feeling expectant

yeah so, most of you are on FB and already know...but Laine is 'in the family way' with number 2.....due on Mom's birthday....Feb. 15. She is feeling queezy and I am feeling awesome!!! bc I'm so excited to get to know this new bubby.

love to you all!
  • nthnswmn
    by nthnswmn at 07/20/10 1:24PM
  • tandielq
    by tandielq at 07/20/10 1:26PM
  • the_ghost
    Woo Hoo!!!
    by the_ghost at 07/20/10 5:15PM
  • 71lespaulcustom
    by 71lespaulcustom at 07/20/10 6:12PM
  • thehandoftheking
    That will be cool. Congrats.
    by thehandoftheking at 07/20/10 6:49PM
  • abs
    by abs at 07/20/10 8:38PM
  • floorcoaster
    I get scared just about every time we eat. It's natural to me, and I love BLW, but I always kinda panic inside every time she makes a face. She coughed today while eating chicken for the first time, and I was all on edge. I am looking forward to getting past this stage just so I can relax a little. It's also hard not to watch her constantly when she eats cuz I'm ready to pounce at the first sign of trouble. :)
    by floorcoaster at 07/20/10 10:50PM
  • granny
    Oh, I am excited for you! What a great piece of news. And challenging for you, too.
    by granny at 07/21/10 1:46AM
  • trolleem
    Awesome news!!!!! Sending love to you guys! Will you guys find out the sex or be surprised?
    by trolleem at 07/21/10 8:17AM
  • lyndie
    Yay for a new cousin!! I'm just thrilled for you guys... congrats! :)
    by lyndie at 07/21/10 9:32AM
  • floorcoaster
    Pretty much any time she coughs or makes a funny face, I look at Matt and ask if she's okay. He says yes, and we move on. LOL.
    by floorcoaster at 07/21/10 2:45PM
  • video_nana
    We're very excited too!!!
    by video_nana at 07/23/10 9:45PM
  • trolleem
    :) Sure thing. It was pretty climactic when Lazarus was born because we didn't choose to look at the ultrasound in that way....we thought all along we were having a girl....it was incredible and fun to be wrong...one more way of learning how out of control we are of these things.
    by trolleem at 07/24/10 5:48PM
  • mr_and_mrs_berry
    :) Very Excited! and it will just get more so and better and better! :)
    by mr_and_mrs_berry at 07/28/10 1:55AM
  • batgyver
    congrats eddy, melia and I are also expecting Dec 14th
    by batgyver at 08/05/10 12:10AM
  • missysnapp
    Yeah!!! Congrats, you three!
    by missysnapp at 08/07/10 8:23PM
  • thehandoftheking
    by thehandoftheking at 10/12/10 4:31AM
  • granny
    Well, hey, you are still around! Thanks for your comment.
    by granny at 11/22/10 1:28PM

Where have you gone Pleonast?

So yeah, it seems like at least my little corner of pleonast has been slowly dying for awhile now and is almost dead. The vast majority of people I used to keep up with on here don't post anymore at all, and most of those that do seem to do so less and less. Also, it would seem fewer and fewer people are reading my posts, based on the comments....but of course, that could be more about the quality of the content! haha

I guess this is a bit sad, but change is life.

The reason I am posting this is that I would still like to keep up with you! So please, if you have another blog somewhere up on the internet, please share the address with me. If it's private, and I'm allowed in, you can message me with it. If you think I already know your blog, please send it to me again, because it's possible I've lost the link.

I will still be using this space to share personal news and random junk, as well as sharing simplelifeinchrist.com
I'll still be looking for your posts on here...who knows, maybe Pleo will have an Indian summer at some point!

