So I was thinking...

Yeah I know I don't do that a lot...

Actually NO, I was thinking I need to update my pleo after recieving complaints from certain people I happen to attend Church with. *ehhemm*

So far my summer has been great! Just to mention a few things...
NO school

NO homework

Making money at Oberweis... Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I started my career scooping ice cream about 6 weeks ago at Oberweis! Much better than any coffee joint I'd have to say. We've got Frozen Lattes!

Now to continue my list
Going fishing


AND NOT TO MENTION, for the last week and a half I have been gone on a Student Council nationals trip/conference! For the first 5 days people from student councils all over Indiana took a Pre-trip to Nashville, Graceland, Missouri, and stopped at some places in between. Then, for the next 5 days we stopped in Kansas City, Kansas; and met with about 2000 or more people every state including Puerto Rico and Canada. The leadership conference taught me so much. I couldn't believe how much information I took home with me the day after. Afterword, I was exhausted and crashed for a long time.

So that is how great my summer has been already! I thank God for every bit of it because he's blessed me with the oportunity to experience all that I have done.

Also, as many of you probably already know, Alabama Leadership Camp 2007 is on its way! Only a few more weeks until I see most of you again Lord willing.

I hope and I'm almost certain that we can make this year as great as (if not, better than) the last 3 years I've been to it! I'm pumped for camp and I hope you fellow campies are as well...
Eric Osborne
  • hot_tamale
    Good to hear you're still alive and doing well!
    by hot_tamale at 07/02/07 12:55PM
  • jjorangeswirl
    Wow, I saw someone that looks just like you at a Chinese restaurant yesterday. What a coincidence.
    by jjorangeswirl at 07/02/07 1:16PM
  • the_extreme
    Haha. Yeah, so? :) How's it going Mr. Enrique?
    by the_extreme at 07/02/07 4:38PM
  • lindseyd
    Sorry, i won't be able to make it to camp this year, but I'm sure you'll have fun just the same.:o)
    by lindseyd at 07/02/07 4:59PM
  • jandpsdad
    Now - was that so hard?!?
    by jandpsdad at 07/03/07 9:59AM
  • hot_tamale
    Yeah, we try to find the humor in it when something goes horribly wrong with the house, sometimes it's easier to laugh about that other times. =)
    by hot_tamale at 07/03/07 2:53PM
  • teelduo
    where is the Oberweis?
    by teelduo at 07/03/07 6:39PM
  • teelduo
    OOOH I remember seeing it now. giggle
    by teelduo at 07/04/07 7:08AM
  • anothersmelser
    can't wait till camp! you should go to fc camp next year!
    by anothersmelser at 07/05/07 11:09AM
  • jjorangeswirl
    Yeppers, Optimus Prime made me happy.
    by jjorangeswirl at 07/06/07 1:59PM
  • anothersmelser
    here's the site. sorry i didn't let you know this last time, i don't know why i forgot.
    by anothersmelser at 07/06/07 10:07PM
  • anothersmelser


    i want to get this video done before school starts back up.
    by anothersmelser at 07/30/07 6:32PM
  • anothersmelser
    just got it yesterday. thank you! i'm about to watch it...
    by anothersmelser at 08/14/07 2:41PM
  • btrflybarb
    Hi Eric!
    by btrflybarb at 10/10/07 3:31PM
  • teelduo
    Merry Christmas

    by teelduo at 12/25/07 6:37AM
  • sillyboy
    hey you've been taged
    by sillyboy at 09/25/08 4:36PM
  • heroforthenight
    new year happy
    by heroforthenight at 01/01/09 10:06AM
  • aldebaran
    Wherefore art thou, Eric?
    by aldebaran at 05/29/11 3:20PM

New York, New York...

...that's one big city! So I finally decided to update you with las fotos. Yes, many, many, photos. In fact, so many that there would be way too many to put in my blog entry. So I've provided a link to photobucket for you instead.

I had a great time in New York over Spring Break. There were so many sites to see. I was kinda mad actually when some of my photos didn't come out good because I would have liked to have them (stupid disposable cameras). YES! that's right, I don't have a digital camera and I didn't want to bring my parents because it's honkin' big...I only have a digital camcorder in which I did take video but am too lazy at the moment to post it. I know at that moment of reading that last sentence you jumped out of your chair and exclaimed,
"WHAT?! I love his videos and don't believe that a guy like Eric would ever be so lazy to not upload them!" but unfortunatly they aren't up yet and will be up soon.

