Just for Katrina

Yes, it has been quite awhile since I last updated and many things have been happening around here. The fall always seems to be busy, but for me, this year probably more so than any other, since I've had children. I have enjoyed so many days just being a mom. I have really enjoyed watching my baby boy in his mellow ways take in this new world around him, I have laughed (and cried) at the many antics my rambunctious, middle child seems to do on almost a daily basis, and I have truly enjoyed watching my daughter turn in to such a young and helpful little lady. I also took on a new part time teaching job in September. I have enjoyed being back in the classroom and teaching, but I especially like the set up this year where I can truly do both jobs I love, teaching in the classroom & being at home with my kids. :) From Thanksgiving through New Year, our family tends to be on the move and traveling quite a bit. This last trip we loaded up the van and maxed it out to capcity. Lots of fun insued! This first week of the new year I've been just trying to catch up on some much needed rest. lol... To finish out this week I will be celebrating my birthday. Yay! We'll actually be doing Christmas with Ryan's family since his parents were out of town the last couple of weeks. It'll be a fun family night. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

And just to add....

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  • windham4life
    yay you updated!! The holiday times are always real busy. But it was so much fun! Hope you have a happy birthday, and also have fun at Christmas with the Griffiths. :) Your children are awesome!
    by windham4life at 01/08/10 8:22AM
  • csusoftballgirl
    Happy Birthday!
    by csusoftballgirl at 01/08/10 9:06AM
  • cmdl
    Happy birthday! :p
    by cmdl at 01/08/10 9:49AM
  • blueeyes
    Happy Birthday! Your children are adorable!
    by blueeyes at 01/08/10 9:54AM
  • kendralulu
    Cute pictures! Happy Birthday!!! ~ I had a good time with you & your kids on Tuesday; we need to do it again soon! :)
    by kendralulu at 01/08/10 10:29AM
  • adeline
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by adeline at 01/08/10 1:00PM
  • misslynn
    Happy Birthday! It must be nice (although tiring) to have so many holiday events. Have a good time with the Griffiths:)
    by misslynn at 01/08/10 1:17PM
  • tylerhairston
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS DIANNA!!! :) You go girl!!! I have the cutest baby cousins in the entire world!!! Give them hugs for me and tell Ryan I said aloha!!! :) No wild parties ya hear! ;) Wink!
    by tylerhairston at 01/08/10 1:58PM
  • pistal77
    Happy Birthday!
    by pistal77 at 01/08/10 5:17PM
  • janarrod
    happy birthday dianna!!
    by janarrod at 01/08/10 5:24PM
  • janarrod
    oh good post too...love the pics!! cant wait for school to start back...Emma is ready. :)
    by janarrod at 01/08/10 5:25PM
  • tortilla
    happy happy bday to my wonderful friend! those pics are beautimous!!
    by tortilla at 01/08/10 6:08PM
  • melissakaye
    I can't believe how big your children are getting...they are so precious!
    by melissakaye at 01/09/10 12:52AM
  • ewalker
    Cute pics of your kids. It was really good to see you guys last Sunday night, I hope we can hang out sometime soon! Did you have a fun bday?
    by ewalker at 01/12/10 4:21PM
  • pistal77
    I enjoyed spending time with yall. esp the little guys.
    by pistal77 at 01/25/10 6:53PM
  • pistal77
    I thought we were going to

    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

    by pistal77 at 02/03/10 5:35PM
  • pistal77
    check your email!!
    by pistal77 at 02/04/10 6:48PM
  • anutty
    Crystal is going to be busy! Your kids are precious!!
    by anutty at 02/26/10 10:19PM
  • windham4life
    Have we thought any more about where we want to go on our girls trip?
    by windham4life at 03/10/10 9:47AM
  • windham4life
    As tired as I am after having Katie and Ben for a mere 3 days, I miss them already!! It was sad coming home to a quiet lonely house. At least we have the dogs! haha... (and Jesse, of course) :D
    by windham4life at 03/17/10 10:02PM

