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I stopped using Pleonast pretty soon after joining and becoming active on Facebook. My last post was in 2009, and I never check what anyone else is posting here either. Decided to make this post to see if you all are still using Pleonast and reading posts. Are you?
  • praguer
    Clearly not very often, but yes, I do check in occasionally . . . . mostly to read other posts.
    by praguer at 10/14/17 3:31PM
  • theaunt
    I miss these days to be honest. Hope you are doing well!
    by theaunt at 12/05/17 7:40AM

Passengers' reports: Christmas Terrorist Attack on Northwest Flight 253

Follow these links for deeper information in the form of reports from passengers on board the threatened aircraft:


1. A passenger seated in the rear provides details and perspective in a full, compelling report, from African boarding to Detroit debriefing.
2. Report about a passenger who says a man at the Amsterdam gate requested Abdulmutallab be allowed to board without a passport.
3. CNN interview (on YouTube) with Dutch passenger Jasper Schuringa, who jumped terrorist Abdulmutallab.
  • bzyabsma
    Here's a link on there now saying that Jasper Schuringa wants more money before he does anymore interviews.
    I guess they'll be going back to "strip searching" people like they started doing right after 9/11...
    by bzyabsma at 12/29/09 10:46AM
  • dbsmelser
    Yeah, Schuringa kinda put a stain on his heroism with that approach.
    by dbsmelser at 12/29/09 11:20AM
  • laurar209
    Here's a question *completely* and shamefully unrelated to the above post, but I have strong confidence that you -- as one of the Infamous Smelser Football Players -- may know the answer. At least Nathan said you might.

    What on earth does "ESPN" stand for?!?
    by laurar209 at 01/08/10 9:58AM
  • laurar209
    And yes, I'm far too lazy to open a new window tab to google the answer. Instead I'm using all the energy I just saved by not doing so by instead writing this rather indepth explanation in an attempt to save my lazy face.
    by laurar209 at 01/08/10 9:59AM
  • dbsmelser
    lol - Hmmm, I didn't know this either, and couldn't come up with any guess at all for the E! Turns out in 1979 it began as the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Just a few years later it became simply ESPN.
    by dbsmelser at 01/08/10 11:10AM


Family, and friends of my parents, will have special interest in this post (of course, anyone is welcome to read and enjoy!).

I was finally able to visit Beaufort, SC on the Atlantic coast, where my parents lived when they were first married (1956-'59). Better, I was able to go there when Dad was going, so he could guide. He was accompanying Jeff and Libby, for a weekend meeting Jeff has there; so the four of us explored the area. Beaufort County is specially marked by three features: river channels, islands, and a third feature, the interface between those first two, which morphs back and forth each day. At low tide, this third kind of area is the revealed mudflats of the salt marshes: not particularly pretty, and smells a bit. But at high tide these flats are under water, with only the attractive tall green seagrasses identifying them as something other than river beds.

Low tide:

In Dad's book, he describes their arrival following the honeymoon. It was Mom's first time coming to Beaufort, and it was at low tide:

"Beaufort is a picturesque town on an island fronting a wide bay on the curving Beaufort River. Beaufort county is made up of 66 islands separated by tidal streams and rivers. They were arriving late in the day. As they left the mainland and approached the Whale Branch Bridge across marshy flats bisected by a deep channel, the sun was setting low behind them. They were crossing this branch of the Coosawhatchie River at low tide. And instead of the bordering tall sea grass being immersed in lovely flood, tops bending with the current or breeze, the ebbed tide exposed mud flats stretching down to the water in the main channel, backed on the distant far side by a raised bank of live oak trees heavily swathed with grey Spanish Moss. Nothing else and no one else was in sight. As they crossed the bridge the highway ahead was swallowed by the thick trees and waning light beyond. Marlene was quiet and peering down the road. Dale thought, 'I wonder if she is thinking, "Where in the world is Dale taking me?"' After they were settled in the charming town, Dale asked her if she remembered that approach to Beaufort, and if so, what she was thinking. She laughed and said, 'I remember the exact moment and was thinking, "Where on earth is Dale taking me?"'"