Anyways, the ones that are up are pretty least some of them are. Others turned out fuzzy cus the top quality disposable cameras DO actually belong in the garbage.

Since this post is on the topic of pictures, I wanted to share this picture with you that I edited on photoshop. I actually got the idea of the superman thing from Jeff when he made something like this a while ago. So I wanted to make one but only a little more complicated. No offense Jeff :p

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
If you have any questions as to what the pictures are of or any questions of the trip or any questions at all, feel free to ask.

BTW, just thought I would point out something. The picture with the golden globe looking thing is actually the sculpture that was inbetween the World Trade Centers when they collapsed. They recovered it and pieced it together as best as they could at set it up as a memorial in Battery Park. Also, this is the 7th building of the World Trade Centers that was rebuilt. It is the 1st and only one of the towers to be rebuilt yet because it was the only building not on the same lot of land as the other 6 World Trade Center buildings and was also the last to fall on 9/11/01.

Enjoy and
Good day!
  • anothersmelser
    could you explain the 11 tears 9/11 memorial?
    by anothersmelser at 04/14/07 9:43PM
  • enriqueosborne
    Sure, it was an eleven sided pool of water. Each side had the names of a employee who was in the exact floor that one of the planes crashed into. Every few seconds a drop of water splashes on one of the names of those people. Making it "elevn tears".
    by enriqueosborne at 04/15/07 2:58PM
  • enriqueosborne
    Oh, forgot front of each name are 5 different characteristics that discribe that person which was provided by their families. (you can kind of see the words in the water)
    by enriqueosborne at 04/15/07 4:13PM
  • teelduo
    Now how am I gonna be sneaky and spy on you and tease Ben over videos if you know I am here. giggle HEY THERE!
    by teelduo at 04/16/07 7:04AM
  • teelduo
    Here are Craig and Josiah
    by teelduo at 04/16/07 7:06AM
  • davlee
    Thats a stinkin awesome picture!
    by davlee at 04/16/07 9:29AM
  • belteshazzar
    haha, yeah, knowing how stupid some people are these days, odds are some one did.
    by belteshazzar at 04/16/07 6:00PM
  • the_extreme
    Emulation is the highest form of flattery. At least that's what I've heard. Nice work man!
    by the_extreme at 04/18/07 2:54PM
  • valpokid32
    hey eric this is philip russell add me
    by valpokid32 at 04/18/07 4:07PM
  • valpokid32
    Hey eric di u know of anybody else who i might know who is on pleo
    by valpokid32 at 04/19/07 4:02PM
  • sillyboy
    by sillyboy at 04/24/07 8:51PM
  • jjorangeswirl
    Hello, this is Jeremy Jones.
    by jjorangeswirl at 05/29/07 1:42PM
  • zaphenath
    hey, you need to get abe and ben on pleo!
    by zaphenath at 05/30/07 5:17PM
  • jjorangeswirl
    by jjorangeswirl at 07/02/07 10:29AM

NYC... I come! That's right folks, Kouts High School is taking a bite out of the Big Apple. Tomorrow, March 24, 2007, I am leaving for New York City for a spring break band trip. It's going to be pretty sweet and I'm looking forward to it. When I come back, I'll inform everyone of the trip. I also wanted to say that on Monday the 26th we are waking up at like 4:00 am...eating breakfast at 5:00 am...and then heading towards Time Square to try to get on the Today Show! That's right folks, on Monday make sure you catch the Today Show and look for Kouts High School. We will be wearing these green shirts only the green isn't as bright. So I hope you guys are able to see us! I'll post again when I get back.
  • zaphenath
    hey man, sounds like fun! have a good time!
    by zaphenath at 03/24/07 1:01AM
  • craigdehut
    Dude, New York sounds awesome! Hey a fantastic trip dude! We'll be expecting pictures upon your return, you got that chief? :D
    by craigdehut at 03/24/07 9:30AM
  • anothersmelser
    WOW! 3 posts in one month!
    by anothersmelser at 03/24/07 11:57AM
  • enriqueosborne
    Yes sir! ha! wow, when I read your comment I was like "Chicago? that's only like 2 hours away from here." but then I remembered that I live in Indiana and you live way down South. HA!
    by enriqueosborne at 03/24/07 12:00PM
  • deusvitae
    Eric, greetings. Ethan Longhenry here. I did not know that you were on Pleo. :)
    by deusvitae at 04/02/07 4:33PM
  • curlie
    Hey, Eric. This is Sarah, Ethan's wife. Good to see you!
    by curlie at 04/05/07 8:44AM
  • anothersmelser
    i just got your comment on his blog about my marble sorter. we chose two different colors of marbles and create a machine that would sort them according to color. if you click the "more" button when you watch the video it tells you exactly whats going on (more or less).
    by anothersmelser at 04/12/07 5:33PM

Rube Goldberg...