Love to you all!
  • SaraJones
    by SaraJones at 06/07/10 7:16PM
  • 71lespaulcustom
    I post, I get in trouble. So I had to break the cycle. Now everything is rainbows and unicorns.
    by 71lespaulcustom at 06/07/10 10:16PM
  • disastermaster
    It seems most folks are going to FB, but that site only gives you snippits while Pleo allows you to have a fully expressed thought. For those who are "wordy", FB must be very constraining.
    by disastermaster at 06/08/10 12:01AM
  • tandielq
    Most of the people on my friends list have moved to FB also. I prefer Pleo, but have become more active on fb since others are too. I haven't been posting much on here since I don't get much of a response. I am always reading others' posts though.
    by tandielq at 06/08/10 7:03PM
  • thehandoftheking
    Yeah, we'll have to set that call up soon. The server for my blog had a hard drive failure or something so that's lost and I probably will not bother setting it up again. So I'm still here.
    by thehandoftheking at 06/09/10 7:54PM
  • thehandoftheking
    There was a guy at PF tonight who shares your last name.
    by thehandoftheking at 06/09/10 11:02PM
  • tacticalpreacher
    FB. tacticalpreacher.com and gospeldefender.com

    being more wordy in person than with the written word FB works well.
    by tacticalpreacher at 06/11/10 6:41AM
  • thehandoftheking
    I think he was just passing through town.
    by thehandoftheking at 06/11/10 6:59PM
  • granny
    I'm still here :)
    It looks like FB is getting a lot of activity, but I still prefer Pleo for my purposes. Much easier to be friends without it degenerating to surface superficiality.
    by granny at 06/12/10 1:23AM
  • missysnapp
    I have felt the same way. So many have gone to Facebook. I am guilty of posting less, but mostly because the kids are more interesting than the internet! I need to get back to it. I was thinking of doing a What the Snapps Do All Summer thing here, where even the kids post our daily happenings. I will try to be better about posting. I'm glad there are a few still around!
    by missysnapp at 06/12/10 9:19PM
  • kasa_mom
    I've moved over to FB too.
    by kasa_mom at 06/12/10 10:54PM
  • batgyver
    moved, bought a house, remodeling house, busy busy busy. hope all is well, God bless
    by batgyver at 06/14/10 8:51PM
  • floorcoaster
    I've been posting a lot more here, though once a month is hardly a lot. Facebook has its place, but I like pleo b/c you can make a post. When I was going through the hard time with nursing, I'd write on here and post a link on FB. That seemed to work well--more people than I'd expected came over here to read! :)
    by floorcoaster at 06/15/10 9:23AM
  • kellymckibkib
    dude, you post read my mind and I know I dont post at all anymore! I hope to start an art blog and will let you know.
    by kellymckibkib at 06/17/10 12:45AM
  • thehandoftheking
    I kinda just wish everyone would quit pleo so I would never have to check it again. I like the site but do not like loose ends. Why do you keep me hanging on, Pleo?
    by thehandoftheking at 06/17/10 4:10PM
  • thehandoftheking
    I guess I will keep using my old web page, even though the wordpress blog part of it is permanently (I think) broken. link
    by thehandoftheking at 06/22/10 10:01PM
  • kt80
    I don't post because I don't have anything to say.
    by kt80 at 06/25/10 5:27PM
  • mr_and_mrs_berry
    Hi Eddie. I'm with Kevin's understanding. FB seems to attract a lot of attention, plus those emails filling your inbox with others responses make it easy to "hop" onto fb. But I like pleo and the comfort that comes from knowing that most of the folks reading my posts have some desire to know and serve God. I've been lax about being on though - busy as usual.
    by mr_and_mrs_berry at 07/15/10 6:31AM

The Feast of the Diseased

So we are embarking on a journey through Luke to discover what the gospel is. What is this 'new kingdom' going to be like, and what does God expect of the members of it? In the last post we considered that Jesus hinted that the kingdom would be unexpected. Let's have a look.

In Luke 5:27-32 we find Jesus and his followers at a feast. The feast is being held by His newest disciple, Levi (or Matthew), who was a tax collector. It's important for us to understand a bit about tax collectors. These were considered to be terrible traitors by the Jews. They were collecting money from their own people to hand over to their oppressors! Worse than that, many skimmed off the top, so they weren't just traitors, but thieves as well!

Jesus meets Levi at his work and says, 'Follow me.' Levi drops everything and follows. (More on this next time.) They go back to his place and Levi throws a big party. Who does he invite? the people he knows; other tax collectors and people that will be willing to hang out with tax collectors. The Pharisees refer to these people as 'sinners'. Let's not get this twisted, the Pharisees are not denying their own sin with this title. This was a common, catch-all name for any Jews who were not making an effort to follow God. 'Sinners' were people who didn't go to the festivals, didn't follow Torah, and didn't bring offerings to the Temple. Matthew's own account of this event reveals that there were also prostitutes there.

