poochie
    thanks for doing the landscaping, it looks awesome. i still need to come see everything you all have done at your house.
    by mrs_poochie at 06/09/08 10:25AM
  • squeaky
    I know when your through at the end of the night you must feel great satisfaction in what you do. Working the land and working with your hands is so rewarding. Take a breather every now and then O.K.?
    by squeaky at 06/09/08 12:08PM
  • wbd
    sounds like fun.
    by wbd at 06/10/08 7:39PM
  • fantastica
    As long as you love what you are doing; keep up the good work!
    by fantastica at 06/10/08 8:33PM
  • rachelw
    Hey farm_man, about time you added me to your friends list!!:-)
    by rachelw at 06/12/08 11:54PM
  • shinri
    ummm busy...
    by shinri at 06/19/08 9:09AM
  • mimi71
    We would love to see you two! August 18 is the week of the fair, runs Mon the 18th through that next Sunday. Combine derby is on Saturday again and modified pulls are on Friday night. County pull is Saturday morning. If you want tickets, we'll get them for you!
    by mimi71 at 06/29/08 8:34PM
  • split_rock
    Two out of three not bad. When do you get your horse???
    by split_rock at 07/06/08 6:50AM
  • split_rock
    by split_rock at 08/14/08 12:46AM
  • linda_g
    by linda_g at 08/14/08 6:55AM
  • linda_g
    Oh, I see why you felt compelled to get THREE puppies - you had nothing else to do (NOT)! :)

    On a serious note, It sounds like you're both very happy, doing what you love, and what you're talented in doing.
    by linda_g at 08/14/08 6:59AM
  • rachelw
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    by rachelw at 08/14/08 7:55AM
  • marie
    Happy birthday!
    by marie at 08/14/08 8:49AM
  • split_rock
    Ms. Vivolo came in to the Building Department today. We talked about you and the puppies -- were your ears burning?? She's getting ready to move her classroom from Taft to Emerson, which will now be a newly renovated elementary school.
    by split_rock at 08/14/08 9:39AM
  • monk
    happy happy birthday nate!!
    hope it's a good one.
    by monk at 08/14/08 2:12PM
  • alp1926
    by alp1926 at 08/14/08 2:49PM
  • anitaj
    Happy birthday, farmer man!
    by anitaj at 08/14/08 8:35PM
  • emilygraham
    happy birthday
    by emilygraham at 08/14/08 10:07PM

Big news

Well, for those who don't know, Christie and I just bought a house. We found it about a month ago and fell in love with it. We closed on it just hours ago. We are very excited. Good-bye moblile home, hello stationary home :)
  • split_rock
    Can't wait to see it -- and you and Christie!
    by split_rock at 03/31/08 9:05PM
  • alp1926
    by alp1926 at 03/31/08 9:27PM
  • mrs_worm
    We're so excited for you! We're also really happy that we could provide you a bed for the guest room!! Yay for Caden's new bunk bed!!! Oh.. and thank you for helping with the change out of beds!!!
    by mrs_worm at 03/31/08 9:44PM
  • mrs_poochie
    by mrs_poochie at 03/31/08 10:16PM
  • aleta
    That is really nice! You'll get lost from each other!
    by aleta at 03/31/08 10:21PM
  • 21_lanes
    Nate. This is Raymond. I'm on here now. Congratulations on the house!
    by 21_lanes at 03/31/08 11:40PM
  • mimi71
    It's so beautiful - congratulations!!
    by mimi71 at 04/01/08 6:21AM
  • marie
    Congratulations! Happy #1 anniversary as well.
    by marie at 04/01/08 8:34AM
  • squeaky
    Congadulations. The first one is always special. Enjoy.
    by squeaky at 04/01/08 8:37AM
  • friedaj
    Wow. That is beautiful.
    by friedaj at 04/01/08 8:37AM
  • anne
    WOW! Congratulations!
    by anne at 04/01/08 10:30AM
  • hannahk
    wow that's really pretty :) congrats!
    by hannahk at 04/01/08 2:49PM
  • sarahinthesun
    Congrats! It looks beautiful! and big!
    by sarahinthesun at 04/02/08 1:01PM
  • emilygraham
    glad you enjoyed it.
    by emilygraham at 04/28/08 7:14PM
  • split_rock
    MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!
    by split_rock at 05/01/08 10:51AM
  • split_rock
    by split_rock at 05/01/08 10:52AM
  • mrs_poochie
    How was the first night in the new house?
    by mrs_poochie at 05/02/08 10:28AM
  • dr_worm
    Don't know when you'll see this, but here's a video clip I took this weekend.

    Going Down to Cowtown from drworm on Vimeo.
    by dr_worm at 05/19/08 12:38AM
  • rachelw
    Nathan! Congrats on the house! Your mom has kept me filled in on you guys! Glad you're doing so well.
    by rachelw at 05/22/08 11:01PM
  • split_rock
    I hear you're back on-line! 'Bout time! Now we're waiting for some serious updates! (Or not so serious updates -- whatever!)
    by split_rock at 05/30/08 1:57PM

Nothing new

It's been a while since I've posted. Things have been busy. For those of you who know me you know that's not really unusual. My wife , my father-in-law and I have been rebuilding a wrecked Chevy truck. It's been a learning experience. We're almost done with it and i will be so happy when it is finished. We are planning on getting more calves in March sometime. We have gotten them from Elkin’s Dairy Farm the past 2 years. We will be getting them from another dairy farmer in the area and I think it will work out better. It was actually luck that we got hooked up with this other farmer. He was driving to the stockyard with a bunch of Holstein cows (I think they were cows, maybe heifers) and his transmission went out right in front of my father-in-laws shop where my wife works, too. They started talking about calves and it seems like this guy is producing healthier calves, or at least better taken care of. I’ll call him in March and we’ll see how it goes.

