Goodbye Pleonast

Well Pleo, it was fun. I joined here somewhere in the early 2000's, but havent really posted here since 2011, and before that it was just a few times per year. I had several blogs all over the place: my main one at, this one, and some others, and decided to consolidate them all at Most of my pleonast posts are over there.

I wrote a little Java app to assist in the transition. If you are some random Pleonast user who wants to export their blog to the Jekyll site format, you might find this useful:

Clearing Pleonast

It has been around 2 years since I last posted on Pleo. I am going to start taking the content down, and move it over to my personal blog at
  • danwatt
    I've whipped up a little Java app to assist with downloading all of my posts. Its not done yet, but if you are a developer, you may want to follow it at GitHub:
    by danwatt at 02/20/13 10:39PM