So here's what I've been up to...

For all you pleonasters, you probably thought I fell off the face of the earth. I'm happy to report that I'm still around and just as cyber-lazy as ever. I have a bad habit of not checking personal email so you can imagine how hard it is for me to remember to update my pleonast (Lynn said its called a "blogg"). I even had a hard time guessing my pleonast password.

Things have been going well here. Since buying our first home, I've been pretty busy. I've learned about landscaping, painting, what colors go with what, how to pick out furniture, and other stuff that makes a house a home. I'm still singing barbershop. I'm also thinking about going to graduate school for my MBA. I'm enjoying living in Houston.

Well, thats all I can think of right now. I hope you're doing well.

GO BULLS!!! (even though they have broken my heart three times already this year and maybe again next weekend)
  • nolongerwise
    I'm so glad you are still alive!
    by nolongerwise at 12/01/08 2:08PM
  • beep_girl
    Your post is boring, but I still love you. :)
    by beep_girl at 12/02/08 7:58AM
  • aikenape
    Hey Clayton - glad to find you on here, even if you're not "active" in Pleo Land. :-)
    by aikenape at 12/28/08 1:01PM
  • tickets
    haha MBA in...
    by tickets at 12/29/08 10:21PM
  • wise
    feel better soon.
    by wise at 01/28/09 12:03AM
  • wise
    Happy Birthday Son!
    by wise at 07/02/09 8:55PM
  • pokey
    Hi Clayton! Happy Birthday!
    by pokey at 07/04/09 7:46AM
  • ladyinwaiting
    happy birthday!!!
    by ladyinwaiting at 07/04/09 12:11PM
  • kristiegore
    Happy Birthday Clayton!!!
    by kristiegore at 07/04/09 12:21PM
  • preacherdavetx
    Happy Birthday!
    by preacherdavetx at 07/04/09 4:04PM
  • nolongerwise
    by nolongerwise at 07/04/09 7:04PM
  • silvia
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....glad to hear from your mom you had a great birthday day!
    by silvia at 07/04/09 11:52PM
  • jenfc00

    by jenfc00 at 07/06/09 9:44AM
  • beep_girl
    So....I think you need to update. Your last update says that you're thinking of going to graduate school for your MBA. about "I'm now attending UF's MBA program. Graduate school is incredibly hard. What did I get myself into?" :)
    by beep_girl at 03/13/10 9:34AM
  • wise
    Happy Anniversary!
    by wise at 11/18/10 10:20AM

Through other's eyes...

Since moving down to Houston, I find myself thinking about some folks back in Franklin. Sometimes I think about friends, co-workers, even my old customers. I wanted to share this with you... I don't know why but it touched me today just thinking about it. Who knows, maybe it will touch you. I had a customer in Franklin, Mr. Johnson, that was one of the sweetest old men you could meet. His idea of a great day was either sitting on his front porch or on the dock with a fishing pole. What I find striking about Mr. Johnson is his attitude. Mr. Johnson is African American and in his 75 years of life, it amazes me to think about the changes he has seen in the world around him. I'm sure he grew up experiencing the worst kind of racism and hatred, toward himself and his family. He probably saw his father or grandfather address young men my age as "Mr." and "Sir". I'm sure there were times when he thought he would never be addressed as "Mr. Johnson" by a white man. Thank God times have changed since then. I'm sure there is a degree of racism still out there, but I think we can agree that our society no longer condones such attitudes or behavior. This is why I find his attitude so amazing. Despite all the hostility he has experienced through the years, he still chooses to conduct himself graciously. He never complains and is always genuinely happy to see you. That teaches me that regardless of what trials I go through or what wrongs I may suffer, I can still choose to love. I hope Mr. Johnson touches you as he has me. Lets always be quick to forgive.
  • kris
    nice thoughts...much needed and appreciated.
    by kris at 06/12/08 11:07PM
  • norriej
    So true, Clayton. What I love is that he is content in the small things in life, porch sitting and fishing. A lot of people can't do that. They find it difficult to be with themselves and God. I think it's important that we do!!
    by norriej at 06/13/08 7:58AM
  • acurtis
    Great story. I wish there were more people out there like this...even in our generation, those of us who haven't seen the horrible things that he has, a lot of people still don't have that kind of heart.

