Sometimes I just want to sleep... What's with the insomnia this past week or so? My body is tired, but my mind keeps running like crazy.

In the past, I've never had issues with falling asleep. I typically fall asleep very quickly. (Drives some family members nuts) However, I have been having some trouble with insomnia in the last week or two. I've always been a night owl (for some reason I tend to get a 'second wind' when the sun goes down... I know, it's weird), but after graduating college I tried to adopt better sleeping habits so I'd be more alert during the work day. I am still not a morning person. Five years later, I really thought I was doing better about going to bed at a reasonable hour so I could get up when I need to. And then the insomnia hits. I wonder if it's because I'm not as active during the day now (not like I was when I was teaching anyway)? Whatever the reason, I wish the insomnia would go away. I like my sleep. I do not want to hear my neighbor sawing logs through the wall separating our apartments. I've tried having a glass of milk, I've tried reading a book, I've tried just getting out of bed for a while, and I almost invariably end up browsing the Internet or Facebook from my phone (no Internet at my apartment otherwise). There doesn't seem to be a 'trick' that works consistently. So, here I am, posting on pleo from my phone. Maybe I'll be able to sleep when I finish?

Hoping for a good amount of sleep so I'm not falling asleep at work tomorrow and so I won't be grouchy....
  • cyber_space_cadet
    I have a hard time imagining you grouchy. :)
    I have serious issues with insomnia because of my thyroid disorder. I am a night owl by nature, but insomnia is different. It's pretty much the pits.
    I'm going to TRY to sleep now. Again. I hope we are both sawing our own logs very soon!
    by cyber_space_cadet at 10/19/10 12:51AM
  • tryphena
    My insomnia didn't start 'til I hit my 40s...hormone related, I'm sure...regardless of the reason, it's terrible!
    by tryphena at 10/19/10 6:54AM
  • calvinsparents
    Hmmm. I could loan Andrew or Haley to you for a week, I bet that would do the trick! I totally understand what you mean about how your mind keeps running though.
    by calvinsparents at 10/19/10 9:28AM
  • cbonk
    Sometimes I have trouble sleeping when the weather is changing. I think it's because the change of seasons is exciting to me - will it be warm today? Cold? : ) Spring is the worst since it's starting to get light earlier and warmer in the house! I'm a night owl, too - my mom says even when I was a tiny kid. : ) Hope you feel more rested soon!
    by cbonk at 10/19/10 10:39AM
  • ootda
    You might try SleepyTime tea w/ Valerian, which is an herb that helps you relax to sleep. Kroger carries it. There are 2 SleepyTime teas, you want the one that has "extra", which is the valerian herb.
    A really boring book helps me. I also started naming my blessings and that helps my mind relax...a security thing I'm sure!!
    by ootda at 10/19/10 10:42AM
  • heatheronthehill
    Just saw your note and have added you. Welcome back! :)
    by heatheronthehill at 10/27/10 1:33PM
  • forest_elf
    reading or writing helps sometimes, i know when i eat right b4 bed it's hard for me to go to sleep. Hope that helps. (this is amanda allen btw just letting ya know i hav a new blog as "thecasualcat"
    by forest_elf at 10/28/10 10:46PM
  • shadders05
    What are you doing these days? Where are you working?
    by shadders05 at 11/18/10 9:44AM
  • tanja
    I'm very late on this. Did you ever cure your insomnia problem? Sure hope so. If not, let me know. Because, I have some ideas.
    by tanja at 02/02/11 7:43PM

Back after a long time :)

I'm baaa-aaaack. :) Well, I'm going to TRY to update more often, anyway. Hopefully I'll keep up. :)
  • cyber_space_cadet
    "Like* :D
    by cyber_space_cadet at 10/18/10 2:33PM
  • hmjmom
    Here I was expecting to read a nice long entry. I hope you have a longer update soon.
    by hmjmom at 10/18/10 3:21PM
  • ootda
    by ootda at 10/18/10 4:13PM

Mackenna Update 3-25-10

Tiffany posted the following on her blog.

Dr. Maiers (Mackenna’s Cardiologist) called today. She said she spoke with Dr. Turrentine (Mackenna’s surgeon) and several other cardiologists about the heart cath. They all agreed that we need to give Mackenna some more time for the right pulmonary artery to grow. The left one has grown to an “acceptable”size, but the right one is still very small. They think that it really needs to be bigger for surgery and post op.