So these are the people Jesus spent at least some of His time with. Why would He do this? Because the good news is for those who haven't heard it! In Jesus' words, 'I have not come for the righteous, but to call sinners to repentance.'

Again, let's not twist this message. Jesus is not condoning sin; in fact He is calling people to repent! These is quite conscious of the fact that these people He is feasting with are diseased. But He IS GOING TO these people!

I have a bad habit of telling the good news to people who already know it. I make these occasional speeches that we call sermons, but typically more than 90% of the listeners already believe. Do you know that there is no record in the NT of a sermon delivered to a group of believers? Yet we do it every week!

Again, don't get me wrong, we are to exhort and encourage each other in the church. Sermons can be a useful and meaningful way to do this. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking we are 'spreading the gospel' when we just go to our church buildings and give a talk once a week! Imagine if your local hospital canceled its ambulance service. They just issued a couple of ads in the paper saying, 'Anyone that wants help needs to find their own way to the hospital!' We wouldn't be too happy with that. But are we any different when we sit in our 'hospital' waiting for people to come for healing?

Jesus makes a fundamental point here that I think many of us, definitely self included, often miss. To share the gospel, you have to FIRST go to the people that need to hear it. It doesn't count to just sit in our clubhouse and talk about how cool Jesus is, as fun as that may be. We've got to be willing to get our hands a little dirty some times. Essentially, Jesus is challenging the Pharisees and scribes to consider that 'sinners' might not be that way if someone gave them a chance! The good news of Christ's kingdom is that it is for everyone!

Jesus demonstrates to us that it is possible to share our lives with unbelievers and not participate in sin. Perhaps I need to be more intentional about not spending all of my time doing 'church stuff'. The kingdom of Christ should be proclaimed in the world, which means we all have to be out there doing a bit of proclaiming!! But how do we do that? What will it look like? Let's continue to look into Luke for clues...
  • thehandoftheking
    I thought you'd like this, it's long-ish but interesting link.
    by thehandoftheking at 06/04/10 7:56PM
  • missysnapp
    I loved reading this. Thanks for your efforts and for making us think!
    by missysnapp at 06/05/10 12:00PM
  • granny
    Good thoughts. You are right, its sometimes scary out there, reaching out to the lost. Although we don't have recorded sermons to Christians, we do have instructions to teach Christians, reminding them of previous learning: Rom 12:2; Titus 3:1; 1 Cor 4:17; 2 Tim 2:14;
    by granny at 06/07/10 1:09PM

i miss Chik-fil-A

you folks in the SE don't know how lucky you are!! I WANT A CHICKEN BISCUIT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! :D
  • snoopy
    yeah, I pretty much try to stop at a CFA for every meal on my way home for breaks because I know it's going to be awhile before I'm near another one

    So good!
    by snoopy at 05/24/10 9:21AM
  • floorcoaster
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
    by floorcoaster at 05/24/10 12:13PM
  • nzmom
    wish we could send you one.
    by nzmom at 05/24/10 3:42PM
  • the_ghost
    I guess you don't have Hardee's either...their chicken biscuits kill chick-fil-a's
    by the_ghost at 05/24/10 4:27PM

The Good News

I told you in my last post that I was itching to start talking about the gospel, but unfortunately, I've been stupid busy lately. They really should come up with like four or five words that grade out 'busyness' on a scale....one word just doesn't cut it!

Yeah, so anyway, my thoughts are a bit jumbled and I probably should wait, but I feel like if I don't write now, I probably won't or a couple of weeks.

What is the good news? I mean, as Christians, we have been charged by Christ to share the message of 'the gospel', but what exactly is that? I've been teaching some on this lately, and I'm coming to realize that we typically narrow the message to fit what we are comfortable with. I reckon that might be a bit unhealthy. So I thought that maybe we could spend some time together exploring what the Bible has to say about the gospel. I'm coming to see the gospel as a diamond, with many facets. We should be striving to appreciate all of them, live all of them, and teach all of them. Sadly, I think we stare into the ones that allow us to live the way we want, and pretend the others aren't there.

