If the Lord willing, I will go to Cuba. Please, let me know if you want help with this worthy work. Brotherly, Luis.

Preaching the Gospel and the Sound doctrine in Cuba, by Luis Barros.
  • evangelista
    There are several sound churches in Cuba. And they need help to learn about the sound doctrine fo Jesus. Please, keep in your prayers this worthy work in this country.
    by evangelista at 03/15/08 12:58AM
  • iamjane
    when are you planning on going?
    by iamjane at 03/15/08 11:54AM
  • evangelista
    In August, Lord Willing.
    by evangelista at 03/15/08 1:12PM
  • pablito1
    ¿Viajaráis a Cuba? ¡Tened cuidado cuando estáis allá!
    by pablito1 at 03/15/08 7:18PM
  • y2kc
    Hey Luis, send me an e-mail.
    by y2kc at 03/15/08 9:47PM
  • joshreaves
    Hermano, encantado de conocerte. I am Jacob's other brother Josh who lives here in Atlanta and am a member of a hispanic church here in Atlanta. Where do you live and work? I am glad to hear that you and Jacob got to know each other, and that you encouraged him to go down there. I should be traveling to Nicaragua this year to preach the gospel with another preacher, God willing. Perhaps one day, you could come here to Atlanta and hold a meeting for us? We are small (about 20) but working hard
    by joshreaves at 03/16/08 5:00AM
  • joshreaves
    Also, I know of a brother from Tennessee who travels to Cuba via Canada. This would be very interesting
    by joshreaves at 03/16/08 5:06AM
  • joshreaves
    Hermano, por lo pronto no recuerdo por nombre el senor que siempre viaje a Cuba desde Canada, pero vivia el en Tennessee. Yo conozco un predicador que lo sepa. Si hermano yo y otro hermano compartimos el trabajo de la predicacion aqui, y otro hermano espanol esta dando los clases. Ahora mismo, el esta en espana ayudando a las iglesias. Hermano, tenemos en mente ir a Nicaragua lo mas pronto posible. Si Ud se interesa en venir por aca yo hago saber a los hermanos. Cual mes le convendria mas hermano?
    by joshreaves at 03/18/08 8:11AM
  • evangelista
    I hope to go to Cuba in August (Lord willing) I would like that you keep me in yours prayers. I know this will be a very good trip in this country.
    by evangelista at 03/26/08 10:36AM
  • jacobreaves
    Brother Luis I am still in Denver. Are you planning on visiting again soon? When are you going to Cuba? I would enjoy visiting you there too.
    by jacobreaves at 03/27/08 9:52PM
  • joshreaves
    Jake and I will go with you to Cuba, just tell us when you are planning on going
    by joshreaves at 04/02/08 9:14AM
  • evangelista
    Thanks brethren, I will let you know about this trip. But let me tell you that this is not to easy, I am still looking for help to go.
    by evangelista at 04/17/08 9:53AM
  • iamjane
    just wanted to say hi!
    by iamjane at 05/06/08 7:10PM


I hope to make contact with my beloved brethren soon by this way.
  • mattdevore
    Welcome to pleonast.com, Luis!
    by mattdevore at 03/14/08 6:52AM
  • mereme
    So good to hear from you all. Be strong in Faith
    - this is John's wife, Michelle
    by mereme at 03/14/08 8:22AM
  • jacobreaves
    Hey Luis!! Of course I remember. How are you brother? I am doing well. You should talk to my brother in Chiapas, MX he is on pleonast as well. I am sure he would love to hear from you. Do you think there is going to be a war down there?
    by jacobreaves at 03/14/08 9:43AM
  • deusvitae
    Welcome to Pleonast. :)
    by deusvitae at 03/14/08 10:30AM
  • iamjane
    Hi! I'm SO glad that you're on here!!!
    by iamjane at 03/14/08 11:56AM
  • evangelista
    Hello to everyone...I am very hppy to make contact with you...sometime, I wish to talk with good friends and brothers
    by evangelista at 03/14/08 11:57AM
  • loveofjebs
    Luis, my name is Sheila. I am Jake's sister in law. My husband Jeb and I work in Chiapas, Mexico. We would be happy for you to come and visit us anytime.
    by loveofjebs at 03/14/08 12:25PM
  • jacobreaves
    Hey buddy I wish the best for your family. You will be in my prayers. Where do you get your information about the U.S.? I have believed this for some time and I believe that the U.S. was behind the attacks on the world trade center as a reason to go into Iraq and afganistan.
    by jacobreaves at 03/14/08 4:04PM
  • sarai
    by sarai at 03/14/08 5:43PM
  • sarai
    How are you brother?
    by sarai at 03/14/08 5:43PM
  • jacobreaves
    I agree with you. The U.S should not be the one to decide who is or isn't a terrorist. President Bush has made his enemies whomever he chooses. President had no authority to go to war from anyone even our own country. He was acting as a dictator in this decision. There were no bombs in Iraq. I believe there will eventually be war with Venezuela, if its what Bush wants, and I would want to come fight on your side.
    by jacobreaves at 03/14/08 11:55PM
  • jacobreaves
    unfortunately I do not have skype. My email is [email protected]
    by jacobreaves at 03/15/08 12:21AM
  • jacobreaves
    There are very few in the U.S who are willing to do any learning about Bush, they trust him because the U.S. is a great nation. Bush claims to be a religious good man. I think he has fooled many people.
    by jacobreaves at 03/15/08 12:23AM
  • jacobreaves
    I still live in Denver. Do you have extra bedrooms? I am planning on moving sometime next year. Maybe I will rent a room from you and you can introduce me to some venezuelan women!
    by jacobreaves at 03/15/08 12:27AM