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    What a nice surprise to see you here again! As for this small portion of "all of you," we're well and happy and about to head off to worship. It's a good day!
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    Welcome back! I've been keeping up with you on FB (we have mutual friends there) but I love to see people using Pleo again. Glad you posted!!!
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    HI! So glad to see you again. :-)
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    Hello, friend!
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    Welcome home!!!
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We met our goal and then some!!!

I can't wait to deliver books to the hospital! :)

Soooo close

We're only $290 from our goal. If you can give, even if it seems like a small amount, PLEASE DO. :) See below for the link.

Children's Hospital Book Drive: Cheering Kids in Hard Times

Please donate here and/or share. :)

Thank you!
  • tryphena
    :-) Great idea!
    by tryphena at 11/13/14 6:48AM


Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

I have not suffered such a loss personally, but my heart aches for the mamas who have.

I remember sitting at my paternal grandparents' kitchen table in their smoky apartment when my grandma mentioned in passing that she had a miscarriage before my oldest uncle was born. Doing the math now as an adult, it makes sense: she was married almost 2 years before my dad's oldest brother was born, and this was before birth control as it is known today. (She was Catholic anyway, so chances are she wouldn't have used it, but that's neither here nor there for the purpose of my story.) *Of course* there was a baby before him.

I was 7 that day. It was the last summer she was alive. I don't know why she mentioned such a thing in passing to her granddaughter. I know that I have been an old soul most of my life and have heard and observed and learned things sometimes at much too early of an age in part because I paid attention. My grandma's health was already not good by that point, and she spent much of her time at home. Maybe she was lonely and was just remembering and thinking aloud. It felt more like she was talking to me, though. I don't know.

When she was alive, my maternal grandma shared that she was pretty sure she lost a twin when my oldest uncle was born. She was very sure of this loss, pretty much from the time of the birth, but never had proof.

Both of these lovely women who each contributed to my DNA shared this sort of loss in a time when no one really talked about it.

I am thankful that today women who endure such, men who endure such, families who endure such are able to process relatively openly and to heal.

There are a lot of ways in which progress in our society and its desire for openness have not been healthy. I believe this is one of the healthiest ways we have progressed.

Peace and healing to all who have suffered. I love you.
  • tryphena
    Everyone knows someone who has suffered such a loss, whether they know it or not. Shouldn't forget the daddies who faced the same loss and yet had to mourn by comforting their wives.
    by tryphena at 10/16/14 7:04AM
  • marmee
    My mother lost two babies before she had six of us. The first was born alive but only lived 45 minutes and the second was a miscarriage early on. My only sister lost a child at full term when he was born without a skull cap. I lost a pregnancy at the start of my fourth month between my two girls. I believe this must be more common than we know. And it is definitely a loss. Thank you for sharing and caring. Have a blessed day, Sarah.
    by marmee at 10/16/14 7:10AM
  • crazy_mama
    I didn't know there was such a day. That's very interesting because the kids were telling Gideon at lunch that if Noah hasn't gone to heaven than Gideon wouldn't have been born. It's a tough reality and sometimes I really can't wrap my head around it. All I know is I am thankful for both my Noah and my Gideon and for God's plan for them both. Thanks for sharing.
    by crazy_mama at 10/17/14 1:09AM
  • tommyswife
    Although never having (to my knowledge) suffered this loss personally, I so feel for this mamas, many very close friends. But I especially feel for those mamas who have battled infertility and then must endure the pain and heartbreak infant loss and miscarriage brings. Heartbreaking any way and in any form it comes.
    by tommyswife at 10/17/14 6:10PM