I hope everyone is doing ok. Feeling shaken up over the recent church shooting.. They arn't sure why he did it, but I hope we can discover why this happened.

Monday- Spaghetti
Tuesday- Tacos
Wed- Breakfast for dinner
Thurs.- chili
Friday- Beef Fajitas
Sat- Meatloaf (oldest), green beans, mashed potatoes
Sun- Leftovers

Need to go to the grocery store today. We have a super busy homecoming week. Two football games tonight. I'm still struggling a bit with my own health and some residual stomach issues.

I hope your week is going well.

Love to all,


Gospel Meeting Week

Getting ready to get some grocery shopping done! One of the last things on the list...hubby is picking up the preacher at the airport.

Menu This Week

Sun - potluck - meatballs, green beans
Monday- Tacos (lunch), jambalaya
Tuesday- Leftover Taco stuff
Wed- Roasted Pork
Thurs.- leftovers
Friday- leftovers
Sat- Out
Sun- Crock Pot Pork Chops w/Rice, Peas

Still not feeling the best to be honest. Praying this sickness is finally gone soon!

Joni Mitchell - People's Parties

Help Me - Joni Mitchell

Stevie Nicks -Landslide

PS Have you tried the new Mocha from Mcdonald's? It really good!

Love to all,

  • misssonja
    Hope you enjoy the visit. Something yucky is going around here too -- sore throat, ears full, etc. I used Sudafed and drunk a bunch of vitamin C smoothie to knock it down before it could knock me out. But I think it was the prayer that overcame it bc at a certain point it felt inevitable yet I did not succomb. May God heal you!
    by misssonja at 09/16/17 6:22PM
  • marmee
    Yuckies next door in my grandbabies, too. Enjoy the preacher and the studies!
    by marmee at 09/19/17 5:34PM


Menu This Week

Monday- BLTs
Tuesday- community meal
Wed- Eggs, Sausage, Fruit, Fried potatoes
Thurs.- Spaghetti
Friday- individual pizzas
Sat- chicken/Ham steaks, green beans, garden mashed potatoes
Sun- potluck-meatballs, green beans

Hope everyone is doing well. Have whatever cold is going around. Resting it up today, and thinking of everyone in Florida!

Thought of the day: Why do intolerant people complain that other people who are intolerant? I love you just as long as you think/act/do/ exactly what I think you should. I think we should just agree that both sides can be bias and get on with it...

Update: Beautiful weather today! Getting some weeding done in the front yard today....getting ready to put some fall mums out and decorate the front a little. :0) We have 4 mums - 2 oranges and 2 yellows and bale of hay. :0) I weeded the front and it looks a lot better. My oldest son will be mowing today, so everything will look a lot better.

Update: Also weighed my puppy and he is 5 months old and already 14 lbs. (approx.). We plan to take him trick or treating at a local nursing home. As a boston terrier, I plan to buy him a bow tie! If I can find one for him! :0)

Update: Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001? I was student teaching and we turned on the tv, but we were told we couldn't watch b/c of being at school.

9/11 Tribute "Let It Be"

You Make Loving Fun-Fleetwood Mac

Quote of the Day: "I have no fear. I have only love..."

UPDATE: Work mode: Getting ready for the gospel meeting hosting this week..
1) Wash bed linens for downstairs bed. DONE
2) Make bed up DONE
3) Tidy downstairs living room (kids can do this for tv time!) -including vacuuming. Kids+DH DONE
4) Clean downstairs bathroom (DH) DONE
5) Straighten washer/dryer area (Dawn) DONE
6) Sweep basement (kids) DONE

Vacuum/Mop Hardwood floors DONE
Vacuum rugs DONE
Tidy kitchen DONE
Tidy Living Room/Dust DONE
Sweep floor (mom) Mop kitchen floor - youngest daughter/Mom DONE
Tidy bathroom - DONE

clean out van for traveling - kids, hubby DONE
wash van-hubby (DONE)
get gas in the van-hubby (DONE)
clean out truck - Wes DONE
get gas in truck - Wes DONE

Make meal list for next week
Get groceries on Sunday evening or Monday morning if possible (or sooner if time)

UPDATE: We made it through most of this list! Then I took a long nap!! Ready for some fun tonight!!!

