New Blog!
  • Yes, I have finally gone and got myself some proper web hosting.
  • No, I won't abandon pleonast, I still think it's great.

JobTrawler 0.2

My latest project:
Blurb: JobTrawler is a free job search application. If JobTrawler has a plugin for the site(s) you normally browse, it could save you significant time (perhaps hours) each day, leaving you more time to spend on the phone talking to agencies.

How to Destroy The Earth

JTable selection behaviour

If you need a Java JTable to have the following behaviour:
  • click to select a row
  • click on the same row to deselect
  • never having more than one row selected

.. then add this to your subclassed JTable:

    public void changeSelection(int rowIndex, int columnIndex, boolean toggle, boolean extend) {
if (getSelectedRow() == rowIndex) {
super.changeSelection(rowIndex, columnIndex, !extend, extend);
} else {
super.changeSelection(rowIndex, columnIndex, false, extend);

(inspired by David Shay's weblog)

Still JobHunting...

Four weeks since getting back from holiday, and I'm still looking for a new job (the startup that I was working for folded while I was away).

When not busy looking, I've been writing some Java apps to help me find a job:

JobTrawler and AgencyWatch.

Other than that, John and Ellie came over to Highgate for lunch the other day at the Angel, and we're off down to Brighton on May 28/29th to stay with Ian and see people. I'm really looking forward to that - it's been too long.