Bathroom remodel

I'm so glad to have finally spent some time on our guest bathroom! Here's some pics:

First, the plan (in sketch up)

Before (with carpet)!

Why do they even put these lights in new houses? Ok, I know why, but it is not much more expensive to get a pretty one.

Jacob considering how to lay it out and cutting the tile

Help from a friend

All done! The blue turned out a little too bright for what I wanted, but it is ok for now :)
  • anne
    Happy Birthday, dear girl, and niece friend! We love you.
    by anne at 12/31/09 1:55PM
  • frances
    Happy Birthday, Ellen!!
    by frances at 12/31/09 5:51PM
  • drtundrhrnls
    Happy Birthday to you!!
    by drtundrhrnls at 12/31/09 7:03PM
  • crysi
    Happy Birthday! =)
    by crysi at 12/31/09 8:37PM
  • skidget
    by skidget at 01/05/10 9:33PM
  • littlebitcab
    Thanks! I feel like we haven't seen each other in forever!
    by littlebitcab at 01/12/10 2:56PM
  • kendralulu
    Thank you!!!! :)
    by kendralulu at 01/18/10 5:00PM
  • skidget
    Wish we could have seen y'all too!! We need to plan another visit to Austin!! :-) Maybe take Ben by the cooking school ;-)
    by skidget at 01/19/10 9:55AM
  • jayhawks
    hi my name is cade allen i deer hunt with them all the time i am carol and steves grandson
    by jayhawks at 01/20/10 5:44PM
  • nick_katie
    So glad y'all got it! Sorry it was so late! Jacob sounded WAY excited about his presents. :-) I will say your set of coasters was the best out of all the ones (5 sets!) we made for Nick's family! Enjoy!
    by nick_katie at 01/21/10 10:25PM
  • aleta
    I'm going to send you an email.
    by aleta at 01/27/10 9:10AM
  • jayhawks
    happy birthday
    by jayhawks at 01/29/10 2:11PM
  • gerber_baby
    Where have you and Jacob been hiding? I tried calling the other day on Jacob's cell but no answer. I sure would like to hear from you two!! Hope you are doing fine and dandy like cotton candy haha it wasnt that funny but seriously, call me sometime!
    by gerber_baby at 01/31/10 11:19PM
  • roseofsharon
    It's only been two years since we visited. But he's growing tall.
    by roseofsharon at 02/10/10 12:35PM
  • millie
    by millie at 02/11/10 5:45PM
  • nick_katie
    I did have a dream the other night that we were moving back to TX... Yes, thank you so much for the gift. It was perfect for the lock-in we chaperoned last weekend! I know I'll be running in it, when the weather warms up! I know you're having a fun week with your parents! :)
    by nick_katie at 02/23/10 11:29PM
  • shannonwk
    Looks like the pictures of the bath remodel are from last year but I am seeing them for the first time and I am proud that Jacob tackled such a job and it turned out so pretty. I really like the tile and the new light fixture. I agree, why can't they put something nice in a new house. Guess it's a cost saving measure.
    by shannonwk at 03/04/10 10:18PM
  • rebekah1
    hey!!!!! it's your wedding BFF!
    by rebekah1 at 07/24/10 1:47PM
  • missylock
    i realize this is a really old post but I just clicked on your name from Aleta's pleo page; I love the tile!!
    by missylock at 09/17/10 10:29PM
  • tryphena
    by tryphena at 09/25/11 7:13AM

Birthday Party

Here's some pics of Jack's birthday cake. Turned out he wanted R2M5 instead of R2D2. Yeah, whatever that means. I'm glad Jacob knew :)

