well i'm learning how to knit.

thought i'd share something cause i was tired of the old thing being up...seeing as i don't even look here but every couple of months.

life is busy, and for once i'm letting that busy-ness (business, but is it spelled the same way? would you read it right if i spelled it that way? agh.) keep me off the internet from useless wandering around in cyberspace.

more time creating.



man. when i look around and wonder how we got so much stuff. we definitely wouldn't fit into 240 square feet now. time to toss some things out. give some things away.
literal things and inside the head things, too, as always.
  • AlanL

    Knit 1 pearl 2? I heard that somewhere.

    I see your married name is Chetelat. I met some Chetelats in Germany a year and a half ago.
    by AlanL at 07/09/13 8:50PM
  • quiltedmama
    I've learned how to knit twice; I'm still not good at it. I vastly prefer crocheting. Though I like the thinness and softness of the knit over the crochet. We have too much stuff. And seven people. So waaaaay too much stuff. Though some of it we keep to pass on to the next kid, some of it really could just go if I could bring myself to do it!
    by quiltedmama at 07/10/13 10:21PM
  • kailua
    It is good that you are learning to knit.

    My mother made me learn to knit and crochet when I was way too young - so I hated it. I will never do it again.

    I wanted to learn to sew when I was 4 and I loved it.

    She made me start cooking when I was 7 and baking when I was 9 although I was scared and I got burned, I loved it.

    I wonder why wasn't that enough?
    by kailua at 07/12/13 12:23PM
  • mountaingirl
    I wish we could have a cup of tea and knit together!
    by mountaingirl at 07/15/13 10:13PM
  • AlanL
    Well, silly me. A little Pleo-surfing turns up that the Chetelats I met are your brother-in-law and his wife.
    by AlanL at 07/16/13 1:35PM

sermon of a 4 year old

included the following lines in all of it's hand-waving, voice-raising, two-minute long glory:

"who does we pray for every day?....God!"

"you....MUST believe!"

"that's all your fault"

she exited promptly via slide after "that's all your fault.
an interesting lesson, i'd say.
  • melissakae
    LOL. So funny how they process what they hear from other people!
    by melissakae at 03/06/13 11:55AM

the last month in photos

  • AlanL
    The simple life isn't exactly simple, but then again, it is.
    by AlanL at 12/03/12 11:01AM

despite the terror

we now have honey. we will harvest more this coming weekend since we needed to do some research to find out how much to take from them so they could over"winter" well here in FL. we got around a gallon from the first run which was barely over half of the frames in a shallow super. a lot of honey for just a few frames. pretty exciting, and we made it out with no stings and a lot of adrenaline.
  • jaydon
    Wow! I am super excited for you!
    by jaydon at 10/22/12 6:38PM
  • quiltedmama
    :) Glad you didn't get stung again. I'll trade some chicks for honey when you come visit!
    by quiltedmama at 10/22/12 8:52PM
  • thatonegirl
    You're very brave. And so much honey is very exciting! Morgan would love it, for sure!
    by thatonegirl at 10/29/12 12:51AM
  • AlanL
    So cool! How's your eye?
    by AlanL at 10/31/12 1:49PM
  • mountaingirl
    Honey sounds amazing!!!
    by mountaingirl at 11/03/12 10:10PM

hi, i'm new to beekeeping, can you tell?

the irony is that i didn't help move the hive; i got stung.
i maybe walked too close to the hive; i got stung.
maybe i'll have better luck collecting honey. just have to acquire the honey gate for the buckets.

clearly i'm committed.

it was right on my eyebrow, so the whole area around it swelled up.
i can now see thanks to some lavender oil from a mystery lady at an event we went to this afternoon.

  • kailua
    Ohhhhhhhhhh so sorry, Charlei :-(

    by kailua at 10/14/12 9:11PM
  • mountaingirl
    Yikes!!! Glad the lavender oil helped...
    by mountaingirl at 10/14/12 11:25PM
  • thatonegirl
    Yikes! I hope it gets "all the way better" soon! And its good to know about the lavender oil. ; )
    by thatonegirl at 10/14/12 11:59PM
  • quiltedmama
    LOL! You look like the little guy on Animal Crossing when he shakes down a bee hive! Sorry.

    Lavender oil is great for stings. Glad it's improving. When will you get honey? Are the bees active year round there? We have two seasons here, late summer and late fall/early winter (at least some years).
    by quiltedmama at 10/15/12 8:34PM