Home Sweet Home

Since May 3rd Shannon has been in the hospital, we came home Friday the 28th. 2 surgeries, May 7th (3+ hours)and May 14th (5 hours). 5 days in PICU.

We are home recovering, working closely with visiting nurses. We will be making a lot of doctor visits, in the days and months to come. But first things first, get her strength back from the surgeries. Further down the road, we will deal with the cancer diagnosis, but it looks like all the cancer has been surgically removed and there is no upside to Chemo and Radiation isn't an option. I have asked our oncologist to seek second opinions from Houston (MD Anderson) and Baltimore (Johns Hopkins)

I hope to start getting into a more normal work schedule as I haven't worked out in the field since April 29.

I can't tell you how this difficult month has been made easier, by my company who, from the VP on down, has told me I only have one job and that is to take care of my wife. My Neighborhood, who have mulched, mowed, picked up kids, planted flowers etc. My biological family, close and far have done so much. The bodies of Christ near and far, in prayer, kind words and good deeds have helped with this heavy burden. And finally, I am thankful for health insurance.

Thanks to all of you for all that you have done! You all are truly a blessing from God.
  • derbydi
    I'm sure this has turned your world upside-down. Hope Shannon has a quick, full recovery! We continue to pray for all of you. Hope you guys get back to some normalcy soon.
    by derbydi at 05/31/10 3:17PM
  • theeditor
    YAY! Thinking of you all daily.
    by theeditor at 05/31/10 4:28PM
  • textilet
    We are really looking forward to seeing you in less than a month!
    by textilet at 05/31/10 10:42PM
  • themother
    I'm a friend of Tina from Atlanta -- our prayers are with you and your family. It's great to hear of bosses who have their priorities straight!
    by themother at 06/03/10 10:28AM
  • chickadee
    I hope you all can hear the words I cannot express.
    by chickadee at 06/04/10 1:47AM
  • chickadee
    I HAVE been throwing things out, and giving things away. So far two rooms are in use that were totally inaccessible when I came here. Then the neighbor came back over with some stupid little cards I gave one of the kids and said, "Do you know how much these are worth on the internet?" that is pretty much when the desire to scream first kicked in!
    by chickadee at 07/26/10 8:51PM
  • chickadee
    and by the way.... yeah sure. I think I'll come share my petty little grievances on you....You're a sweet heart for offering though....Besides I already know your answer by heart...."Get rid of it."
    by chickadee at 07/31/10 10:07PM
  • chickadee
    Scott, if you would REALLY like to help me, I just got a wonderful idea. I would love to put my children's songs on PowerPoint, but I have never used it and have no clue how to accomplish what I have in mind.

    If you love God,
    Then you must show it -
    Obey Him.
    If you love God,
    Then you must show it -
    Obey Him.
    If you obey Him everyday,
    Then the world will see the way
    That you love God
    And you show it
    by chickadee at 08/03/10 8:57AM
  • chickadee
    when y'all are back in town, may I come see Miss Shannon?
    by chickadee at 08/03/10 9:47AM
  • derbydi
    Exactly! And I actually thought of that after I posted. I was going to say that parents of young kids have no idea what they're in for! Tee hee!
    by derbydi at 08/17/10 9:45PM
  • derbydi
    No, it's not. It would be nice if it were. And I had that same thought last night in Bible class! Let me know if you find one!
    by derbydi at 08/19/10 10:36AM
  • chickadee
    I've been expecting that comment. LOL. You are indeed a fortunate man.
    by chickadee at 08/26/10 9:42PM
  • chickadee
    This is a link I told Shannon I would find for her. Please pass it on.

    by chickadee at 08/26/10 11:28PM
  • chickadee
    Dude, we really need to stop playing hospital tag team with our families--- it is really annoying. Lish btw. Praying for your mama.
    by chickadee at 09/07/10 8:54PM
  • chickadee
    Thinking of you all. What day is sugery and what can I do? I am certainly available for phone calls, if nothing else. Oh, wow, looking at the picture above really shows how much Jared has changed.
    by chickadee at 12/28/10 2:25PM

Where to Worship in Dayton Ohio

Hey folks,
I am looking for a sound of congregation in Dayton.
  • textilet
    Ax Leslie, her daughter goes there all the time.