  • gerber_baby
    Oh no, I saw her today and avoided her haha. I think 6 sounds fine! I'll try to be there by that time...might need directions tho...
    by gerber_baby at 06/17/09 11:44PM
  • gerber_baby
    Btw, what were you trying to say to me when I was talkin to Angela? I couldnt read your lips
    by gerber_baby at 06/17/09 11:49PM
  • gerber_baby
    Haha i was wondering what you were trying to tell me. I got Jacob's email and I'll be there at 6! P.S. I got my haircut so i look good
    by gerber_baby at 06/19/09 11:44AM
  • drtundrhrnls
    Thank you for the congrats! Oh Ellen, your cake above is incredible!!
    by drtundrhrnls at 06/20/09 6:01PM
  • gerber_baby
    OK cool. I will probably need the car in that case. Plan on bringing it and if I know by lunch tomorrow, I;ll tell you not to worry about bringing the car down. Thanks again!
    by gerber_baby at 06/25/09 3:31PM
  • gerber_baby
    DONT bring the car. I am going to get my truck tomorrow after work so I wont need the car after all.
    by gerber_baby at 06/25/09 10:34PM
  • michelle
    Well, I think next week will be really interesting from what was on the previews!!!
    by michelle at 06/26/09 9:30AM
  • gerber_baby
    You guys are party animals stayin up that late! Haha jk I will tell everyone I know that you said hi! I might be sittin on the left side tho ;) Have a good day as well and a good weekend at the beach!
    by gerber_baby at 06/26/09 9:34AM
  • gerber_baby
    I haven't asked her yet but I will tonight fo sho! Thanks for puttin all that pressure on me right before I go up there!! I'm gonna be nervous lol
    by gerber_baby at 06/26/09 1:06PM
  • gerber_baby
    Everything went smooth sailin tonight! :) Parents like me, preacher liked me, everyone liked me as far as I could tell. I got there an hour early haha. We went out to eat at Red Robin afterwards with Brent and his girl, Dean, and one other guy. It was fun :)
    by gerber_baby at 06/27/09 12:40AM
  • gerber_baby
    P.s. I told everyone you said Hello and by the way, you are cool too ;)
    by gerber_baby at 06/27/09 12:41AM
  • cbonk
    haha! We don't have them in IL - thankfully! But I will admit it's almost as hot here...
    by cbonk at 06/27/09 12:42AM
  • gerber_baby
    I totally forgot to ask her about the fourth :/ I will soon. I need to get around and get up to David and Amy's place. I slept in today :)
    by gerber_baby at 06/27/09 12:35PM
  • gerber_baby
    They're good friends...maybe not best friends ;) We need to hang out soon since we may not meet up on the 4th. I have that Friday the 3rd off...
    by gerber_baby at 06/29/09 12:57AM
  • gerber_baby
    Its ok E. We'll have a good time soon! I haven't seen fireworks sync'd to music before. It should be sweet! Hope you have a good day today!
    by gerber_baby at 06/29/09 11:07AM
  • rachtaylor
    ha! no my family was not in on know how my mom is. I kept asking her if she knew when he was going to propose and she was like I honestly know nothing. If she would have known, I totally could have got it out of her! Matt knew this! :)
    by rachtaylor at 07/01/09 10:41AM
  • lordra
    cool cake ... i will get to the pictures today!
    by lordra at 07/07/09 10:11AM
  • alliereba
    by alliereba at 07/09/09 6:45PM
  • allie_may4
    Are you Katie's sister in law?
    by allie_may4 at 07/09/09 11:12PM
  • swood
    Thanks! I'm looking forward to the opportunity/challenge.
    by swood at 09/21/09 2:58PM

If you're from San Marcos...

Maybe you want to go say hi to our new member, Caleb. Or if you're not from here you can go say hi too :)


Hopefully some of us will be able to make it out to Temple to support our brethren there. Some of the people from there always take the time to drive all the way to San Marcos when we have our meetings, and we are so glad to see them. I am sure these sermons will be worth the drive! We plan to try and make it on Friday night, hope we will see some of y'all!

Leon Valley Church of Christ
Temple, Texas

Speaker: Jimmy Stevens (from Seminole, TX)

April 19-24, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 9:30am
Life's Anchors: The Need for Good Men in Society, Home and Church

Sunday, April 19, 10:30am
Church Growth: God's Idea of Church Growth

Sunday, April 19, 6:00pm
Is the Bible a Sufficient Guide in Religion?

Monday, April 20, 7:30pm
God's Promise to Satan: God's Promise of Salvation in the Bible

Tuesday, April 21, 7:30pm
Power of Positive Preaching: What the Bible Teaches

Wednesday, April 22, 7:30pm
Declaring Victory over Sin: Practical Teaching for Overcoming Sin

Thursday, April 23, 7:30pm
Let My Eyes Help My Heart: Developing Moral Character in an Immoral World

Friday, April 24, 7:30pm
The Gift of Salvation: A Study of God's Grace and Salvation

