Much updating and changes are occuring. New floor, new paint and the island cabinets are getting a makeover of their sides and back. Wished I remembered how to upload photos to Pleo.
  • lori_in_pa
    And The Husband is up early and off to fight the forces of economic attrition. I love you.
    by lori_in_pa at 12/20/10 6:35AM
  • snoopy
    by snoopy at 12/20/10 10:16AM
  • sallyanne
    Sounds wonderful!
    Happy Holidays!
    by sallyanne at 12/21/10 11:42AM
  • disastermaster
    Painting is done, now for some woodwork and trim to finish the floor.
    by disastermaster at 12/22/10 6:26AM
  • sirtarin
    Well, if you still would like to know how to post pictures to Pleo, I can help with that. Just ask! =)
    by sirtarin at 08/16/11 3:22PM

I am joining the Whig party.

I saw the Whig picture on a friend’s blog and borrowed. It sums up my feelings on the political process very well. Though I am a Republican, I am not really thrilled with them. I keep hoping that the Democrats go so far left that they loop around and become conservative, but I don’t have much hope. As for the Tea Party folks, some of them are a little scary considering the fact they did not even vet some of their folks before they ran. Come on folks, that is rule number one when declaring your candidacy; do you have any skeletons in your closet? Anyway, if nothing else, maybe we can get a new Speaker of the House after tomorrow.
  • ed
    the more i read the Bible, the less interested I am in politics. I think if Jesus or Moses were living in America today they would not be impressed....and I think most 'Conservative Christians' would label them socialist.
    by ed at 11/22/10 7:48AM

Don't faint....

I know it has been a while since I posted a real update, but time has been at a premium. It has been noticeable more and more people seem to be migrating to Face book, but I really enjoy those of you who still have been writing on Pleo. Pleo still allows for more complete thoughts and understanding of people thus making it more enjoyable then Face book’s format. Also, it might be a partial fact that folks on my Pleo friends list are trying to follow Christ. Anyway, on to a real update.
I am recovering from surgery. Nothing serious, in fact described as very minor, but very painful in the end. Pain medications are working, but I do not like the way they make me feel and I really do not like the way I feel when I don’t take them. Anyway, I am off work for two weeks, but not for an enjoyable reason.

After taking a year off due to a heavy work load requirement as part of a project I was on for work, I am back to taking classes. One in June and July on natural disaster, one running from July to October on Meteorology, and one in August to September on emergency medical services during disasters. This will be a 10 hour load in less than six months which is the most I have tried to take so far. We shall see how this works out.

To add to my work load for college, I am also not only teaching the Level 4 class at church, but have a student teacher. My son Jonathan is my student teacher. He has had to step up to the plate with me being out sick which means I have not been able to see how he is doing, but I have complete confidence in his abilities as teaching seems to be an area where he excels. I expected to teach last night, but was unable to, so he did not get as much preparation time as he would have liked. When talking to him when he came home, it sounded like things went well for him.

As for hobbies; I continue to mark money and track it through Where’ My statistics are coming up as I am now ranked 233 out of 7,654 users in PA and ranked 4,756 worldwide. For the sake of all those “Georgers” who enjoy this cheap, and mind you legal, hobby, please enter any marked bills you find. If you want, add a little note about where, how or when you found it. A hit from a new state or county or one with an interesting remark is like a hole-in-one for a golfer.

On the gardening front; the worm farm is progressing well, but I am having trouble figuring out when to add more food. The worms seem to not be interested in the new food I add, but then suddenly they will have devoured it. I cannot figure out a pattern for them yet. Then again, I might never work my way up to a “worm-whisper” of the sorts.

Well, time for more pain meds and I should work on some of my college stuff. Have a great day as you follow Christ in all your endeavors.
  • ajsb
    I am so proud of you for being such a good person and continuing your education.....keep up the good work....Now do the sleep center thing for your health!!!!!!
    by ajsb at 06/25/10 4:34PM
  • lyndie
    Didn't know you'd had surgery, but I'm glad it's over and I hope the recovery will go well... and fast.