    I hope you and Lynn are getting settled in nicely.
    by acurtis at 06/13/08 8:07AM
  • lindsey
    ...and GO BULLS!!
    by lindsey at 06/13/08 5:32PM
  • clayman
    Oh yeah... and GO BULLS!
    by clayman at 06/13/08 7:07PM
  • tickets
    howdy! :o)
    by tickets at 06/15/08 9:28PM
  • leyvaleyva
    Welcome back from the foreign lands!
    by leyvaleyva at 06/17/08 8:20AM
  • acurtis
    I think you should stop helping around the house!!! ;)
    by acurtis at 07/01/08 6:32AM
  • beep_girl
    I love you, darlin'!
    by beep_girl at 07/04/08 8:56AM
  • tickets
    happy happy birthday, buddy! and war eagle! ;o)
    by tickets at 07/04/08 4:41PM
  • wise
    Happy Birthday! See you tomorrow. Thanks for picking us up.
    by wise at 07/05/08 12:36AM
  • mangospice707
    Hello Cousin! This is Kensi! How've you and Lynn been? Just wanted to stop by and say hey! :D
    by mangospice707 at 08/17/08 9:30PM
  • wise
    Hey Post Again! Thanks for taking care of Dewey while I'm gone. I miss you and I'm ready to come home, it's getting cold up here.
    by wise at 10/08/08 10:50PM
  • mangospice707
    Hey Clay! If y'all aren't doing anything, you should come to our Singing School on November 22nd (Saturday) It'll be fun! :D Tell Lynn hello for me! :D
    by mangospice707 at 11/21/08 1:00PM
  • beep_girl
    Umm you need to update. I love you.
    by beep_girl at 11/30/08 2:01PM

Home is where the heart is...

It's a funny feeling coming back home. Houston has changed a lot. Katy (west Houston) doesn't look the same. Eventhough I'm "home", I am having to readjust. I also miss my wife which I had to leave in Franklin so she could finish her commitment to her students. I won't get to see her for another week and that's why I'm "home"sick for the next week. I am excited to be starting this new phase of our life in Houston. I'm already enjoying the HOT weather and I look forward to taking my wife to the coast. I have also indulged in an ASTROS game which was a ton of fun. I hope all is well with you and GO BULLS!!!
  • nillabarr
    I am so glad for you that you can be with your Astros. ;) Afterall, if you can't be near your Bulls! :P
    by nillabarr at 05/22/08 10:31PM
  • norriej
    How sweet!! I understand what you're going through and know how tough it is. Hang in there!!
    by norriej at 05/22/08 11:41PM
  • beep_girl
    Are you HOMEsick or are you LYNNsick? :) I LOVE YOU! 6 more days!
    by beep_girl at 05/23/08 7:27AM
  • kris are those beaches in Texas? I know that Lynn would love to hang out near those this summer!
    by kris at 05/23/08 7:34AM
  • beep_girl
    I have no idea! I am super excited though. We hope to go on a little weekend getaway to Galveston or Corpus Cristi. :)
    by beep_girl at 05/23/08 8:46AM
  • brazil_ville
    send your new info when you get a minute...
    by brazil_ville at 05/26/08 8:44PM
  • meagan_d
    Hey Clay...its Meagan Davis! I didn't know that you were on here!! Hope that we can keep in touch!!! Talk to you later!
    by meagan_d at 06/01/08 11:13AM
  • justg
    So, leaving the white sands of Florida....I know your mom and dad are happy you guys are's nice to have the kids around!
    by justg at 06/01/08 2:01PM
  • nick_katie
    Welcome to Texas!!!! We look forward to worshipping with y'all soon!! (You are going to come to Cy-Fair, right?) :)
    by nick_katie at 06/02/08 6:58PM

Its been a while and I don't have much to talk about...

