Inquiring Minds want to know...

I've seen this many times on pleo and thought it looked fun, but I don't think I've ever done it. Thanks Sarah for encouraging me to do so:).

So... if you have a question you want me to answer, ask away! :)

  • curlie
    Oooh... What's your favorite part so far about living in so Cal? :)
    by curlie at 04/13/12 1:35AM
  • bradford_rebekah
    what is your favorite way to play with your 2 yr old? I need refreshers!
    by bradford_rebekah at 04/13/12 11:11AM
  • amber_blossom
    How did you and your husband decide that fostering/adopting (but mainly fostering) was right for your family? (asking b/c y'all are so inspiring, and wondering if my husband and I could do something like this - - well, we were considering it when there was a situation in our congregation, but the grandparents have decided to adopt their grandchildren 10 & 12)
    I guess, the main question - How do you do it?
    by amber_blossom at 04/13/12 2:26PM
  • darleen21
    I realized a year ago I wrote this post, and completely abandoned you sweet folks in asking me a question! So... let me follow through and answer you all sweet gals.

    Curlie my favorite part of living in So Cali is the weather! It's absolutely gorgeous.. and because the weather is so pleasant we are able to enjoy so many outside activities on a regular basis... we eat meals on the patio, we enjoy hikes as a family, beach time, park time, zoo time, Sea World time... We purchase most of our food from a Farmers Market that we attend, outside, weekly. The Vitamin D we receive naturally makes me happy:)

    bradford_rebekah my favorite things to do with Alexander (he's 18 months now, Isaiah was 2 when you originally asked this question, he's now four, yikes) is play chase. He loves to run around... and chasing him is so much fun. It gets me up and moving and we both laugh a lot. I also enjoy sitting him at a table, and let him color - it's a new thing for him, so the hardest part now is teaching him not to eat the crayons.

    amber_blossom, Jeff and I decided to foster/adopt through some acquaintances. We went to my cousin's boyfriend's (her husband now) birthday party and some of her boyfriend's friends were there also. They had two little twin girls that were obviously adopted (their skin color was different). As soon as we left we talked about what an example they were and how we really do not see many Christians in a foster/adopt role. That night we looked up an information session to attend, attended it as soon as available and started foster/adopt classes within a few months. Once we went through the classes our eyes were opened up to the need of a stable environment for these children.. not just a stable environment but one where God is the center of the home. At this point we knew too much to not be a foster parent, we like to say "with knowledge comes responsibility". The main way we do it, Amber, is taking one day at a time. We threw ourselves into a world of unknowns... we've made mistakes, and we've helped... with each child we become more and more dedicated to the system, dedicated to helping as many children as the Lord sees fit. I'd also encourage you to watch "The Odd Life of Timothy Green", it's a great movie and for us put our thoughts into a film format! If you and your husband are interested in fostering/adopting now, or even in the future - feel free to contact me. We'd be happy to encourage and be a listening ear to the world of unknowns!
    by darleen21 at 04/25/13 6:32PM
  • kennen
    One thing is certain: it is never boring with boys!
    by kennen at 10/24/13 7:38AM
  • frances
    Glad you like CA, glad you are doing well there, glad you and Jeff have the energy, resources, determination to make a difference in the lives of these young children. God bless you both!
    by frances at 10/24/13 10:56AM