So I ask again, What is the good news? I think we will be well served by spending some time in the book of Luke. Luke 4:43 records Jesus saying that He was sent to 'speak the good news of the kingdom of God'. I think this is essentially Luke's thesis statement. In the rest of the book, Luke is going to share things about who Jesus was and what he taught, and these things are going to reveal to the reader what the kingdom is, and what kingdom dwellers look like.

But let's take a step backwards from 4:43 to Luke 4:16fl. Jesus goes to the synagogue and is asked to read. Now you have to remember that up til now, Jesus was nothing more than a young teacher as far as anyone else knew. He stands up and reads from Isaiah 61. Read below what He read. (emphasis is mine)

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captivesand recovering of sight to the blind,
to set at liberty those who are oppressed,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor."
After reading, Jesus sits down, looks at everyone, and says, 'Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.' He, of course, gets some shocked looks, so he goes on to relate two familiar stories to them from the OT. Familiar, but told in a way to draw attention to something that, I'm guessing, none of them had ever considered.

First Jesus talked about Elijah. There was a great famine in the land; a famine caused by Elijah's prayers to God. We can assume that there were many in Israel suffering because of the famine, but God didn't send Elijah to any of them. Instead He sent him to Sidon; a foreign country, to stay with a widow there and help her. Jesus then talked about the prophet Elisha. Again, we can assume there were many in Israel who suffered from leprosy, but Elisha didn't heal them. Instead he healed a general in the enemy's army!!

Now why would Jesus tell these two stories? I believe that He was pointing out that often God does not work the way that we expect Him to! In the first century, there was great expectation about the Messiah. He would be a great warrior king, who would throw off the shackles of the Romans, so that Israel could be ascendant again! They read into the passage in Isaiah, that God was talking about them and how he would lift up the nation.

But Jesus says, it's happening right now and you don't see it! You won't recognize it, because it doesn't fit what you've already decided the good news will be! Jesus walked out the door of the synagogue, and He fulfilled this prophecy. He started healing people, spending time with the poor, encouraging the outcasts from society.

Even John the Baptist was confused. In Luke 7:18fl, John sends messengers to ask, 'Are you the Messiah? or should we be looking for someone else?' John knows that Jesus is supposed to be the one! But Jesus isn't acting the way he's supposed to, and John wants him to get on with it!

Listen to Jesus' answer:

"Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, the poor have good news preached to them. 23And blessed is the one who is not offended by me."
He's doing it! He's bringing the good news of the kingdom, but it's not what people expected. Jesus tells John, 'I'm doing what I was sent to do, don't be offended that it doesn't fit what you had in mind!'

Are we any different today? We have our set ideas about what message we are supposed to be sharing with the world. But does our message match up with Jesus' message? Over the next few posts, I want to examine what Jesus said and did, to see what the gospel is all about. Maybe that can help us sort out what we are supposed to be sharing with the world.

One last thing... In my minds eye I see some stodgy, traditionalist reading this and saying, 'Hrumph! Where does he get off!? I KNOW the gospel!' Well, I pray you will bear with me and really listen to Jesus' words and actions. On the other hand, I see a young revolutionary saying, 'Right on, Ed! Give it to 'em! Tell the traditionalists that their time is over, we have no room for them in the 'post-modern church'! Please, slow down and listen to Jesus' teachings as well. As I said at the beginning, we so badly want Jesus to say what we want him to. Let's try to just look and see what he actually said and did.

love to you all!
  • missysnapp
    I'm looking forward to this exchange! I'm not stodgy and if you tell me I am I will sock you straight....

    Sorry. I went the wrong direction with that. :)
    by missysnapp at 05/12/10 6:48AM
  • thehandoftheking
    Stinkin' cool animal: the Scottish Highland Cow --- pictured a little ways down this page.
    by thehandoftheking at 05/13/10 9:04AM
  • trolleem
    Funny (your comment on my blog)! There is a picture of our midwife leaning down and looking for the baby's head...one of the comments on the pic was "Is he saying, Lazarus, come forth?" I thought that was pretty classic. :) Can't wait for him to meet Tilly!
    by trolleem at 05/21/10 10:46AM