A night of stitches and witches

Today was full of a lot of fun & craziness. Thanks to my sister for thinking of me when her friend couldn't make it to the play Wicked. I got to have a fun filled night out with her and her friends and really enjoyed the play.
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Before I even had the chance to get ready, though, Ryan and I spent time in the urgent care with Ben getting stitches. :/ Poor boy tripped and fell right into the coffee table. This has been the first "major injury" any of our kids have had....so far. There's still time for more. ;)
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After a busy and fun evening, I leave you with this....
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Good night to all and sweet dreams!!
  • blueeyes
    Hope Ben is feeling better! So glad you got to have a girls night out!
    by blueeyes at 08/21/09 12:43PM
  • melissakaye
    Poor little Ben! I'm so glad that he didn't injure his eye! Carter is getting so big!!! I love your profile picture...beautiful children!!!
    by melissakaye at 08/21/09 4:26PM
  • windham4life
    poor Benji!! Wicked was really good!! I enjoyed it. and luckily I made it to work on time today. haha :) love the pics of the babies!! Carter is already getting big!
    by windham4life at 08/21/09 6:29PM
  • pistal77
    glad that all is well!
    by pistal77 at 08/21/09 7:13PM
  • anutty
    Chad fell into the fireplace about that age! Stitches too. I loved Wicked. Jim, Amanda and I went to San Antonio in June!
    by anutty at 08/22/09 10:40PM
  • curlie
    Poor little guy!
    by curlie at 08/23/09 9:42PM
  • ladidodd
    i really want to see wicked! and my stomach just turned reading about the stitches... im definitely not a nurse and im pretty sure i will pass out if i see blood anywhere near or on reese!!! aaaahhhh!!!
    by ladidodd at 08/24/09 10:51AM
  • padfoot
    Hes the one whos going to cost you the most in urgent care just like me!! haha!
    by padfoot at 08/24/09 9:47PM
  • melissakaye
    I don't remember if this is the same website, but this will absolutely work...thank you so much!
    by melissakaye at 08/25/09 12:32AM
  • carrie326
    when is your scavenger hunt going to be I want to go ahead and mark it on my calender
    by carrie326 at 09/02/09 1:14PM
  • pistal77
    that's right carrie has a point!! I will help if you do one.
    by pistal77 at 09/03/09 6:47PM
  • tylerhairston
    I want some spaghetti!!! Me so hungry for your yummy food!! Miss you guys! Hope ya'll are doing good! :)
    by tylerhairston at 09/16/09 5:23PM
  • tylerhairston
    That scavenger hunt thing sounds fun!!! I am debating on whether or not to do another halloween party out at Gran's this year. We had a blast last year so I think another party would be fun! It also kind of depends on the football schedules and everyone's availablity.
    by tylerhairston at 09/21/09 1:46PM
  • bekahv
    Oh no! I'm not looking forward to scary accidents! Hope yall are doing well. See you this weekend!
    by bekahv at 09/24/09 1:10PM
  • tylerhairston
    Hey Dianna! Long time no see! Me miss you longtime!!! I actually don't think I am going to be able to make it down this next weekend. :( I came into town this weekend because I needed to get a new cell phone (my old one broke) and to take care of some other work related stuff. I probably wont be back in town until Thanksgiving :( But, I greatly appreciate the invite and if something changes between now and then I will definitley give you a call. Hope you guys are doing good! Tell everyone I said "Hello" and give the kiddos a hug for me!
    by tylerhairston at 10/24/09 3:45PM
  • tadtheaggie
    poor dude!!
    by tadtheaggie at 11/02/09 5:57PM
  • kendralulu
    Thanks for coming to the shower today; it was good seeing you!! :)
    by kendralulu at 12/12/09 2:26PM
  • tortilla
    by tortilla at 12/24/09 12:47AM
  • csusoftballgirl
    It was great seeing you at the Silver Spoon Cafe today. The food was so yummy!!!
    by csusoftballgirl at 01/04/10 4:51PM
  • windham4life
    happy happy birthday :)
    by windham4life at 01/07/10 11:48PM

07/30/09 11:47AM

Happy birthday to my baby sister!!!
  • windham4life
    yay! Happy birthday ka-chacha :)
    by windham4life at 07/30/09 7:00PM
  • pistal77
    your picture makes me laugh. every time i see it, i think ben is eating katie's head.
    by pistal77 at 08/13/09 10:53PM

A new update :)

Obviously, I have not been good about keeping up with my pleo blog these days. Adding a baby to our mix as well as having an active 2 year old boy running around here has kept me more on my toes and less on the net. That's not a bad thing, though! :) Late nights are common here. Once we get the two older kids to bed and enjoy having some mommy & daddy down time, I try to pick up what I can from the day and then feed baby around 1 or 1:30am. I know eventually Carter we'll sleep longer between feedings and not need this feeding, but for now this is working for us. Atleast I get some things picked up before bed! :) So....before I head off to sleep, here is an updated picture of our kiddos. It was taken about a week and a half ago so as you can imagine Carter only keeps changing and growing! Hope all is well with everyone out there! All of you have a great summer!