Picturesque Beaufort. The point of land extending to the right,
and just beyond the edge of this pic is, naturally, "The Point."
(No, this picture is not mine! Ripped it from the internet.)

Mom and Dad first lived on The Point, in a two-room apartment on the first floor of a large older house. The house:

The two windows on the front, and three on the side, look out from the two rooms they had. Their entrance was a small porch (barely discernable at far right) beyond that third side window:

A few other shots from The Point, the neighborhood where Mom and Dad rented that little two-room apartment:




Map of Beaufort.
1, 2, and 3 mark the places Mom and Dad lived. The first (1), on The Point, is the two-room apartment pictured above. Bay Street is "downtown" and the main commercial street. "C Bldg" is, obviously I suppose, the church building. The Beaufort Hospital, where Jeff and Scott were born, is at lower left on the map.

Just a few years before Dad came to Beaufort, the church there had built a meeting place. They built it so that it would later be easily converted to serve as a house, and built a small structure to its left which held two classrooms. A few years later, they did indeed build a more typical church building next door. Here though is the original building, in which the church met as long as Mom and Dad were there:

After just a few months in the two-room apartment on The Point, they moved into a rental house, fully furnished (2, on the map). The current fence and accompanying shrubbery were not there at the time.
Jeff was born while they lived in this house.

Bay Street:

And here's the Bay Street store where Mom was picking up a few things on Tuesday, after giving birth to Jeff on Sunday (although the building no longer houses the same business). Dad's description follows the photo:

"She was feeling so well on Tuesday morning the doctor said she could go home. For going home, she had packed a pretty blouse and skirt, heels and nylons, and a light-weight girdle, knowing there might be some bulges she would not care to have evident. She did her hair, dressed, got her baby and walked out of the hospital in high heels, looking just smashing.
She and Dale went to a store on Bay Street to pick up some baby things, and she was proudly carrying her new son, attracting a lot of attention. When people asked how old the baby was, they were shocked that she had so recently delivered and here she was out shopping. They were adamant in their advice to get home and get off her feet. It had not occurred to her that this might be pushing things, so she purchased what she had picked out already, chose to forgo further purchases, and went happily home."

In addition to preaching for the church in Beaufort, Dad drove out to a small black church on St. Helena Island each Sunday afternoon to preach. They had originally been meeting in a tomato shed (it was very much a tomato growing area), until one of the women decided a church ought to have a building and she could do something about it. So she built a small building for them. This is where Dad preached for them each Sunday afternoon:



Beyond that little church building was the most seaward island, Hunting Island. It was a place Dad went fishing, and also the location of a landmark they visited on various occasions:


Shrimp boat in a channel among the salt marshes just before Hunting Island:

After some length of time in their second residence, another house (3 on the map) became available at substantial savings in rent, though it was not furnished. Part of that savings provided a few very basic furnishings for the house. Scott was born during their time in this house.