Basketball season is really boring. I got excited for a while when I saw the Houston Rockets go on this winning streak, but to be honest I didn't know about it until they were at 20 wins! I haven't even checked to see if they have won since it snapped. March madness is kind of fun, but I don't care to watch NCAA basketball in February so I'm really not prepared. My guesses are as good as the one who picks their bracket based on which team has prettier colors or who is from their favorite state. (I did know that Coppin State wouldn't make it to the Elite Eight) ~sigh~ But now Opening Day is upon us. Time for us to gorge ourselves on greasy franks and sing take me out to the ball game (Harry Carry style of course) Its time for us to remember our past baseball heros and anxiously await for new ones to captivate us. I will miss Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio. On the other hand, I am excited about Carlos Lee, Miguel Tejada, Hunter Pence, Kaz Matsui, Roy Oswalt, and all the other Astros that will help us WIN the World Series this year.

I do believe that baseball is America's past time. I'm going to follow it (the Astros) closely all season. Then I'm going to get SUPER EXCITED about FOOTBALL... America's PASSION!!!

  • clayman
    YAY for a new post and baseball season! I still can't get over the fact that the Astros will be playing in St. Pete this year. Of course they do AFTER we leave!!!!!
    by clayman at 03/27/08 7:22PM
  • clayman
    Ok I just realized pleo is still logged in under your name. :) Well...looks like you're talking to your own post now, doesn't it? :)
    by clayman at 03/27/08 7:22PM
  • beep_girl
    Ok much better. :)
    by beep_girl at 03/27/08 7:23PM
  • acurtis
    Matsui was HUGE in Japan when we were there four years ago...they loved that guy! We can't wait for football season either, but that means fall, and I'm NOT ready for that. I wish summer would last all matter what sport is on!
    by acurtis at 03/27/08 7:44PM
  • kris
    Well..of course our live right now consist of Phoenix Suns. We are going to LA/Sandiego/Phoenix in June, and while out there attending an Angels/Tbay came, in San- Padres/Dodgers and in Phoenix...Diamondbacks/whoever they play. But of course...Aaron is holding out hope that the Suns will be in the finals and will be playing in Phoenix...
    by kris at 03/28/08 7:46AM
  • tickets
    boring. boring...

    i did get to see your family almost a month ago though!
    by tickets at 04/15/08 12:06AM
  • stylinmama
    Hi Clay! How are ya?
    by stylinmama at 04/17/08 1:48AM

How was your Valentines day? Mine was AWESOME!!!

Let me tell you how AMAZING my wife is. When I woke up she had gotten me a movie that I really wanted and a card. That may sound pretty ordinary but GET THIS! ALL DAY I FOUND LITTLE HEART SHAPED NOTES WITH MESSAGES OF LOVE WRITTEN ON THEM! No joke... there were dozens of notes. Found them in my pockets, wallet, dresser drawers, EVEN UNDER MY CEREAL BOWL! EVERYWHERE! I took the day off to volunteer my time for the barbershop chorus. We went all over Nashville yesterday to sing valentines for various sweethearts. Even went to the IRS building to sing for one of them. Our bass started talking about the "H" word (Huckabee). Needless to say, we may get audited now. When I got home we had a delicious steak dinner! (My wife can cook anything!) I hope you had a great Valentines day and hugged the ones you love. GO BULLS!!!
  • browngirl22
    YOur wife rocks! I'm glad it was a wonderful day for you.
    by browngirl22 at 02/15/08 6:41PM
  • lauraroseborough
    Sounds like you got a keeper. ;) She is so sweet. Now can she come cook for me? =)
    by lauraroseborough at 02/15/08 11:53PM
  • acurtis
    That sounds like so much fun. Lynn is too good to you, huh? =)
    by acurtis at 02/16/08 8:10AM
  • nillabarr
    by nillabarr at 02/16/08 9:21AM
  • kris
    what a sweetie Lynn is!
    by kris at 02/16/08 8:37PM
  • norriej
    She's so sweet!! And she can cook anything GOOD too!!
    by norriej at 02/18/08 3:40PM
  • wise
    You have a wonderful helpmate. You two are so good for each other.
    by wise at 02/20/08 10:44PM
  • matermagistra
    Your wife IS amazing. We need to have yall over soon!
    by matermagistra at 02/25/08 9:20AM