...was a famous cartoonist and now a competition. I finally got the video I made of the Rube Goldberg competition up. Our theme was Disney World so enjoy!

See if you can point out the Tower of Terror.
  • hot_tamale
    Pretty cool! But it looks like you all did a lot of just standing around. =)
    by hot_tamale at 03/16/07 11:36AM
  • hot_tamale
    Congrats on 2nd place! I'm sure it must have taken a lot of thought, time, and energy to get that.
    by hot_tamale at 03/16/07 5:42PM
  • lindseyd
    by lindseyd at 03/16/07 9:46PM
  • the_extreme
    Lucky Irish Day!

    by the_extreme at 03/17/07 12:56PM
  • heroforthenight
    You are beautiful.
    by heroforthenight at 03/19/07 2:59PM
  • anothersmelser
    i love rube goldberg.
    by anothersmelser at 03/19/07 6:30PM
  • anothersmelser
    "just" north? i thought you practically lived in chicago. :P but yeah, that'd be cool, i'll be sure to let you know.
    by anothersmelser at 03/23/07 5:51AM

Words of wisdom should be used in moderation... least that's why I haven't posted in over 4 months. But I assure you my time away from pleonast hasn't been wasted.
Excuse #1 Rube Goldberg competition- This competition is an engineering competition in which schools compete to build a machine that will complete a simple task in 20 or more steps. This years task... Juice at least a teaspoon of orange-juice from a full orange into a pitcher, and pour the juice from the pitcher into a cup in under 2 minutes. Simple? not as much as you think. I will post the video on youtube soon. BTW, we placed 2nd place at the Purdue competition out of 13 schools.
Excuse #2 MTV (Mustang Tele Vision)- Still going on with the school video. It's a lot of work but is well worth the experience. Check it out here!
Excuse #3 JETS Team (Junior Engineering Technological Society)- Even though I haven't done much studying, I think it's safe to say that it's taken up my time. It's pretty much the hardest test I'll ever take in my life and it's coming up on Tuesday. My partner and I have the subjects of "Automotive engineers help comsumers determine whether their next car should be hybrid-electric or not." and "Mining engineers protect the lives of coal-miners by designing safety equipment." So that's that. wish me luck!
Excuse #4 Math Bowl- Team of math students working together with teams of other subjects to win the Academic Superbowl. Good deal! First competition Math scored 3rd place and overall we scored 2nd.
Excuse #5 New Computer- Building THIS beast and playing on it.
Excuse #6 My dog ate my pleonast.
Excuse #7 Just having fun.
So anyways, that's what's up with my life. Sorry I haven't been keeping up as much as I've wanted to or you wanted me to? Either way, I will try to update more. I just wanted to let everyone know I wasn't dead.

P.S. How 'bout that Leadership Camp 2007? I'm pretty pumped!
  • ryguy
    Ohhh yeah I read about that competition. Was your school in the same league as Purdue, or was this something Purdue was hosting for high schools? I think I heard when the Purdue team did it, they had some 200 steps....
    by ryguy at 03/05/07 5:00PM
  • craigdehut
    Dude, you can totally bash my first one, because it was bad. Really really bad. But hey, we learn from our mistakes and blow people's minds with what we've learned. :)
    by craigdehut at 03/05/07 6:09PM
  • anothersmelser
    it kinda went like: "who is enriqueosb-OH! ERIC!"
    by anothersmelser at 03/05/07 7:46PM
  • anothersmelser
    yeah, i've got big plans for LC07! least medium-sized plans.
    by anothersmelser at 03/05/07 7:53PM
  • thebeast
    That's a beast of a computer!
    by thebeast at 03/06/07 2:06PM
  • heroforthenight
    Do you tingle in anticipation for camp?
    by heroforthenight at 03/12/07 10:34AM
  • belteshazzar
    thanks bud
    by belteshazzar at 03/13/07 8:13AM