Eventually, they moved away from Beaufort, to Jesup, Georgia.
  • nottoscale
    Hey, that's nice. Thanks for putting that together for us.
    by nottoscale at 12/08/09 7:03PM
  • 7laughinghardmans
    I love looking back through the window of time and catching pictures of yesteryears...
    This was a sweet post.
    by 7laughinghardmans at 12/08/09 7:50PM
  • schmidtkins
    Your parents are precious people. It is a blessing to know them. I say it this way, because Your mother is still alive. We just have to wait to see her again. What a special trip this was for you all, healing and sweet, I am sure. Beaufort looks like an amazingly beautiful place.
    by schmidtkins at 12/08/09 9:52PM
  • 7laughinghardmans
    Yep, the house is very quiet now! ;0
    by 7laughinghardmans at 12/08/09 11:02PM
  • raifhaus
    I very much enjoyed this!
    by raifhaus at 12/09/09 8:03AM
  • benb
    this was a treat. thanks.
    by benb at 12/09/09 8:37AM
  • kread
    Darryl! Yep, I am going to be in Texas for little over a week. Then I come back to PA before New years.
    by kread at 12/09/09 9:52AM
  • mr_and_mrs_berry
    Thank you so much for sharing the photos and the memories - we love you guys.
    by mr_and_mrs_berry at 12/09/09 9:30PM
  • laurar209
    What beautiful pictures! And the low clearance tree is simply beautiful (and funny! ha!). Thanks for posting those -- I enjoyed that.
    by laurar209 at 12/10/09 6:55PM
  • granny
    A fine addition to reading "the book". thank you!
    by granny at 12/11/09 11:49PM
  • marmee
    Thanks for sharing that. I just got to know them better. :)
    by marmee at 12/13/09 2:50PM
  • julied93
    Glad you got to visit, especially with your dad. Mama & Daddy have some wonderful memories of Charleston, as well, where Tim was born.
    by julied93 at 12/14/09 9:38AM
  • julied93
    Will do. Daddy has a pleo, too, although he rarely updates it's mostly to keep up with the kids :-)
    by julied93 at 12/14/09 11:28PM
  • lambchop
    Hey, Darryl, Bill Lambert here. Thanks for posting this, I held a couple of meetings in Beaufort and the pics brought back memories, for I remember several of the places. One of those was the house where your folks lived and where Tim and Jeff got into a whole box of cereal and dumped it out in the living room floor. I went with Dale one time to the island congregation. Several iof the men at Beaufprt would go to help from time to time. I enjoyed the tour. I think you know this, but I will say it anyway, we have always loved your family.
    Sorry for the repetition of this comment in other spots, but hey, I'm old and given to repeating myself.
    by lambchop at 12/16/09 10:37AM
  • bzyabsma
    (I just had to post here below my family members...)
    Those are some great pictures! My three youngest kids and I went to Charleston with Mama and Daddy back in August and they showed us where they had lived, although it was hard to locate it (apparently now that neighborhood is overflowing with drug activity and other things, and there was a large amount of overgrowth in the front of the house, also). They enjoyed being able to recognize a lot of places they were so familiar with 'back when'. South Carolina is just a beautiful place in general.
    by bzyabsma at 12/18/09 7:36PM
  • bruck_will_lorace
    Wow. Those are great pictures.
    by bruck_will_lorace at 12/19/09 7:02PM

Fun (though perhaps unwise)

This afternoon we played football on a local high school's practice field. With dark clouds in the area a couple hours before gametime, Josiah said we would be playing in the rain (not that anyone saw this as a hindrance). Alex was excited about the possibility. A rain shower came and passed. I personally didn't mind the aspect of rain, though I figured the sky would clear before we got out there. Turns out that the darkest clouds of the day were just to our southwest about the time we started. Drips starting coming, then outright rain, with lightning in the area (therefore the "though perhaps unwise" part of the title above). We kept playing. The rain was blowing much more sideways than downward, no lie. For a while, there was small hail mixed in with the rain. Then it settled into just a calm steady rain for most of the game. Most fun football I've played in quite a while. :) :)
  • lori_in_pa
    And there you were, the tallest guy on the field no doubt. At least you didn't have a golf club in your hand.