  • misslynn
    Your kids are so special! Of course they would have to be with such special parents :)
    by misslynn at 07/24/09 9:01AM
  • curlie
    Beautiful! I can't believe how big they all are! We used to do the 1/1:30 feeding with Nate too; why go to sleep at midnight if they're going to get up an hour later? Makes sense to me!
    by curlie at 07/24/09 9:28AM
  • melissakaye
    Adorable kids! :)
    by melissakaye at 07/24/09 10:46AM
  • blueeyes
    They are so sweet!
    by blueeyes at 07/24/09 2:00PM
  • muldoon202
    Great pic of your three little blessings!
    by muldoon202 at 07/24/09 4:22PM
  • pistal77
    sweet kids
    by pistal77 at 07/24/09 8:58PM
  • anutty
    I certainly understand how busy life is, but seeing that pic, it is all worth it! (Most of the time! ha!)
    by anutty at 07/24/09 10:15PM
  • iamchriswindham
    I want to come see them tomorrow!
    by iamchriswindham at 07/24/09 10:29PM
  • windham4life
    That is an adorable picture!!! I can't wait to come see them :)
    by windham4life at 07/24/09 11:55PM
  • windham4life
    haha...you're on too? :) I just updated, but going to bed soon, I think. :P I was so tired today that I took 2 long naps, so that makes it a little harder to go to bed now!
    by windham4life at 07/25/09 1:00AM
  • ewalker
    What a great picture! B is looking older ;) I am so glad that I have gotten to see you so much lately.
    by ewalker at 07/25/09 1:18PM
  • kendralulu
    They are so cute!! Jacob was giving Katie kisses this morning! :)
    by kendralulu at 07/26/09 2:00PM
  • adeline
    adorable! they all look like u and ryan! both boys especially look like ryan :)
    by adeline at 07/26/09 6:46PM

Baby Carter is here!!

He was born at 1:42pm on June 11th.

Here's a link to just a FEW pictures we have of new baby Carter. All is great. More than anything I am very tired. :/ Hope everyone else is well!

Baby Carter pictures
  • jlorizado
    congrats!!! im so glad he is here! hope you are doing alright as well!!
    by jlorizado at 06/14/09 3:51PM
  • ladidodd
    yea!!! :)
    by ladidodd at 06/14/09 8:20PM
  • ewalker
    by ewalker at 06/14/09 10:19PM
  • melissakaye
    by melissakaye at 06/15/09 12:50AM
  • dts
    by dts at 06/15/09 8:54AM
  • misslynn
    Got 'em! Thanks!! The pictures are GREAT :)
    by misslynn at 06/15/09 8:59AM
  • texastina
    So cute!! Congratulations!! Looks like I need to make a trip to CP soon to meet the newest member of your family!
    by texastina at 06/15/09 12:51PM
  • bekahv
    by bekahv at 06/15/09 2:06PM
  • pistal77
    cute pictures of the little guy
    by pistal77 at 06/15/09 9:59PM
  • tortilla
    oh and boy is he cute! :) I am so glad that I got to see him AND I so hope you were all ok in the bad storm that night!
    by tortilla at 06/19/09 5:58AM
  • muldoon202
    by muldoon202 at 06/19/09 10:44PM
  • windham4life
    We'll have to come see Carter again (so I can see if he looks like me). LOL I heard that everyone thinks he looks more like our side of the family than Ryan's.
    by windham4life at 06/22/09 8:16AM
  • pistal77
    little Carter is a sweet little guy.
    by pistal77 at 06/23/09 9:42AM
  • windham4life
    Are you planning on being at Cedar Park's youth lecture tonight?
    by windham4life at 06/26/09 8:29AM
  • hillabilly
    by hillabilly at 06/29/09 10:47AM
  • blueeyes
    That is the sweetest picture up in the corner! Hope you all are adjusting well!
    by blueeyes at 07/04/09 12:42AM
  • laurie
    love your new profile pictures. hope all is well with the new addition!
    by laurie at 07/05/09 12:35AM
  • misslynn
    Your new profile picture is really cute! Who took it?
    by misslynn at 07/06/09 5:31PM
  • little_momma
    What a sweet family! I'll send your coupons out Monday!
    by little_momma at 07/18/09 8:57PM
  • adeline
    that picture is so cute! :)
    by adeline at 07/23/09 9:20AM