blaming Matt...

No idea what I am doing so sorry if I have broken your website.
Matt, if you would email me once in a while then I wouldn't have had to resort to this level of computer madness... just to say that Matt you are slack. Debs best o' with the job stuff, hope you don't struggle too much with decisions and I hope Sunday is lovely (even without us, make sure you have much fun, I know it will be hard but push on through it)
May see you out there soon...who knows.
Much love!
Ellie xx

  • matts
    Good to see you're moving out of the dark ages and into the 21st century the technological era ;-) I'll email you soon, especially after such drastic measures ;-) Matt
    by matts at 02/09/05 8:02PM
  • matts
    It's a slippery slope to geekdom, be careful Debs xxx
    by matts at 02/09/05 8:02PM
  • matts
    Also i am impressed, some of the setup stuff got me confused aswell ;-) Matt
    by matts at 02/09/05 8:04PM
  • ellie
    just to say hi you two, looking forward to seeing Debs' birthday photos and hearing from you. I am heading to Paris with Fran on Saturday to see Amber, we're so cosmo. Will write properly soon, but till then good luck with the job thang and please feel free to send any negative things about Australia to me, purely out of interest, not in anyway to put off a certain Welsh Man. Big love Ellie xx
    by ellie at 02/24/05 7:21AM
  • matts
    There are lots of cockroaches... the traffic light system is rubbish... it's a bloody long way away - that's three for starters xxx Debs
    by matts at 03/12/05 7:00PM