06/20/09 12:56PM

ok here we go. Fathers day weekend is here. Went down to Sinton for the weekend. Jennifer didn't get to come this weekend because of work. 3 and 1/2 months strong. Most of you know she is in Culinary school, thats why I pretty much kept her around--just kidding. Everyone have a good Fathers Day weekend and stay safe.
  • mjintexas
    Have fun in Sinton! And say hi to Jennifer for us! :)
    by mjintexas at 06/20/09 9:56PM
  • marisol
    is Jennifer, on Pleo, myspace or facebook???
    by marisol at 06/22/09 3:29PM
  • pablo_the_gringo
    I see how that worked out.... UT needs to beat LSU in both games... don't see it happening....
    by pablo_the_gringo at 06/23/09 12:29PM
  • gumbygrl00
    I am so happy for you! I really hope things work out between the two of you! She is a doll!
    by gumbygrl00 at 06/24/09 9:13AM
  • pablo_the_gringo
    by pablo_the_gringo at 06/25/09 1:31PM

04/06/09 10:36PM

Next couple of weekends I will be out of town.
Last weeekend--Port Lavaca went good
This weekend---Sinton we will find out
  • pablo_the_gringo
    you travelling all over the world!
    by pablo_the_gringo at 04/06/09 11:42PM
  • mjintexas
    For good reasons, of course! :)
    by mjintexas at 04/08/09 5:13PM
  • mjintexas
    That's weird, I don't know why you weren't on my list already! Oh well, now you are. :)
    by mjintexas at 06/13/09 12:17AM

02/22/09 9:28PM

Well, the rodeo is finally over. I got to see a few performaces. I will be going to Sinton in a few weeks for my nieces 2nd birthday. I havent figured out what to get her so if anyone has a suggestion let me know.
  • iheartshoes
    I bet there are some pretty cool toys out there..not sure what to suggest though!
    by iheartshoes at 02/23/09 8:43AM
  • juliewho
    a 2 year old is happy with just about anything. there are tons of cool little interactive toys at wal mart
    by juliewho at 02/24/09 7:33AM

01/03/09 3:14PM

Ok, I am a day late and a dollar short on this thing. So far everything is going good in 2009. Hopefully it will be a good one. I may take a couple days off this month to head down South (Sinton--for those of you who dont know) for a 4 day weekend. Might help my parents with tha hardware store. Havent quite decided yet. Went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Very impressed. If you havent been before, its good to go at least once. Take in the lights at night. I ended up coming back on a Tuesday. Originally I was suppose to come back on Monday but we had to stay because of plane malfunction. Everyone have a safe and happy New Year
  • pablo_the_gringo
    my team.... we had our #1 Offensive Tackle got suspended for talking to an agent... the 2nd stringer got hurt on the first play and was out for the rest of the game... so they had guys in there that did not play all yr...... I knew we would lose.... we wanted the championship.... fell short... in 2009, we should rock again!!... have a good new yr.... we may try to come out for the rodeo this yr.... maybe we'll see you there....
    by pablo_the_gringo at 01/04/09 6:37PM
  • texasjenna
    I know I know you whant me to steal yore wallet
    by texasjenna at 01/11/09 7:10PM
  • iheartshoes
    Just going to school & loving married life! How are you??
    by iheartshoes at 02/16/09 5:49PM
  • iheartshoes
    I got married on January 3rd of this year. :)
    by iheartshoes at 02/17/09 6:22PM

11/28/08 3:17PM

Currently, I am at the hardware store suppose to be working but I am doing this. For all you Aggies fans---Sorry. Not this year.
Need a TTech and a Oklahoma loss to the BIG 12 champiobnships. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I should be back on Sunday. I havent figured out when on Sunday. Have a good weekend.
  • arsenal
    The real game will be the Gators and The Crimson Tide. I know there will be some Tide haters that will be rooting for Alabama because the hate the Gators worse.
    by arsenal at 11/28/08 4:50PM
  • pablo_the_gringo
    I hope we beat Auburn and those Gators.... it would be nice to play for our 13th NC.... congrats on Sinton making it to semis.....
    by pablo_the_gringo at 11/28/08 7:49PM
  • pablo_the_gringo
    Hey man....we'll be out there around Christmas..... like the 25th - 29th.... maybe I'll see you then....
    by pablo_the_gringo at 12/10/08 9:54AM