    Maybe it's a girly thing, but I find that once I give myself up to the idea of trying to keep dry, doing stuff in the rain is a pleasure, provided I'm not too cold.
    by lori_in_pa at 07/31/09 5:58AM
  • 7laughinghardmans
    You posted!! I'm not a big football fan but your game sounds like one that would have been fun to watch. Of course I would have been parked somewhere watching from inside my dry and warm vehicle. :)
    by 7laughinghardmans at 07/31/09 7:42AM
  • enyek
    That DOES sound like fun - okay maybe if it were vollyball, not football. (metal poles? hmmmm)
    by enyek at 07/31/09 8:22AM
  • benb
    i caught it! oh wait, that was hail. rats.
    by benb at 07/31/09 3:19PM
  • snickers63
    Playing in that kind of rain calls for either contacts (can't - corneal degeneration) or windshield wipers on my glasses (haven't found any like that yet) or going without glasses (say, where did everyone go?)?
    by snickers63 at 07/31/09 3:58PM
  • dbsmelser
    Sylvia, your third option is the one taken by your son.
    by dbsmelser at 08/01/09 12:05AM
  • snoopy
    haha! Wait, is this Josiah P from FL? If so, then I am *not* surprised! :)
    by snoopy at 08/01/09 11:24AM
  • raifhaus
    Still been thinking about your friend and his cockroach. Uuuuh. Thanks.
    Sounds like real football!
    by raifhaus at 08/01/09 7:37PM
  • mrwiser
    OHHH IT WAS AWESOME!!!! So much fun! Loved it! helped get rid of a bad day for me!
    by mrwiser at 08/01/09 9:25PM
  • snoopy
    nice! Lucky for all three of you!
    by snoopy at 08/02/09 11:15PM
  • laurar209
    While in Lincoln, NE, we toured the football stadium, peeked in the weight room, and ooh'ed and aah'ed over the University of Nebraska's Heisman Trophies. Well, at least everyone else did -- I had never, ever heard of the Heisman things. And -- according to some people -- that practically makes me un-American.
    by laurar209 at 08/04/09 12:51PM
  • aprilstarr
    Sounds like fun! I had the opportunity to play volleyball in the rain recently, but passed on it. For one thing, I was about to be riding in the car for a few hours, which is not fun wet. Also, I think it would be more fun to run in the rain playing football than stand in the rain playing volleyball.
    by aprilstarr at 08/05/09 7:49AM
  • kevin
    Do you have a relative living in Knoxville named Jay Smelser?
    by kevin at 08/06/09 10:53AM
  • raifhaus
    Jeronimo's mother had a cockroach crawl in her ear and die. Small world. Small cockroach.
    by raifhaus at 08/06/09 4:16PM
  • kevin
    I am playing in a rec. softball league and on the website the contact for a league is a Jay Smelser. Obviously since the name is a little unusual I recognized it right away.
    by kevin at 08/06/09 10:32PM


Two others and I are skiing next week in Utah, Brighton Ski Area. A fourth person would be fun, and would further cut our costs. Wanna go? Let us know! We've got a great deal on lodging: in a chateau at the bottom of the mountain, and with a fourth guy, it would be only $25 per person per night, and lift tickets for $50 or less (plus ski gear, share of a rental car...). There's also a possibility of free air fare for you. Come on!
  • wberk
    We vacationed in that area last summer. Beautiful and that sounds like a good deal. But I would be a major liability. Have fun.
    by wberk at 02/17/09 6:59PM
  • sharon
    Too bad I'm not a single guy. I was in the mood to go skiing again.
    by sharon at 02/17/09 7:25PM
  • curlie
    Utah is beautiful. Enjoy!
    by curlie at 02/17/09 7:57PM
  • lori_in_pa
    Oh. I'm so sad not to able to do this, but I can't because:
    A. I'm not male.
    B. I like both of my legs in their current condition.
    by lori_in_pa at 02/17/09 8:04PM
  • 7laughinghardmans
    WOW! Sounds like a great trip. Free air fare!! Why don't you make the deal even sweeter by offering free meals. ;)
    by 7laughinghardmans at 02/17/09 10:16PM
  • tweedledee
    why do guys get all the fun =P lol! HAVE FUN!!!
    by tweedledee at 02/17/09 10:39PM
  • co_chad
    I wouldn't want to embarrass you guys...
    by co_chad at 02/18/09 9:02AM
  • snickers63
    Yep - in a shopping district, forget the area name, on the second floor above some eating place. Yum, yum.
    by snickers63 at 02/18/09 10:26AM
  • probablyreading
    It's not often that I almost wish I were a guy...
    by probablyreading at 02/18/09 8:16PM
  • probablyreading
    but go ahead and have fun without us! Be safe too!
    by probablyreading at 02/18/09 8:16PM
  • laughing_eyes
    you're the only one who stipulated that it had to be guy.
    by laughing_eyes at 02/18/09 9:39PM
  • shaneg
    I'd love to go but since I have not receive my stimulus package yet I can't afford to go.
    by shaneg at 02/18/09 9:40PM
  • co_chad
    Been skiing since I was do the math.
    by co_chad at 02/19/09 10:17PM
  • co_chad
    I heard about your niece through the grapevine, let me know if I can help when she does come.
    by co_chad at 02/19/09 10:18PM