Kennon brought the chickadee back to life

but night is not over, I gotta go finish sleeping... peacefully.
  • kennon
    by kennon at 11/27/12 4:52AM
  • split_rock
    I see chickadee been "found." Did you ever find out what happened? Thanks, Kennon!
    by split_rock at 11/27/12 7:05AM
  • bandmom
    by bandmom at 11/27/12 9:41AM
  • kailua
    I'm glad the Swedish Chef didn't get a hold of you :-)
    by kailua at 11/27/12 1:27PM
  • milly
    Or Misssonja's Big Yellow Cat!!! 8-}
    by milly at 11/27/12 5:31PM
  • ginnyann
    Welcome back....I was afraid the other pleo friends would never find you.....thank goodness they did with the help of Kennen.....
    by ginnyann at 11/28/12 7:31AM
  • granny
    So very glad the lost is found. We are all rejoicing!
    by granny at 11/30/12 6:54AM

I'm back

even though I'm still not sure where I went. I got another account, but miss my old stuff. I have found most of those who were currently commenting on my blog, but there are some I have not found yet.
  • chickadeestill
    This is a picture of my gang 1984.
    by chickadeestill at 11/26/12 9:16PM
  • split_rock
    Have you checked with Kennon?
    by split_rock at 11/26/12 9:33PM
  • whipsmile
    That is super weird.
    by whipsmile at 11/26/12 11:09PM
  • ceoltoir
    I'm so happy to have you back. A chickadee by any other name is still as sweet. There certainly was an uproar over your disappearance. You couldn't even see the numerous private comments. People were making suggestions about how to get in touch with you. You needn't doubt that you are important to us.

    By the way, my dad is on pleonast now. I think you *almost* know each other. If you have time, maybe you can go say hi.
    by ceoltoir at 11/27/12 12:02AM
  • kennon
    we cleared up the oopsie, chickadee's blog is back :-)
    by kennon at 11/27/12 4:03AM