Iron Bowl 2008 is now part of the history books, and what a game it was. The final score was 36-0 in Alabama’s favor, the first time Alabama has EVER defeated Auburn in Tuscaloosa in the Iron Bowl. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the game, though it seemed to me that Auburn just wasn’t playing their best game, and Alabama took advantage of every opportunity to score points, as it should be for any team. Whatever Nick Saban is doing, it is working. Alabama is currently undefeated and will face Florida next week in the Southeastern Conference Championship Game against Florida on Saturday in Atlanta. I have to admit, I had hopes the Tide would win this one, but honestly I never thought it would be such a big win. My wife thinks Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville wont be back but that’s not what some people are saying. Either way, Auburn suffered a big loss, and thanks to Saban’s shrewd time-out call before an Auburn field goal kick, never managed to put any points on the board.

ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!

GO BAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bekka
    "ROLL TIDE" that was a good game!
    by bekka at 11/30/08 3:31PM
  • 2teach2day
    I think that time-out call by Nick Saban should become the "official" handwave of all Alabama fans. They should fly a picture of it atop flag poles all over the state including the capital and make T-shirts. What a game!!! OK, I must say after going to bible study class at Jeremy's Jessica's congregation in South Carolina, I came away realizing that I am a Christian and I must be careful how I conduct myself even when it comes to being an Alabama fan. However, I would like to add that I am wondering if the teacher was a Clemson fan who is still sour about Bama beating them this year. Just kidding:-) The bible class made me realize that I did not need to make a huge poster and place it in the office at the school where I worked. Being a Christian means I need to think about others and their feelings and Auburn fans have to be feeling pretty lousy right now.
    by 2teach2day at 11/30/08 8:20PM
  • gaholman
    Happy New Year!
    by gaholman at 01/03/09 1:48PM

ALABAMA DOES IT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Score: Alabama 32, Miss. State 7

Welcome to the Saban Nation !!!!!

NEXT !!!!!!!!

ROLL TIDE !!!!!!!!!
  • bekka
    thanks for the info!
    by bekka at 11/17/08 4:14PM
  • bekka
    by bekka at 11/17/08 4:15PM
  • 2teach2day
    Thanks! Seems as though the memory is the first thing to go. I can't seem to remember what the next thing is. And as for the "Tide". Yep, I hope we are going to roll over some tigers next week.
    by 2teach2day at 11/22/08 3:09PM
  • andtheking
    yes, we don't use our VCR that much anymore, but we do use it as a second tuner (when I'm recording something and Jacob wants to watch something else). Our Tivo is old and only has one tuner. We'll probably have to replace it.
    by andtheking at 11/24/08 6:49PM
  • 2teach2day
    and after taking the tigers out to the woodshed then send them back to the plains to lick their losing wounds:-) ROLL TIDE
    by 2teach2day at 11/26/08 10:23PM
  • 2teach2day
    That Lola is beautiful. I wanted to hold her, but she had just woke up. I can relate. I am not friendly when I first wake up either.
    by 2teach2day at 11/26/08 10:24PM

Fun Job!

We’ve been really busy at work lately. Football season is winding down and we still have a few more games to go but sales continue with basketball sponsorships, holiday greetings and other promotions. Tomorrow we will give away about 17 pairs of tickets to the Reba McEntire/Kelly Clarkson concert at the BJCC this Friday. It has to be one of the most successful and fastest selling promotions we’ve done this year since I’ve been with the station. We will also be having a Dollywood promotion, AND one of those winners will also win two nights free accommodations for a Smoky Mountain Christmas. We also have plans in the works to help a needy family this year but we haven’t nailed down all the last minute details yet. What a fun job!

This Sunday morning I will be speaking at my home congregation. The lesson is based on Psalm 23. Our Sunday morning teacher in the adult class has been asking us to read or recite this famous psalm before each class on Sunday. I didn’t plan to do a lesson on this subject but when I ran across some information this week, I thought it might be a good study and may even help a little.

Hannah lost a front tooth in church Sunday night. It just fell out, and it’s not even the one we thought would come out first. The other one is just barely hanging on so we figure it will be next. She looks funny with a tooth missing. She’s doing really well in first grade and made the A honor roll for the second time this year. She loves to read (just like dear old Dad) and always has a book in her hand. She likes drawing and writing too, which her dad also did when he was her age. Now if she would just stop talking for five minutes straight……….