  • littlelamb
    Sadly, the tree would probably have to be chopped down. :( It's already buckling the porch and we're going to see if the roots have gotten into the foundation. They will eventually if the tree stays.
    by littlelamb at 04/19/09 7:46PM
  • nick_katie
    Sounds like a good week. Wish we could come hear uncle Jimmy too. I guess it's meeting week- Nick's holding one up here in MO this week too. He's doing an in-depth look at the beatitudes.
    by nick_katie at 04/19/09 10:22PM
  • aleta
    We had actually planned to go, but that was before we figured out that it coincided with our own. Enjoy!
    by aleta at 04/20/09 10:41AM
  • emilylankford
    Sorry I didn't get you our email address before you figured it out ... we are out of town & I am just now checking the computer.
    by emilylankford at 04/20/09 2:53PM
  • gslover
    by gslover at 04/20/09 5:05PM
  • 20qs
    This is Aunt Anne. I'm on Sandy's computer and don't want to log her off, and me on, since she's gone, but...Friday night! Yay!!!
    by 20qs at 04/22/09 9:03AM
  • bek
    Hey girl! Can you mail me the recipe those cin. rolls?
    by bek at 04/22/09 10:31AM
  • aleta
    I'm so sorry for this young family. Thanks for the contact information.
    by aleta at 04/22/09 3:39PM
  • dianna
    That is very sad. Definitely thinking and praying for their family.
    by dianna at 04/23/09 10:26AM
  • kendralulu
    We will be praying for them.
    by kendralulu at 04/24/09 1:49PM
  • anne
    I am sorry to hear of the loss of the Dickey's baby. They were blessed to have him longer than the doctors' thought. And he'll always be a part of their family's story.
    by anne at 04/25/09 11:27PM
  • littlebitcab
    Thaks for keeping us updated on the Dickey's. I was so sad to hear about Blake's passing. Now he is playing with Gus!
    by littlebitcab at 04/26/09 5:44PM
  • bek
    A girl I work with told me about her!
    by bek at 04/27/09 4:18PM
  • sarasponda
    Yeah we do get Tillamook cheese at our Costco. When we were in Delaware we didn't and I would have to buy it when I went to visit my mom, so we only got it once or twice a year.
    by sarasponda at 04/28/09 8:19AM
  • anne
    I'll be happy to tell Jimmy about your comments on his lessons. I wish you could have been there every night, too!! :)
    by anne at 05/06/09 11:32PM
  • windham4life
    :( That is so sad.
    by windham4life at 05/11/09 4:24PM
  • bek
    Miss you!
    by bek at 05/13/09 5:03PM
  • michelle
    I have The Bachelorette on my DVR. I wasn't up for a whole 2-hour show last night! I'm anxious to watch it, though!
    by michelle at 05/19/09 3:24PM
  • linz_foster
    thanks so much for the gift!! that outfit is so cute, and you are so sweet to send it! wish kate could meet you!
    by linz_foster at 06/01/09 6:01PM

Our relaxing camping trip

Last weekend, since we had an extra day off of work, we did some camping. Ok, not really camping since there was a cabin :) It was really a lot of fun, more than I expected for the amount of "man activites" that were planned (you know, 4 wheeling, zip lining, paintball and skeet shooting...) :) We appreciate so much getting to go out there. I don't have any pictures of the best part of the trip. It was sitting around the campfire and talking about spiritual things with spiritually minded people. It's amazing what encouragment can come from these kinds of discussions. We need to make more opportunities to be together.

Anyway, here are some pictures so you can get an idea of the trip...

  • debbie
    That looks like fun!
    by debbie at 04/16/09 9:34PM
  • aleta
    Looks like a lot of fun with a fun family. Is that who I think it is flying through the air with the greatest of ease? What fun!
    by aleta at 04/16/09 9:42PM
  • misslynn
    Melissa tells me that you are awesome at skeet shooting! Where did you learn to do that? And, what, no pictures of my kids???
    by misslynn at 04/16/09 10:25PM
  • gingerspice
    Wow, sounds like fun! I'm not very good at skeet shooting, but I've only done it once. I love rifle shooting though. I'm pretty accurate with a rifle, but usually my target is sitting still. :)
    by gingerspice at 04/16/09 10:46PM
  • youngcavers
    looks like ya'll had a great time....we should all do that together some time...where did ya'll go?
    by youngcavers at 04/17/09 8:37AM
  • jenjam
    Nice pictures.
    by jenjam at 04/17/09 8:37AM
  • csusoftballgirl
    I love that picture of you and Tami on the 4-wheeler. We had a BLAST! Thanks so much for everything. We need to do it again soon:-)
    by csusoftballgirl at 04/17/09 8:45AM
  • misslynn
    Rifle???? Now, I'm worried!
    by misslynn at 04/17/09 10:22AM
  • kendralulu
    Fun! I'm gald yall had a good time. :)
    by kendralulu at 04/17/09 2:33PM
  • crisfrog
    I'm feeling pretty good overall. He's definitely getting bigger and snugger in there which is a little awkward, but can't complain. I think it's hilarious that the first picture of your "relaxing" vacation is of a gun. That for me is anything but relaxing!
    by crisfrog at 04/17/09 9:24PM
  • stylinmama
    Looks like fun! :)
    by stylinmama at 04/18/09 12:36PM
  • littlebitty624
    Awww, fun stuff!! Where did y'all camp at??
    by littlebitty624 at 04/19/09 8:06AM
  • bek
    Hey BF! Thank you sooooooooo much for my sweet card and gift card. You are the best. I miss you lots! Maybe we can get together in the next few weeks.
    by bek at 04/19/09 2:14PM