Long time since I've been here...

If anyone ever tries to reach me, the internet is not a good place. I may get the message in 3-4 months. But tonight I found myself with a computer in front of me, with the internet. So here am I.
I hope you are all doing well these days. As for me and mine, we are just great. We had that nasty litle flu bug floating around for a litle while, but thankfully it has left the building. All is well with the Ritz family. Oh, except for John. Almost forgot, he tripped at work on Tuesday and tore some ligaments on top of his foot. So he is a little handicapped for a few days. But he seems to be hobbling around ok tonight. We're just glad it wasn't a fracture. Ouch!
My kids are doing well. I can't believe my little baby girl (micki) is looking at colleges and planning for her own future. It seems as if just yesterday, I put her on the bus for kindergarten. Cody is Cody. Same old kid, boys are soooo much easier. He is only in 7th grade and could care less what he will be doing after high school. I am sure that will change in due time though.
That's all for now folks! Everyone have a wonderful day. Maybe I will try to keep up a little better and not wait so long to drop in.

p.s. Congrats Ethan and Sarah on your "coming attraction". I will keep you in my prayers. Also congrats on "da bears" going to Super Bowl.
  • marie
    Hi Cindy, nice to meet you on Pleo. Tell your husband I said hello
    by marie at 01/25/07 7:16AM
  • marie
    Hope you don't mind that I added you to my friends list.
    by marie at 01/25/07 7:17AM
  • curlie
    I don't think we're planning to move anytime soon. Do you know something we don't know?! ;)
    by curlie at 01/25/07 7:22AM
  • friedaj
    Thank you for letting me know you are on here. David has talked of John a lot and been friends with the family forever. Thank you for everything. Your post was touching.
    by friedaj at 01/25/07 8:07AM
  • lovestheocean
    Hi Cindy..We should get togather sometime. I'm very seldom busy during the day after 10. Do you work.
    by lovestheocean at 01/25/07 8:34AM
  • bekka
    missed you this morning!
    by bekka at 01/25/07 3:17PM
  • cinderellaritz
    sorry, I missed everyone Thursday morning too. I really do want to get with the ladies, it just seems that someting is always going on. Next month, I have already made myself available, at least for the night time.
    by cinderellaritz at 01/26/07 10:36PM
  • mbeiro88
    yes but its ok
    by mbeiro88 at 01/29/07 6:06PM
  • mbeiro88
    and thanks love ya!!!
    by mbeiro88 at 01/29/07 6:09PM
  • mbeiro88
    thanks i will hun love ya!!!
    by mbeiro88 at 02/12/07 6:24AM
  • lovestheocean
    Thank you Cindy..Just having someone to talk to helps. Last week was really tuff "I could have used someone to visit or talk to. I'm better now and can at least fix dinner. I know you didn't know so don't worry about it. When I get better lets go out thank you....love ya
    by lovestheocean at 02/12/07 9:26AM
  • friedaj
    Just talked with David. He is working some but still having a hard time adjusting to dialysis
    by friedaj at 02/17/07 4:32PM
  • lovestheocean
    You've been tagged....
    by lovestheocean at 04/04/07 9:26PM
  • friedaj
    David said he got your phone number when he was in the hospital but not sure what has happened to it. If you do not mind, please email it to me.
    by friedaj at 09/06/07 9:15AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 05/10/08 6:20PM

Life.... Is like a box a chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get!!

That is so true. I think I am finally getting the hang of this.

