I've decided I'm going to finally get round to learning LISP. Settled on clisp using SLIME (an emacs-based lisp IDE) that seems quite good. Thinking that my app is going to be yet-another-make-replacement - kind of like scons but without the beard growth while you wait for it to start building stuff. Totally unambitious of course.

In other exciting news I've got boardrash on my hands from surfing.
  • lilspikey
    Hmmm, Lisp. Pretty good for scripting too, seeing as it's so easy to parse.
    by lilspikey at 10/11/05 3:51AM
  • damyan
    Yeah that's what I was thinking might make it good for describing build systems.
    by damyan at 10/11/05 6:05PM

Press Coverage

Fantastic Four

Fantasic Four: oh dear

Sin City's finally out here this week!
  • lilspikey
    Sin City _is_ most excellent. I'll probably watch the Fantastic Four, but I'm not that hopeful.
    by lilspikey at 07/13/05 5:04AM

Ice Skating

I discovered on Saturday I can still ice skate. After about 30 mins I'd had enough, but twas still fun.

We've finally managed to get Telstra to connect the phone at the house. Will get round to sorting out broadband soon and then I'll be connected again! It's odd how useless a computer seems these days without internet access.


Lara's just bought tickets for us to go see Nine Inch Nails in Sydney on August 20th. Yay yay yay.

I think she's planning to go wearing pink to try and blend in with all the teenagers dressed in black.