The World of Silence

It's been my theory for years that most people have a ghostly story to tell. Everyone that I have met through the years had a ghost story or two and was kind enough to share them with me. I have a few and I'm sure that you, the stranger reading this, may have one as well... If so, feel free to tell the ghostly tale.
Obviously I enjoy studying the paranormal. The books I'm currently reading are The Physics of Angels by Matthew Fox & Rupert Sheldrake and The Ghost Hunter's Favorite Cases by Hans Holzer.
I am a Christian, if you were wondering. I was recently asked what I considered to be my "Life Verse." To me, that is a difficult question to answer... I don't have a "Life Verse" but more than one, Matthew 18:15-20 . If you have a "Life Verse" feel free to comment.
My name is Mike and I look forward to reading any comments, especially any tales of ghostly encounters or letting me know your "Life Verse." Until then...

Rock on,

DJ Silence.