Cool live version of Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton


Love to all,

  • dawnmk23
    by dawnmk23 at 09/11/17 12:07PM
  • sjean
    That sounds like a fun dress up. I bet the residents will love it!
    by sjean at 09/11/17 7:11PM
  • sjean
    Thanks for your sweet comment.
    by sjean at 09/14/17 7:45PM
  • misssonja
    You wrote: "My oldest son will be mowing today, so everything will look a lot better."

    Probably bc of what I'm doing, I read "moving" -- haha, that sure changes the whole meaning! I guess he's too young to pack up his toys and move though.
    by misssonja at 09/15/17 8:47AM


Menu This Week

Monday- leftovers
Tuesday- Ham steaks, green beans, garden mashed potatoes
Wed- Eggs, Sausage, Fruit, Fried potatoes
Thurs.- Nachos
Friday- Pizza
Sat- Out OR Taco Soup
Sun-Pulled Pork, Green beans, pork n beans OR Leftovers

Praying for everyone in Texas. Hubby is going to be taking supplies to the area - please keep my family in prayer. :0)

Quote of the day: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life, MAKE IT COUNT!"


Hymn to uplift your soul

Hymn for My Father

Let Her Go Passenger - really beautiful voice and song

Lost Stars - Adam Levine

Lost Stars - Keira Knightley

Sound of Silence on 18 string guitar

Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton

Be My Little Baby - The Ronettes

Update: love the brethren here-one of the new kids are church baked brownies for my sweet 6 year old and delivered them to her last night! All the girls were all smiles!!! Me too!!! Very encouraging!!

Busy day ahead-two cleaning jobs this morning....good thing I slept good last night!

Update: My puppy is 4 months old. He is doing better with potty training. :0) He has now learned, SIT, STAY, DOWN. Last night I worked on "ROLL OVER" and he did it with treats and lots of coaxing! He is working more on mastering COME, and "the walk" or beginning heeling. He loves tug-of-war, treats, and he loves to give lots of kisses! We are also working on DROP IT, and OUT - to get out of the kitchen. He loves to sneak in the kitchen and grab an apple to eat. He learned that from going on walks with me in a park with apples. He loves playing with our big dog and will do that for hours if we let him. He also likes chasing bugs on the ground to eat them! We caught him chasing and eating a fly the other day. He also loves peanut butter for learning "the walk"

Love to all,


  • sjean
    Where do you live? Is your husband driving a big truck. That is so nice of him!
    by sjean at 09/03/17 4:29PM
  • mountaingirl
    We just had "garden potatoes"(fried) for our supper last night with salmon and broccoli. They were almost all of the ones I've dug up so far (3 plants all white/creamy yellow, not sure of the variety). I have about 6 more plants to dig up, and hope that they are red and maybe some of the "blue" ones. They were SO yummy! Praying for your efforts to help those who have suffered so much loss!
    by mountaingirl at 09/07/17 3:14PM
  • misssonja
    The apple eating dog is so cute! My orchard/gardening guru, Paul Gautschi, has dogs that eat from his apple trees and eat carrots from his garden.
    by misssonja at 09/09/17 9:05PM

New Week Ahead..

Working on my regular menu-without it we'd definitely stave!

Menu This Week (in progress)

Monday- Chili
Tuesday- Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, (ham steak for DH)
Wed- Leftovers/beef for DH
Thurs.- Walking Tacos
Friday- Fundraiser
Sat- Chicken Drum Sticks, Fresh Green beans, Pork & Beans (alt meat for DH)
Sun- out

How's everyone doing? Thinking of everyone in Texas today!

Have you guys ever heard the phrase "cool beans?"

Have You Ever Loved a Woman - Bryan Adams


Leather & Lace

Hymn For My Father - Collective Soul

Imagine Dragons

Praying for Texas!

Love to all,

  • marmee
    Ok here! Still no baby, but last one wasn't here at this date two years ago either, so not really concerned. She's just ready to have this baby!! Me, too, since I leave two weeks from today.
    by marmee at 08/27/17 2:59PM
  • misssonja
    ^ He's just too cozy in there, hah
    by misssonja at 08/27/17 3:19PM
  • dawnmk23
    by dawnmk23 at 08/31/17 9:05AM