If I don't got my socks on right They slide right off off my feet

The first event came kind of as a surprise.
As I was walking out the door to go to FL
I got a call from the Trumbull County Fair asking if I wanted to come.

It was in ten days.

But once I got there it went ok. It was a little tiring with the whole 9am- 11pm thing.
And we had to give out lots of free samples to get people to understand what a crepe was in the first place

And now
the step by step process of making a caramel crepe.

Step 1. Pour batter and spread batter onto the griddle

Step 2. Let cook for a few seconds..it doesnt take long

Step 3. Turn over crepe

Step 4. Fill with desired amount of caramel

Step 5. Add Ice Cream et cest fini


And yes i AM wearing an American Flag shirt

  • head_in_a_sunrise
    by head_in_a_sunrise at 07/20/10 8:49PM
  • mischief_mayhem_soap
    Um...I need one of those. Now. No, seriously, NOW.


    (I'll give you a massage)
    by mischief_mayhem_soap at 07/23/10 8:57AM
  • slave_of_jesus_jdb
    Yummy on my tonguie.
    by slave_of_jesus_jdb at 08/03/10 1:27PM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    That looks great! Yum. My mom taught me to make crepes and we always had them about 1x a week growing up. So many people think they are really weird and are scared of them....until they try them. We always had them with maple syrup or jelly or brown sugar. Mmmmm....
    by butterflyhomerachel at 08/03/10 8:04PM
  • emmybear
    hows da crepe thing goin today?
    by emmybear at 09/13/10 2:12PM

All this stuff will make perfect sense later on, he used to say, if you can remember enough of it.

So after Wyoming I decided to go into business for myself.

I'm still not quite sure that was a good idea, but I'm in a bit too deep now.

I bought a small concession stand

It was in worse shape than it even looked in the beginning.

Each bit of improvement just showed another layer of things that needed to be fixed.
In the end we ended up stripping the whole thing down and rebuild it.
New floor, new plumbing, new roof, new paint, new equipment. The end result looked something like this.

Now I'm off to the fair...
to see how I do..
  • head_in_a_sunrise
    Wow! Good luck with that! It looks really good though. And crepes = awesome!
    by head_in_a_sunrise at 07/16/10 5:47PM
  • chooselove
    but you've BEEN at the fair! and it's no fair that you aren't sharing how you've Been doing. hmmph! i want my updates amanda!

    (nothing like being demanding on the new entrepreneur, eh?)
    by chooselove at 07/16/10 11:54PM
  • fullofgrace
    sell out!
    i mean the shirt
    have you done any cream cheese honey crepes?
    by fullofgrace at 07/20/10 10:28PM

wears long, floaty stuff so she doesn't forget that she's really only connected to the earth by the very tips of her toes

i Lose things

everyone who has known me for any length of time tends to notice this trend
small things just seem to disappear around me.
sometimes it can be explained
for example the other day i grabbed an apple out of the fridge and put it on the pool table so i could put my coat on
when i went to pick it up
it was gone

as you may have guessed
it went down the left hand middle pocket
and got stuck
noah had to take the table apart to get it back

tonight i was coming home from walmart
my first trip in two months
and i had to go back 3 times for stuff that had fallen off
so it took me around an hour to go 5 miles up the mountain by snowmobile
with my stuff
but i am still missing a chapstick
i leave chapsticks around the country like Hansel and Gretel left bread crumbs

i found a new skiing trail with a spectacular view

and i made it about a third of the way back when i realized that i was missing one of my mittens
that i'd taken off because my hands were getting too sweaty
i eventually found it all the way at then end of the trail

stuff like this happens all the time, so sometimes i get frustrated
and sometimes i just buy multiples of the same thing
so if you see me walking out of a store with 3 of the same shirts
you know why

electronics are a completely different story
they just stop working on me
4 cars, 3 mp3 players, and most recently my computer's cd drive..
this is why i havent bought an ipod

oh well..
at least i have some cute shoes...
  • chooselove
    brian andreas and losing stuff. they go well together.
    i finally got a kitchen gnome to blame all our disappearing stuff on. kind of like house elves in harry potter. it's all his fault.
    by chooselove at 02/11/10 10:46PM
  • chooselove
    and if you've seen that snickers commercial about where hunger goes...i'm sure there is a house somewhere with all your missing stuff in it :)
    by chooselove at 02/11/10 10:47PM
  • mischief_mayhem_soap
    I put a new cd drive in my old computer. I'll take it out and send it to ya for $50 and shipping. you just gotta find someone to put it in for ya. It's not that hard...
    by mischief_mayhem_soap at 02/12/10 6:39AM
  • mischief_mayhem_soap
    by mischief_mayhem_soap at 02/12/10 11:09AM
  • fullofgrace
    this post cracked me up
    by fullofgrace at 02/12/10 11:47AM
  • zackattacknlacylady
    It must run in the family, I lose my glassed about every ten minutes, my keys about once a week , and my coffed cup is always not where I put it. I also have several single gloves with no mate. I believe that I have a friendly poltergist in the house, because I know it is not all me.
    by zackattacknlacylady at 02/17/10 9:43AM
  • zackattacknlacylady
    Were you sking??? Cross country???
    by zackattacknlacylady at 02/17/10 9:43AM
  • megan_leigeber
    need to call u.
    by megan_leigeber at 03/11/10 8:19PM
  • fullofgrace
    by fullofgrace at 03/20/10 12:12PM
  • runningjake
    Gorgeous pictures! For me I'm always losing umbrellas...
    by runningjake at 04/19/10 11:40AM

01/29/10 10:25PM

full moon + snow = beautiful
  • megan_leigeber
    there is lots of snow here too, but probably not as much as you are seeing.
    by megan_leigeber at 01/30/10 8:34PM

The freedom and simple beauty is too good to pass up...

over the last couple of days we have gotten about a foot of snow
and a lots of wind
freezing wind
when i opened the door of my cabin my breath was taken away completely
leaving me gasping as i made my way thru thigh high snow drifts to the kitchen

in other words it was our first day real winter weather

in which i promptly got my car stuck

which lead to my spending the better part of a half on hour digging
with a small plastic car kit scrapper
under my car
because i wasnt about to ride back up and admit i'd gotten stuck
i got stubbornness from both sides, i didnt have a chance

when i finally got all of the snow dug out from around the wheels and from under the axel
noah comes down, and drives my car right out...

it figures
stupid boys...wait till we do the grunt work...and then take the glory...

  • unclespike
    Beautiful. That's a great picture.
    by unclespike at 01/25/10 7:08AM
  • shinri
    pretty, but I wouldn't want to live there =]
    by shinri at 01/25/10 9:36AM
  • megan_leigeber
    by megan_leigeber at 01/25/10 11:50AM
  • fullofgrace
    is that a short bus on tank treads in the background?!
    by fullofgrace at 01/25/10 5:34PM
  • head_in_a_sunrise
    WOW! Haha, Peni, I think it's a snow bus. See the snow wheels on the bottom? I guess snow bus wouldn't be the right word for it, but that's what it looks like.
    by head_in_a_sunrise at 01/25/10 7:04PM
  • emotionalalienation
    its the cat and it doesnt work
    by emotionalalienation at 01/25/10 8:32PM
  • slave_of_jesus_jdb
    by slave_of_jesus_jdb at 01/25/10 8:44PM
  • chooselove
    pretty. i wish i could come visit, it looks like it would be lovely. but if i could come visit much of anywhere, i may not have the need to be gallivanting around looking for a visit and a break so much. one day, though, if you're there for a while. i'll do what i can to come see that place!
    by chooselove at 01/26/10 1:06AM