    I have to tell you, the worm whisperer cracked me up. I may have a new "title" to link you with on my friends list. :)

    So I know you're in school, but what degree are you aiming for? Good luck with the new classes!
    by lyndie at 06/29/10 2:06AM
  • lyndie
    Hah! "Packin' heat" is actually D's influence on me. :P But I do remember some handgun shooting practice up at Paintrock with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Rick.
    by lyndie at 06/29/10 10:50AM
  • laurar209
    I get quite a bit of enjoyment from reading your blog. It never fails to amaze me you have a worm farm.
    by laurar209 at 07/16/10 9:33PM
  • lyndie
    Well, the problem is that the four pot lights are also on the same wire as the the to-be-ceiling fan. So if I want to get power to the fan, it automatically means the pot lights have to be on. Which is no good during the day when I need the fan, but don't need the lights.
    by lyndie at 08/11/10 8:45PM

Lori update

For those of you who knew and for those who did not know, Lori underwent exploratory surgery this morning after having two bouts of extreme abdominal pain in the past month. I just spoke to the doc and there is good news and somewhat bad mixed together. He said everything looked good and he saw no problems which is good and bad. There was nothing he could point to as causing her recent problems. He did make two upgrades to a past surgery since they have changed some things since 10 years ago. One of the upgrades might solve the problem she recently had, but he cannot be 100% sure. The other one might solve another minor problem she has had to take medication on occasion to correct. While both minor corrections, I pray they will be great improvements for her. Lori is now in recovery and due to the distance of the drive home, the doc wants to keep her here for the night.

Thank you for all the prayers, love and concern.
  • somebodystolemybday
    Hope and pray that she makes a full recovery!
    by somebodystolemybday at 05/13/10 4:46PM
  • ethantweedie14
    by ethantweedie14 at 05/13/10 4:55PM
  • lromanic
    not walk inside the freezer? that just wouldn't be right ;)

    by lromanic at 05/15/10 8:29AM
  • lyndie
    Thinking of you guys and hoping Lori's recovery is going well. Love you all!
    by lyndie at 05/24/10 4:24PM
  • mayflower
    Houston water is like Tampa water - tastes dreadful. I think it has to do with the high water table and poor drainage.
    by mayflower at 06/15/10 6:46AM
  • mayflower
    I think Brian would say the wife-training is going well... but you'd have to talk to him for that!

    So far, I have succeeded in training him to (nearly always) put his dirty clothes in the designated clothes basket. I've also de-bachelorized his kitchen (6 opened jars of peanut butter, all but one expired=gone; jam from 2004=gone; unidentifiable, undated object in fridge=gone) and de-bachelorized his bathroom (medicine from 1997=gone; all items identified, organized, labeled, and categorized under sink=check).

    Next up: the dining area and/or bedroom!
    by mayflower at 06/15/10 6:54AM

Small things and a big one

When some things in life are not going the way you want them, it is nice to look at the things that are no matter how small they might be. Some of the things that are going right include our worm farm. A little over a month ago we purchased a worm farm and it seems to be doing very well. If you are not familiar with these, they are bins where worms live and eat household vegetable scraps. We first heard of these from Lori’s brother Ed and have wanted to get one for a while. Our worms have been eating all kinds of stuff within the first bin and today I added an additional bin. We will begin putting the scraps in the new bin and the worms will craw up to it and start working in it. Plus, I was able to see baby worms which are a good sign. What is the benefit of keeping worms in your house? Well, it reduces trash going to the landfill (not by much, but still), the casting they leave behind are good for gardening and you can get worm tea which is liquid coming off the bins and can be used as a liquid fertilizer. Oh yeah, one other thing; you have your own bait shop and since these are red worms, they do not die when they hit the water like night crawlers do. Thus, they keep wiggling to attract the fish.

My new money tracking stamp arrived Friday. It is really cool because it has both an outline of the state and the name of our town as part of the stamp. I will have to try to post it on here. My hit rate has been running just over 7% and I have hopes this stamp will increase it. Some people are running in the 20% range, but I would be happy just to have double digits. So, if you see a Where’s George bill, please help the “Georger” out by taking the time to enter it. You do not even have to register on the web site to enter bills, but if you do, you will be able to see when the bill gets entered in the future. It is a great hobby and a whole lot cheaper than most other hobbies.
Speaking of hobbies, I got a sweet deal on a set of reloading dies that will be used to reload ammunition for one of my rifles. Not that I reload, I have a friend who does it and we have worked out a deal where I buy the supplies and he does the reloading. The cost is more than half the cost of new shells and I got the dies for half the cost of a new set. So, they will pay for themselves in 50-60 rounds.

Thus, while the weekend is not going the way I planned, there are some great positives even though they are small. There is one great thing that is happening this weekend that is not small; there is a new congregation beginning in Waynesboro, PA. Not much is as exciting as a new work beginning especially in the NE where congregations are so few and far between. Please keep this congregation in your prayers as they are the only group in Franklin County. Maybe someday we can have a congregation of the Lord’s people in each of PA’s 67 counties.
  • lori_in_pa
    Your post is an extended version of Alyssa's happy things. You glass-half-full, growing man, you! And, I always love me a glass-half-full, growing man...
    by lori_in_pa at 05/02/10 5:29AM
  • ed
    all good things! it was good to chat with you for a bit this morning. we'll be praying for you and the new work!
    by ed at 05/04/10 4:11AM