    How have you been?
    by textilet at 04/23/10 1:35PM
  • textilet
    Scott, has Jared been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
    by textilet at 05/11/10 6:22PM
  • textilet
    Maymester is what they call classes held in May. Fall semester, spring semester, Maymester. I'm not sure what his classes in June are called. Stay tuned...
    by textilet at 05/12/10 8:48AM
  • derbydi
    Praying for Shannon!
    by derbydi at 05/22/10 4:12PM
  • derbydi
    I am sorry for the loss of your aunt, Scott. Hope Shannon is getting better day by day!
    by derbydi at 05/26/10 8:42AM
  • bruski
    Howdy! Go to www.HebronChurchof Christ.com and you'll see them. The first one "Corruption of Mainstrem Religion" is really good. There are slides and audio files of each sermon...although the last one hasn't been preached yet. If you'd also like CDs, just let me know and I'll get 'em for ya.
    by bruski at 05/27/10 9:47PM

New Post

Stomach flu + 6 year old boy eating Valentine candy all day= Red stains in my carpet and a sleepless night for mom and dad.

Shannon and the Ladies had a get together for one of our sisters who recently earned a Dr. Degree, while working full time, while raising 3 kids, while teaching at the U of A. A party well deserved and a good time had by all.

  • derbydi
    Ewwww! Sorry to hear about the mess. Hope he is feeling better!
    Congrats to the Dr.!
    by derbydi at 02/15/10 6:46PM
  • chickadee
    Heard you and Dad were a riot last night. Come over anytime! He's got lots of "show and tell"!!!
    by chickadee at 03/11/10 7:00AM
  • chickadee
    Yes, Mom's problem is definitely not dementia, her memory is better than mine ever was.
    by chickadee at 04/12/10 7:07PM

I love my job!

This statement is true 99.5% of the time. The only part I don't like is traveling, and since it is Friday night and I am stuck in Chicago's midway airport..... I will quit complaining and thank God in Heaven above for my job, my familiy and our good health.

In other news Jared went snowboarding with the ski club for the first time this week. He did great (according to him) but most importatnly he was outside, doing physical activity and getting out of his comfort zone. All good things

Jonah finished basketball and is recovering from his busted lip that he got over the holiday break. How did he bust his lip? falling off his uncle's dip machince, and then sled riding.

Shannon started teaching this quarter,and still doesn't have cabin fever, but we will get her out this weekend weather permitting.

I will choose to count my blessings instead of complaining while sitting here at midway airport!
  • mercedesbills
    have a safe trip home!
    by mercedesbills at 01/08/10 7:05PM
  • derbydi
    We can totally relate! Happy New Year!
    by derbydi at 01/12/10 2:11PM

My face coming to a post office near you soon

I stopped at the Ellet IGA for some last minute things for the holiday dinners total 9.47, I handed her a $10, she goes to run her little marker over it and I say “ It should be good I just printed them this morning”. Her brown marker doesn’t change to yellow.... whoops, she turns to her fellow cashier This guy is passing a counterfeit $10 what should I do? I said hold on I got another one see if it is good, it is. MMMMM they looked the same to me! She refuses to give me counterfeit $10 , but after a short conversation with her manager, she writes FAKE in big letters across the front and takes my “good” $10 and off I go.

Speaking to a banker friend later at church and she was supose to call the police, and give me a receipt for my counterfeit $10. So if anyone needs a $10.00 write off I can get you one.

Have a Merry Christmas
  • textilet
    So you lost $10? Do you know the source of your $10? Crazy!!
    by textilet at 12/24/09 1:30PM
  • theeditor
    see where bad jokes get you...
    by theeditor at 12/25/09 12:50AM
  • masschaos5
    by masschaos5 at 12/25/09 4:04PM
  • derbydi
    I always get a little nervous when they start marking on my money...ha!
    by derbydi at 12/28/09 9:59AM