Youth Lectureship 2010


I'll be preaching at the West End congregation in Newark, Ohio this coming Sunday morning.

Topic will be: "In the beginning..."
  • cdawg
    break it down bro!
    by cdawg at 06/30/10 2:51PM
  • dr_worm
    Good topic.
    by dr_worm at 06/30/10 3:30PM

Vote now!

I'm having one of those doughnut shop moments. You know how you go in there and stare at all the different kinds and just when you think you've settled on the apple fritter your eyes spot one of those crazy iced ones with sprinkles only on one side? Which one should I choose?! ARGH!

Below are some sermon ideas that have been floating around...I am having a hard time picking. So what would you choose?

- Hello, My Name is Nehemiah (the idea of "praying as though everything depends upon God, and then working as though everything depends upon us." Being willing to become part of the answer to our prayers. Being a worker for God.)

- Life is a highway (a sermon which compares our Christian walk to that of driving a car down the straight and narrow way. Points would include: The Billboards of Temptation, "Watch out for that...!" (potholes, roadblocks, reckless drivers & slow-moving vehicles), Backseat drivers = bad (Let Jesus take the wheel), Keep your eyes on the road ahead (Check your mirrors, but don't dwell on the past), etc.)

- Was Jesus' death an accident?

- Hello, My Name is Daniel (What we can learn from the story of Daniel in the lion's den...not the adult bookstore.)

What say thee? Speak quickly.
  • hoose
    Hm. I think I'm gonna have to vote for the Nehemiah one.
    by hoose at 06/06/10 10:57PM
  • dr_worm
    First choice: Nehemiah. Second choice: Jesus' death.
    by dr_worm at 06/07/10 12:14AM
  • cdawg
    too late, but i would've picked daniel and worked in his amazing friends
    by cdawg at 06/08/10 7:14AM
  • shelbee
    You know how I am about going to the doughnut shop.....the choices are endless. ;)

    I like the Life is a highway. Before you get up to preach you could lead the congregation in that song. :)

    Seriously, good luck in your decision you will do great no matter what you choose.
    by shelbee at 06/09/10 9:12AM
  • flyonthewall
    Nehemiah. I like the analogy of the "Life is a Highway," too.
    by flyonthewall at 06/12/10 8:31AM


  • cdawg
    but they're dandy
    by cdawg at 06/01/10 11:07AM
  • madtomkidd
    Well, they're not entirely garbage. Yes, they spread like crazy, but they're edible and are great for bees!
    by madtomkidd at 06/01/10 11:16AM
  • cdawg
    plus they're lions
    by cdawg at 06/01/10 11:28AM
  • justg
    and...they allow us to make wishes...some of which come true.
    by justg at 06/01/10 1:06PM
  • dcroush
    ^ I know. Everyone thinks I really hate dandelions :)
    by dcroush at 06/01/10 2:34PM
  • cdawg
    does this mean that team roush is disbanded?
    by cdawg at 06/02/10 8:48AM
  • cdawg
    too many roush's .... mind swimming .... vertigo
    by cdawg at 06/02/10 9:59AM

To Motivate You...

Kind of...

Oh, this too...

  • dcroush
    I do have to give it to the guy, he does show the power of persistence...but, there are more effective ways to accomplish breaking a board besides smashing your head into it :)
    by dcroush at 05/25/10 11:12AM
  • rissaj
    My favorite was the office quote, where'd that go!?
    by rissaj at 05/25/10 12:58PM
  • dcroush
    I thought someone would assume I was calling the dude in the video an "idiot" (which is debatable) and so to avoid offending anyone, I took that off. :D
    by dcroush at 05/25/10 2:09PM
  • nova
    I am "loling" right now...
    by nova at 05/25/10 3:59PM
  • cdawg
    if you guys need ac come to chillicothe ..... subliminal messages .........
    by cdawg at 05/25/10 4:26PM
  • wbd
    Something is wrong with that guy....... But it's funny to watch.
    by wbd at 05/25/10 6:06PM
  • rissaj
    oh, I see. Well, as far as the other videos go; I'm not movitvated at all.
    by rissaj at 05/26/10 12:57AM