Wow. Check out the report-card poll below. And especially note how the media is rated :-)

Go to:

Note that there are several questions you can click on to see the grades on various topics.
Note the combined number of the F's and D's across the board.
  • ethantweedie14
    Not surprising!
    by ethantweedie14 at 08/18/09 8:57AM
  • sirtorin
    Clickable link:
    I noticed that no state or district had an average grade of higher than a B for any of the questions....
    by sirtorin at 08/18/09 3:13PM
  • jlmanager
    Ouch. Not that the media seems to care.
    by jlmanager at 08/28/09 5:07PM
  • laurar209
    Nathan posted the following link on my blog -- made me think of you!
    by laurar209 at 09/10/09 11:44AM
  • jody
    Interesting that the democratic leadership was not graded.
    by jody at 09/12/09 11:42AM
  • mamalady
    You're welcome: )
    by mamalady at 09/15/09 7:19AM
  • mamalady
    Good helpful sermon today. Thanks :)
    by mamalady at 12/27/09 10:47PM

Adam's home

huzzah! :-)

Specter switches parties: announces he has more in common with democrats than with republicans...

and in other breaking news-

New research: turtles not really all that fast.

Stay tuned here for more breaking news stories as they develop...
  • laurar209
    I woke up to NPR interviewing various Pennsylvanians about Specter; one Libertarian was like, "All this marks is the official change -- he's been voting and acting Democratic all along, so I'm not surprised."
    by laurar209 at 04/29/09 9:57AM
  • video_nana
    by video_nana at 04/29/09 11:15AM
  • daddio6
    also - Richard Simmons outed. You heard it here first.
    by daddio6 at 04/29/09 12:12PM
  • jlmanager
    by jlmanager at 04/29/09 2:08PM
  • disastermaster
    Someone threw Richard Simmons out of some place? About time! They probably couldn't take his shorts.
    by disastermaster at 04/29/09 4:53PM
  • ed
    yeah, that made news here....i was cracking up!
    by ed at 04/29/09 7:18PM

favor please, can you give Will a vote? ASAP! Contest ends at midnight

4 year old William Summers from Morgantown (his folks visit here occasionally), is one of three finalists in a grandchild/grandparent photo contest for a $5000 scholarship. Please go to the site and check out his pic. He and his grandad are by a wheel (region three winner). Go Will go!

see at:
  • daddio6
    that's midnight tonight, Tues night, April 28
    by daddio6 at 04/28/09 10:00PM
  • laurar209

    And now I'm laughing that I just voted for a picture without even really studying the competition to see if it was better. I feel rather dishonest.
    by laurar209 at 04/28/09 10:08PM
  • nthnswmn
    It really was the best photo, too, in my opinion. Sweet. Be sure to let us know how it turns out.
    by nthnswmn at 04/28/09 10:14PM
  • aprilstarr
    Done! Don't worry, it was the best!
    by aprilstarr at 04/28/09 10:20PM
  • daddio6
    Be sure to click larger format for the larger pic so you can see what he's doing. It is the best pic for the theme (IMHO).
    by daddio6 at 04/28/09 10:24PM
  • mr_and_mrs_berry
    It was the best, but you can only vote once from a computer so only one of us could vote.
    by mr_and_mrs_berry at 04/28/09 10:34PM
  • benb
    agreed that it's the best, hands-down. but when i tried to vote it said my vote had already been counted. very strange. but i bet he'll win anyway.
    by benb at 04/28/09 10:39PM
  • mother_hen
    I voted!
    by mother_hen at 04/28/09 10:56PM
  • video_nana
    I voted too!
    by video_nana at 04/29/09 7:10AM

a favorite biblical verse & why - in 3 words or less (for the why)

Mine: Luke 9:23
Why: fundamental and essential

What's a favorite of yours?
  • chooselove
    Joshua 1:9; no fear.
    by chooselove at 03/17/09 1:03PM
  • technologicalsophomore
    OT: Hijack in progress on above post, perhaps?
    by technologicalsophomore at 03/20/09 8:44AM
  • slave_of_jesus_jdb
    I agree. Doesn't seem like his kind of humor.
    by slave_of_jesus_jdb at 03/20/09 9:34AM
  • daddio6
    Hijack detection is correct, spurious entry has been deleted. Adam is home for the week and is presumed guilty.
    by daddio6 at 03/20/09 9:42PM
  • probablyreading
    Mark 12:29-31. Our whole Law.
    by probablyreading at 03/21/09 11:15AM
  • mayflower
    oh, I missed the hijack. Maybe you should repost it. ;)
    by mayflower at 03/21/09 4:25PM
  • lromanic
    by lromanic at 03/21/09 9:42PM
  • lromanic
    James 1:19 Slow to Speak (Wish I was)
    by lromanic at 03/21/09 9:44PM
  • lromanic
    lol - if she was correct, then your sermons would be pretty short ;)
    by lromanic at 03/21/09 9:45PM
  • aprilstarr
    Rom. 8:31-39 - Comfort, courage, confidence
    by aprilstarr at 03/21/09 11:42PM
  • aprilstarr
    Philippians 4:8 - Mental health exercise :)
    by aprilstarr at 03/21/09 11:43PM
  • pregador
    Thank you, Scott.
    by pregador at 03/24/09 1:57AM
  • laurar209
    Lamentations 3.19-59 -- God's Faithfulness
    by laurar209 at 03/24/09 11:58AM
  • laurar209
    Oh, and what are the Bible forum dates?
    by laurar209 at 03/24/09 1:14PM
  • mother_hen
    Daniel and I are going to a tournament in Arkansas next week. They're a lot of fun. If you go to one, they'll be happy to have you judge a debate or speech round.
    by mother_hen at 03/28/09 1:34PM
  • laurar209
    by laurar209 at 04/04/09 10:56AM
  • enyek
    Ro. 8:28 Must remember this.
    by enyek at 04/05/09 1:47PM
  • kerux
    Completely off the Bible verse topic: Lada is what I had in mind, but I got the names mixed up.
    by kerux at 04/07/09 10:19PM
  • humankumquat
    Romans 5:6-8
    by humankumquat at 04/09/09 11:26PM
  • riyankery
    hahaha. Thanks! I've just decided to forget everything except my project and graduate, and then deal with everything.
    by riyankery at 04/21/09 6:50PM