09/15/14 10:50PM

Thankful for Skype ...... just wish we could give & receive BIG hugs thru Skype :-)
  • bestill
    by bestill at 09/16/14 11:36PM
  • bestill
    I can't find your FB request for ideas for the girls' class. Forget the age range. I was thinking what would have really helped ME at a younger age. My ideas are to do something toward guiding them to think about themselves as a woman making choices in the future. Maybe write a letter to themselves at 18 or 20 or something like that. Write a letter of advice to a future daughter at the age they are. Make a checklist of what to look for in their future husband. Write a checklist of who they want to be to attract a future husband. Something along those ideas.
    by bestill at 09/23/14 12:54PM

06/23/14 10:04PM

Thankful Kiley's ears are continuing to feel better....we will be getting up early tomorrow and spending most of the day helping little Miss Maryn's family. Excited for some hugs!

06/19/14 2:28AM

I feel so sad and lonely when people do not speak the truth. I wonder why, why do we have to spread false ideas about others. Why can we not just speak the truth. What are we getting out of it, because if we were not getting something out of it we probably would not be doing it. Why do we have to try to hurt someone else, someone we should probably be showing love to instead of hatred or anger. When someone starts telling me things about someone else, what do I say. Do I tell them they should talk to that person and resolve whatever is bothering them, do I respond back with "my opinion", do I believe what they are saying about someone else or maybe that they are having a bad day. My response/your response says a lot about me/you. I hope that I live my life in a way that people will not believe those false things when they are said about me. That at the least they question it. And if they do believe something it may hurt me but what really matters is what God knows to be my character.

I know I have listened to someone in the past vent about someone else and unfortunately I didn't handle it the way God would have wanted me to. I believe God would have wanted me to tell the person to go speak with the one they are having those feelings against. I knew at the time the person was going thru a difficult time and was fighting back at several that were trying to be of help. Instead of just saying go to that person and talk to them I let the person vent for a few minutes and tried to help them understand maybe others were trying to be of help the best they knew how.

I am one that keeps things inside and doesn't necessarily share with others at times. That can be good and bad. I don't feel it is my place to say negative things about someone else (friends, children, spouse) because I'm having a bad day. And let's realize we normally hurt those that are closest to us trying to do their best to help us. We need people that are striving to follow God near to us so we may ask for their prayers and support when maybe we're having a difficult time but we need to at the same time watch what we say and we don't necessarily have to tell people "my side of the story" when asking for prayers. Maybe if you need to vent write it down or talk out loud to yourself if you don't feel you can speak to the person at that time. If you really think about the situation maybe there is an underlying issue and sometimes we want to blame others or put our attention elsewhere so we don't have to face the real issue.

The devil can pull you in so many ways, we must realize when that is happening and don't choose to give in.
  • MexicanJewel
    If you ever catch me talking badly about someone, do me a favor and remind me that God will be the judge of all our works, whether good or evil. Love you.
    by MexicanJewel at 07/14/14 2:54PM

05/19/14 10:30PM

Kiley and I have been working on our "birthday surprises" for Kelsey's birthday tomorrow. The morning is suppose to start off with making a chocolate butterfinger-caramel cake and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Hoping Kelsey wakes up atleast not feeling worse tomorrow so she can enjoy the day......and all of our little surprises.

Prayers please for little Miss Maryn's Aunt Sarah- She went to the hospital early Monday morning and they had to do surgery for kidney stones. She was able to be released however went back to the hospital over night because of the excessive pain she was having. Prayers please that they will be able to help relieve her pain.

05/06/14 1:21AM

I know I've said this several times before but I'm saying it again......I'm slow sometimes at figuring things out......certain things like Kiley and her anxieties. Today was an off day for us and as the day went on she was increasingly having problems. It's difficult sometimes getting thru to her and figuring out exactly what's wrong. It actually took me all day and before she went to bed tonight we put some Young Living essential oils in the diffuser next to her bed (hoping it would help calm her so she could sleep better) and rubbed some on her neck and different points, talked, snuggled, cried and just held on to my sweetie. She had a rough couple hours before finally calming her mind (and body) down and going to sleep. It was like something heavy was lifted off her when she allowed herself to figure out what was bothering her so much. Talking about and getting our things ready for tomorrow- my uncle's funeral -have her anxieties at a high. WHY did I not see this coming. I actually was preparing myself however she seemed to be doing ok- I thought she didn't really know him so maybe that's why until talking about going to the visitation tonight and funeral tomorrow and how a catholic funeral mass is different was just too much for her. So change of plans. Hoping my backup plan works for tomorrow and if not I have a backup to that and another backup for that. In my mind one of them will work, just have to wait and see how tomorrow goes. Thankfully Kelsey is pretty flexible and will hopefully be able to keep Kiley's mind preoccupied for a couple hours. Prayers please for Kiley and also for my mom. After the funeral we will be going to the cemetery and my uncle will be buried just feet from where my dad was buried. These last few days have been difficult on my mom however like normal she's been thinking of others and what she can do to help my cousins make plans and do the various things that need done. Hopefully we will be able to go to the nursing home and visit a dear friend of mine also. He's been in the nursing home recovering from a fall a month and a half ago maybe. He holds a special place in my heart and always will.
  • bestill
    You're such a great mom! Sounds like you did everything right. The oils, the talking, snuggling, etc. It's normal to expect things to go well. I hope that the two of you, all of you, can get to a place that Kiley can begin to recognize her feelings more easily and allow you to help her work through those effectively. Love to you all.
    by bestill at 05/06/14 7:15AM
  • stitchinmom
    I ditto all of what Irlene said:) it's amazing what kids can internalize and then it just all seems to come out at once.
    by stitchinmom at 05/18/14 6:33PM