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away. One of my pet peeves is when certain retail stores, which shall remain nameless (WAL-MART) start putting up Christmas decorations the first week of November and start PLAYING CHRISTMAS MUSIC for TWO SOLID MONTHS. I like Christmas music………….in DECEMBER.
Come on, guys, let us enjoy one holiday for a few weeks before you start ramming another one down our throats.

Okay I feel better now.

How’s life in your world?

Goober says hey.
  • bekka
    Sure would love to get my hands on some of those tickets. I know you will do a GREAT job sundy morning .....hey it's in your blood what can I say. the other day as I was cleaning out a drawer i ran across a small bag full of baby teeth from the girls. strange the things we tend to save. As for christmas the mall here already has the decorations up. It is early, but I'll say one things you does start putting you in the mood, and sometimes I need that extra push. Now for how are things in my world, Henry is enjoying his new job, although it's not closer to home, thankgoodness the gass has come down, hope it stays that way. I will be haveing 2 back teeth removed friday morning, "Boy" do I dread that, I know I'll be a ball of nerves by friday, I try to keep my mind busy so that it doesen't wonder over to that. have a good rest of the week.
    by bekka at 11/12/08 8:31AM
  • jake28
    Hey Terrell! Glad to know things are going well for you. I'm sure you'll do a good job with Psalm 23. Is Brewer teaching ths Sunday morning class? You should take a picture of Hannah without her front tooth and send it to us! We miss y'all and hope all is well. Keep in touch!
    by jake28 at 11/12/08 4:00PM
  • jake28
    Tell Becky & Hannah "Hi" for us!
    by jake28 at 11/12/08 4:01PM


Last night I kept hoping I would wake up and this would all be just a bad dream. When I woke up this morning, I realized it was all real. While I am glad our country is at a point where we can elect a man to office without regard to the color of his skin, at the same time it does make me a bit concerned and anxious as to where we are going. The intellectual side of me, as small and miniscule as it may be, knows and realizes that God is in control and that He has a plan for us. Still, it helps to hear it from someone other than myself occasionally.

I refuse to associate with those who are considered “Eeyores”, those citizens of this nation who insist on wallowing in gloom-and-doom speculation, and refuse to look for a silver lining in the clouds, who shun any thought of hope for America. I know Americans, and I know we are a strong, resilient people. We may be down, we may suffer loss, but we will not stay down for good.

I know that the tone of this post seems to swing back and forth from shock and disbelief, and discouragement, to resolve and guarded optimism. That’s because I am still trying to digest the news of this election. I am quite frankly, stunned. I’ve read numerous articles and reports that argued convincingly that McCain would win, and gave what I believed to be valid reasons why. Obviously they were wrong. It will take me a few days to sort all this out and get over the shock.

Any and all encouraging words are most welcome.
  • cmay
    Maybe God in His righteousness sees His will better be carried out by Obama. And no I have no idea what that would be.
    by cmay at 11/06/08 5:54AM
  • bekka
    After listening to all the presidental debats, I for one believe Obama will be a fine president. I believe there will be some good from this.
    by bekka at 11/06/08 7:51AM
  • bekka
    I think middle-class America needs Obama, we all strugle with healthcare, job loss, gass prices, and so much more. I have to believe things will get better, maybe not over night , but with time, other wise it will be easy to get discourged. God will take care of us.... as cmay said maybe God sees Obama as the better for us.
    by bekka at 11/06/08 8:15AM
  • jeremy_bailey
    1st off, I'm not so sure that many of the votes BO recieved was not in regards to the color of his skin. It just wasn't in the direction that would have been seen in years past. We must pray for BO as a leader and get behind him as a Christian. Perhaps when he takes office, he will see things differently as he will have THE birds eye view. Maybe he will realize windfall profits taxes on oil companies will only be a tax on the common man through higher gas prices.
    by jeremy_bailey at 11/06/08 9:35AM

Just In Case You Haven't Seen This.. attorney named Philip J. Berg filed a suit against Barack Obama and the DNC a few weeks ago, alleging that Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen of the U.S. and therefore, is not qualified to be President of the United States. He has a website:

If you check it today, he states that Mr. Obama and the DNC filed a motion to dismiss a few weeks ago, but the case is still pending......and now he says that the time given to Barack Obama to respond has expired, which means all allegations are admitted, according to Mr. Berg.

Go to the website and see for yourself:

I wonder what happens next.....???

  • jeremy_bailey
    Obama's camp will produce something that says he was born here whether it is legitimate or not. Bad thing about this election is somebody is going to win.
    by jeremy_bailey at 10/25/08 2:19PM
  • rosycheeks
    by rosycheeks at 10/29/08 9:43PM