Been a while

Hi everyone!

I am okay! I just haven't logged in a bit...I've been mostly busy working part time, busy with holidays, and traveling! I had a great trip to California to visit my Grandma's Grave. She passed away in April.

Kids are busy. Boys are in wrestling, oldest is in the school play. The younger two are doing Art at the Art council this year.

I've had some personal health problems, and extended family problems. That's life, eh?

I hope you are all doing well.

Love to all,

  • misssonja
    Good to hear from you. If life were a truck it would run us over, eh? But we are resilient!
    by misssonja at 01/12/18 12:18PM
  • sjean
    Where do you live and what part of California did you travel to?
    by sjean at 01/12/18 7:16PM
  • marmee
    Glad to see you back!! I’m not on nearly as much either ... busy with my DH’s rehab and a zillion other things it seems. Yet. It also seems I can’t get anything done!
    by marmee at 01/13/18 8:42PM


I am a bit behind - I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and I'm just now getting things back to "normal" for me. I have taken on several cleaning jobs and that's gone well. My oldest daughter just found out that she is in the the choir for the spring play. She is excited!

Football is over, and I'm finishing up a parenting class. It's been really good and I have learned a lot!

Meal list:
Mon.- sloppy joe's, chips, green beans
Tues. - black bean soup
Wed. - breakfast for dinner - eggs, ham, hash browns, fruit, biscuits
Thurs.-loaded baked potatoes
Fri. - lasagna, salad
Sat. - fish, butternut squash, brussel sprouts
Sun. - pork roast, sweet pork & beans, carrots

I hope all of you are doing well. I'll try to catch up on posts this week!

We are supposed to have tiny bits of snow Friday and Saturday this week! It's been a bit colder the last week or so, so we are tryng to get all the winter stuff done ASAP.

Love to all,

  • misssonja
    Yikes, I hope you are healing well! Full recovery from surgery takes a long time.
    by misssonja at 11/06/17 4:57PM
  • sjean
    Glad you found some houses to clean. Money is good.
    by sjean at 11/25/17 7:59PM


Monday- fish (salmon), squash, green beans
Tuesday- Tacos
Wed- Breakfast for dinner
Thurs.- roast chicken (pork for DH), carrots, green beans
Friday- fajitas
Sat- stuffed peppers
Sun- leftovers

It's a really busy day week for us, as always. Now we have 3 more weeks of football, 2 more marching band commitments for my oldest, and end of the year Dr. appt. to catch up on. Also garden clean ups before the freeze hits. Fun fun. :0)

Hope you are doing well!

Anyone out there remember this band?
The Judds

Love to all,

  • misssonja
    Marching band -- good memories
    by misssonja at 10/09/17 10:52AM
  • aleta
    Thank you! It was good to hear from you. Hope you all are doing well.
    by aleta at 10/12/17 2:29PM
  • praguer
    Stopping by to say hi. I've been gone a while, but we're all doing OK. Our garden is basically finished - just a few marigolds hanging on tight. Our September was really cool and wet, so my tomatoes fizzled early. I've been trying to do weekly meal plans lately, but your post just reminded me that I haven't made one for this week. Oops. Oh well, we plan to be gone Wed - Sat, so I guess I can manage two days without a plan. :) And yes, I remember the Judds. Haven't every been a fan of country music, but I have had friends that are. Have a good week!
    by praguer at 10/22/17 4:52PM
  • granny
    I have two grandsons in marching band and reading of all their competitions/activities surely makes me wish I was back near them! I'm glad you are enjoying your kids. Wonderful!
    by granny at 10/27/17 12:38AM
  • marmee
    Hi there! We’ve already had a bit of snow, but thankfully we put the gardens to sleep right after I returned from TX. And I got tulip and daffodil bulbs planted a couple of weeks ago. Yards are cleaned up, carport tidied. Wood (6 cord) is all split and stacked ... no, I don’t do that bit!, hubby and SIL do. We are enjoying some nice fall days of late, lots of sunshine, pretty golden leaves falling all around. I love fall ... and pumpkin everything! I’ve made and canned 3 gals of applesauce these last two days. :)
    by marmee at 10/27/17 2:43PM

10/03/17 8:05AM

Monday- Hamburgers
Tuesday- Tacos OR Community Dinner
Wed- Breakfast for dinner
Thurs.- chicken, fish, rice, veggies
Friday- fajitas
Sat- spaghetti & meatballs, garden dinner w/friends

Staying super busy. Only 3 weeks of football left. How is your week going?

Love to all,

  • marmee
    Busy here! Making jam and dehydrating plums from our orchard! Next week, applesauce!
    And, what exactly is ‘oldest’ meatloaf?
    by marmee at 10/05/17 10:07AM


I hope everyone is doing ok. Feeling shaken up over the recent church shooting.. They arn't sure why he did it, but I hope we can discover why this happened.

Monday- Spaghetti
Tuesday- Tacos
Wed- Breakfast for dinner
Thurs.- chili
Friday- Beef Fajitas
Sat- Meatloaf (oldest), green beans, mashed potatoes
Sun- Leftovers

Need to go to the grocery store today. We have a super busy homecoming week. Two football games tonight. I'm still struggling a bit with my own health and some residual stomach issues.

I hope your week is going well.

The Beatles
Don't Let Me Down

She's Always A Woman to Me

She's Got a Way About Her

Love to all,

  • sjean
    There are so many troubling things around us. I guess there always have been. That is why our future is so bright!
    by sjean at 09/27/17 12:01PM
  • marmee
    ^^ Good point!
    by marmee at 09/29/17 8:10AM