know one know who i am lol??? im king or wait queen of the world hahahahaha!!!!!
  • dr_corndog
    I adore corndogs.
    by dr_corndog at 10/20/08 11:18PM
  • bekka
    I know who you are......
    by bekka at 10/21/08 11:49AM
  • pleovillin
    I hope no one does not smell. Speaking of no one, I hear he's got a new blog- 'ts called doyouknowwhoiam.
    by pleovillin at 10/22/08 5:12PM
  • mr_jobs
    It's no use pretending. I've called your bluff.
    by mr_jobs at 10/25/08 11:36PM
  • justjenn
    I know that you don't use proper wording in sentences. For example: Your entry should read "noone know who I am"
    by justjenn at 10/29/08 12:00PM
  • justjenn
    I think you are the person who is letting the personalities known as mr_jobs, mr_gates, pleovillan, pleo_hero, pleo_sidekick, and all the other no names use his body so that they can talk and try to act human.
    by justjenn at 10/30/08 8:23AM
  • pleovillin
    no-name? NO-name? oh, it's on.
    by pleovillin at 10/30/08 9:38PM
  • doyouknowwhoiam
    justjenn are u made cause ur not cool like us!!!! awww its not cute!!!!! some poelpe like to call me the shark
    by doyouknowwhoiam at 11/11/08 11:38AM
  • mr_jobs
    I have a name, thank you very much. It's Steve.
    by mr_jobs at 12/03/08 11:31PM


You will never know?
  • iluvsunflowers
    NO i must say that i indeed do not know who you are but i can guess *glares*
    by iluvsunflowers at 10/11/08 12:24AM
  • mbeiro88
    hmmmmmm i dont know
    by mbeiro88 at 10/11/08 11:06AM
  • dr_corndog
    by dr_corndog at 10/11/08 11:24AM
  • dr_corndog
    Well, I'm all right.
    by dr_corndog at 10/11/08 4:28PM
  • bekka
    i'm good and how are you?
    by bekka at 10/11/08 6:38PM
  • deusvitae
    by deusvitae at 10/11/08 9:10PM
  • mr_jobs
    I know who you are. I see through your disguise.
    by mr_jobs at 10/11/08 9:59PM
  • pleovillin
    you're cole slaw, and I'm the fork.
    by pleovillin at 10/12/08 2:11PM
  • indiansgothedistance
    I know who you are!!!! I'v got you.
    by indiansgothedistance at 10/14/08 12:10PM
  • doyouknowwhoiam
    lol u will never know lol
    by doyouknowwhoiam at 10/14/08 8:59PM
  • al_gore
    Whoa! Who is this?
    by al_gore at 10/15/08 12:01AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    A little birdy came and told. But I must say you are very sneaky. So whatcha doing this weekend?
    by indiansgothedistance at 10/15/08 9:18AM
  • mr_jobs
    Do you take me for a fool? If I answer, you'll simply claim that you're the other, regardless of whether I'm right. But I will not be made to look a fool in front of my followers!
    by mr_jobs at 10/15/08 2:40PM
  • hero2002
    by hero2002 at 10/15/08 10:57PM
  • pleovillin
    I don't really have a comment, I just had to burp and I didn't wanna stink up my own blog.
    by pleovillin at 10/16/08 10:43PM