As busy as I’ve been, and with the cold weather, I haven’t been able to practice my new hobby, shooting. I bought a .45 caliber pistol a few months ago for personal and home protection and got to shoot it a lot. Just recently I bought a Taurus Judge. It is a 5 shot revolver that is chambered for either .45 caliber Long Colt rounds or 410 guage shotgun shells. It is an excellent gun for personal protection because with the “buckshot” shotgun shells you can hit your target without being a “perfect shot. I don’t know how to post links on here but I’ll try anyway. Here’s the link to a video about the gun.

I plan on getting my concealed carry permit soon. As soon as I find the time. It is unfortunate the world that we live in. Hope everyone has a good week.
  • farm_man
    by farm_man at 02/10/08 5:06PM
  • split_rock
    I don't know where you get your energy! Not from me, that's for sure -- oh, wait! Maybe you got all MY energy and that's why I don't have any! You'd "love" the cold up here this weekend. Right now it's 5 degrees with a wind chill of -13! The low tonight is supposed to be 4 -- I'm guessing it'll get colder than that since we're already at 5, and it's not even 10 p.m. yet. They say wind chills tonight could get to -15. Anyone think they'll go lower? Some schools have already canceled for tomorrow. The list will be long in the morning, I'm sure.
    by split_rock at 02/10/08 8:45PM
  • farm_man
    Here's my 2nd try at linking that video
    by farm_man at 02/11/08 6:22PM
  • farm_man
    oh well. that didn't work. just copy and paste it if you want to see it
    by farm_man at 02/11/08 6:23PM
  • split_rock
    Here is your link. (I hope!)
    by split_rock at 02/11/08 8:42PM
  • split_rock
    I'll e-mail you the code to use.
    by split_rock at 02/11/08 8:43PM
  • parkranger
    I want one.
    by parkranger at 02/15/08 10:17PM
  • brightsmiler
    i can't believe you caved too.
    by brightsmiler at 02/18/08 9:36PM
  • split_rock
    Are the calves thawed out after this morning's icing? Or have they drowned in the pond?
    by split_rock at 02/21/08 2:26PM
  • alp1926
    Hey! Thanks for making me a friend. How are you guys doing?
    by alp1926 at 03/16/08 8:01PM
  • alp1926
    by alp1926 at 03/24/08 10:03AM
  • alp1926
    You're welcome!
    by alp1926 at 03/24/08 6:14PM
  • split_rock
    A friend of mine is writing a series of posts on training children. Part I was 3/18; Part II was 3/19; Part III was 3/28. I'm guessing there will be more. But they're very good -- I recommend them. Her son Jacob was in Andy's suite at FC.
    by split_rock at 03/29/08 3:04PM

Big day for the Wimpee family

Well a new life has been brought into this world. Mother, Father and baby are doing just fine. my wife has pictures for you to see. We just got back from the hospital. I should be tired by now but the hospital has good free coffee :) It is cold here. We have to fill the calves water troughs up 2 or 3 times a day because the usual water line freezes when it gets cold. Here's a picture for ya.
, ,
Hershey loves the water too
  • dr_worm
    I see you've not only figured out how to post pictures, but also how to make links to other users.
    by dr_worm at 01/24/08 11:06PM
  • hoose
    You're not going to eat those cows are you? They're too cute!
    by hoose at 01/24/08 11:12PM
  • split_rock
    As long as he's not going to eat Hershey . . .
    by split_rock at 01/25/08 2:06AM
  • alp1926
    Congrats on the new niece. She's a sweetie. While Caitlyn is far cuter, those are some nice looking calves, too. :)
    by alp1926 at 01/25/08 2:33PM
  • farmgirl
    Well, I will probably never eat them, but someone will. They will be sold when they get to about 600 lbs. Then they go to feed lot where they are brought up to about 1200 lbs then slaughtered for beef. Last year we sold 25 and they went to Colorado. Don't think i ate any of them.
    by farmgirl at 01/27/08 5:18PM
  • farm_man
    oops, that last comment was actually from me, I didn't realize my wife was still logged in
    by farm_man at 01/28/08 1:25PM
  • hoose
    I'd like to have a farm. But does it make me a sissy that I'd rather have animals that don't get killed for meat? I like the idea of having an Alpaca or sheep farm. Chickens are gross or I'd be okay with having them for the eggs. So... Alpacas, horses, maybe some cows and/or goats for milk.
    by hoose at 01/28/08 7:54PM
  • hoose
    But then again, I've only be really close to a cow once and it was a LOT bigger than I thought it'd be. Kind scary. So I guess I am a sissy. :-)
    by hoose at 01/28/08 7:55PM