My life is starting to settle down a litle. We are completely moved out of the town of Wakeman. Hurray!! But after 16 years, I am living with my mother. Wow, have things changed. But, we all seem to be working well together. My mom and I butted heads when I was a teenager, but we have truly became very good friends. Never thought would happen when I was 16-18!!! I have butted heads with Micki, believe it or not, ha ha!! But I have to be her mom more now than her friend. Sometimes we do have fun together, but I don't want to make the mistake so many of her friends parents have made. Too many parents try to show love by allowing many unacceptable things to happen. I am not a "cool" mom because I love and care about her, to want the best for her and for her not to make the same mistakes I might have made. I know when babies are born, they do not include a user's manual. I have made mistakes as a mother, I can admit that. I gladly take advise from other mothers regarding parenting. I believe it takes a village to raise a child. I do have quite a large village, which is a good thing.
Ok, I am done whining for now. I DO love you Micki, you may not think that all the time, but I do.
Hope everyone is keeping cool in this heat wave we are having. Have a wonderful day!!
  • bekka
    being a parent is the hardest job there is. I have had many fights with my daughter. infact just one this morning. don't think your the only one. use moms need to stick together.
    by bekka at 08/03/06 3:26PM
  • bekka
    missed you at church sunday, hope all is well with the family.
    by bekka at 08/06/06 9:24PM
  • curlie
    He has been removed as a user due to his rude comments. Thank you, Kennon!
    by curlie at 08/19/06 11:39AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    Hey I missed you today at church come home too us soon!
    by indiansgothedistance at 08/20/06 1:15PM
  • hank
    Well I'm not that important ... but I still missed the hug.
    by hank at 08/21/06 8:57PM
  • mbeiro88
    i missed u at church love ya
    by mbeiro88 at 08/22/06 8:26AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    I loved your hair on sunday it looked so nice I am think about doing some dark lights in my hair what do you think about that??
    by indiansgothedistance at 09/19/06 9:33AM
  • lovestheocean
    Hi Cindy Send me a blog will ya
    by lovestheocean at 10/16/06 7:37PM
  • indiansgothedistance
    Are you guys goign to come this friday??
    by indiansgothedistance at 10/24/06 9:29AM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:10AM

07/24/06 12:30AM

I told you all I was not good with this computer stuff. I put what I was supposed to say here, over there. I need some assistance from my loving, daughter. MICKI!!! Help your poor mother with the world wide web!!
  • bekka
    hi, Beckie here, you will get the hang of this, I'm slowly getting it myself.
    by bekka at 07/24/06 1:26PM

Home from a wonderful weekend....

I had such a great time with all my sisters this weekend. I have met sooooo many new people. I am anxiously waiting next year. But next year, I am staying in a cabin.

Please keep my family in your prayers this week. Tuesday, my husband, John, is having shoulder surgery. He will be in and out the same day. yeah! God bless the doctors with the knowledge to do what they need to do. God will do what he sees fit from here.

Yeah for summer coming soon!! I have a case of spring fever and I am glad to have had the weather. More is to come I am sure.

Have a great day or week or whatever!! I will keep all my loved ones in thought and prayer.
Bye bye for now!
  • angieprice
    Will definitely remember you and your husband in my prayers. Praying for a quick and easy recovery from surgery. =)
    by angieprice at 04/23/06 4:18PM
  • split_rock
    Happy Mother's Day!
    by split_rock at 05/14/06 5:51AM
  • micki
    hi mommy are you on???right now???
    by micki at 05/26/06 7:49AM
  • deusvitae
    We are praying. We hope that all will be well with you guys.
    by deusvitae at 07/11/06 2:39PM
  • deusvitae
    Good to hear from you and I hope you are doing well. :)
    by deusvitae at 07/13/06 12:41AM
  • split_rock
    It was nice to meet you this evening!
    by split_rock at 07/23/06 6:38PM

I am still lost!!

I will get this computer thingy down. Micki will have to teach me. Isn't it sad when my 15 year old has to teach me.

Anyway... I am sick right now. That means I won't be staying long at the Public Library. I blame all little people who snotted on me. They know who they are. ha-ha!!

And another thing.....I need to get a job. John is going to have surgery on April 25, (please pray for him) so I am going to work to help out with income. So if anyone knows anyone in Huron or Erie or Lorain countys. By the way I am a beautician and have been since 1989. So please pray for me too!

I also want to say that I love the people at Norwalk Church of Christ. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. I feel like a kid that was just adopted. But I was adopted by the Lord!!

Well I am signing out. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Enjoy the sun and warm weather.
  • curlie
    We love you too! :)
    by curlie at 04/11/06 11:38AM
  • deusvitae
    Indeed; if you want to get together to study this week, just let me know. :)
    by deusvitae at 04/11/06 8:39PM
  • micki
    i love you mommy!
    by micki at 04/13/06 7:57AM
  • angieprice
    Hey! It was great meeting you! Thanks for letting me crash your table at the renewal. =)
    by angieprice at 04/22/06 8:25PM
  • mbeiro88
    by mbeiro88 at 04/23/06 4:28PM