So…. The plan is to wait at least 6 months. We’ll see Dr. Maiers again on July 26th for an EKG and pulse ox check. Dr. Maiers explained that some of the other docs would like to see if we can get Mackenna through until about this time next year, but she is not sure we’ll be able to wait that long. She thinks Mackenna’s oxygen saturation levels won’t hold up long enough. BUT, they’ve ALL been wrong before with Mackenna’s case, and then just shocked at how things work out so well! So, maybe with continued prayer, God will make that artery grow nice and big, and we’ll shock them all again! It’s a perfect opportunity for us when they said, “We don’t know why/how…” and we can say, “Well, we do!!!”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for those continued prayers! And don’t forget to specifically mention that right pulmonary artery!

Love to all!
  • kendrad
    It makes me smile to think of her attitude in all of this. And she's absolutely right about such a great opportunity. : )
    by kendrad at 03/26/10 7:11PM
  • mayflower
    How's she doing now?
    by mayflower at 06/15/10 7:50AM

Really Bad At Updating My Pleo Page

I'm sorry! I am finding that it's just so much easier to use the *ahem*other*ahem* website to stay in contact with my friends and family....

Anyway, I'm trying to be better about checking in here, too. :) So, here are some miscellaneous thoughts for the last week or two.

1. Mackenna is in fact home and has been home for more than a week now. Sorry for the delay in letting you all know! She's been so much fun. Ever a challenge... but fun!

2. I am really really really not sure what to think about the whole health care thing. There are some things that intrigue, and others that quite frankly kinda scare me... I'm not sure *what* to believe about it all.

3. My back has been giving me all kinds of fits in the last couple of days. I really need to see the chiropractor about it. I can feel that something is not right, and it's not going to be eased by massage any longer.

4. I have been asked to do some sign-interpreting. I am both excited and extremely nervous about this. I will be team-interpreting (I will work with another interpreter, switching off who is signing from time to time, since it's such a long time), which makes me feel a little more confident about it (knowing that someone else is there to back me up if I fall flat on my face). It'll be Tuesday nights 6-10pm, interpreting for a Deaf gentleman who is taking "pastoral classes". Since they are at a church, I assume these are classes preparing him to become a pastor/elder, as opposed to learning how to farm. ;-) He specifically requested interpreters who have a strong understanding of the Bible and biblical terms, regardless of certification level. (Since I am not a certified interpreter, I'm "cheaper". *grins*) Here's hoping all goes well, and that I have a "ready recollection" of the correct signs to use! The woman who runs the company for which I am doing the sub-contracted interpreting (*grins* how else do you say that? lol) seems to think that this client is willing to help teach a few signs as needed throughout the whole process. Needless to say, tonight is a "trial run" for the first class. We'll see how it goes and if either the client or the other interpreter or I feel like something isn't working quite right, we'll make adjustments as needed. If this means I don't interpret the rest of the classes, oh well... *shrugs* At least I can say I tried it!

5. My budget is mostly done. I just need to actually start implementing it! Currently, my plan has been "if I don't have to spend it, don't". Which works, but only to a point. :) *sigh* I really have a love-hate relationship with this budget, that's for sure!

6. I finished reading all of the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" books as of last night! I don't know what I'm going to do with all my time now... oh wait... yes I do...

7. I need to work on Mackenna's blanket some more. It's coming along so well! I'm really excited that the main piece is nearly done!!! All I have to do is finish up the main part of the blanket, work on the panels (4 of them), connect the panels to the main piece, and wash and "square" it. Oh dear... this is taking FOREVER! But, I am bound and determined to finish this blanket by about mid-May. Why mid-May? Because Riley will be born in June, and I haven't even started his blanket yet! I believe Riley's will go MUCH faster, though, because of how simple the pattern is (compared to Mackenna's, anyway!). Plus, I have a really cool project I'm going to try for Riley, too. We'll see how it turns out! :-D

8. I am really going to miss some of our church Family who are moving to Arizona. They are finishing up packing and loading up the moving truck today and tomorrow. They plan to "pull out" Thursday morning, I believe. This is a really good move for them. "Mr." is getting a significant advancement for his job, and "Mrs." will be MUCH closer to her family. The 3 girls are a mix of sad to leave and excited to start fresh in a new place. The great thing is... though they will be very sorely missed here in Indy, email and internet and phones and such will make staying in touch SO much easier.

9. I like yoga. I like they way Crystal does yoga. I am going to miss yoga on Tuesday nights (since that is when I'm interpreting).

10. I am so random. Haha! This was very much a "freeform" post! I kinda like how all-over-the-place it is. :)

I think that's it. Whew! I'll try to update more often! Key word being "try". *grins*

  • tryphena
    2. Read her comment on her blog. That should give you plenty to consider.
    by tryphena at 03/23/10 9:19PM

Mackenna Update 3-13-10

Happy Birthday, Tiffany!

Too bad we're spending it at Riley Hospital... So the update basically is that Mackenna isn't leaving Riley today, as we thought would happen. She is unable to keep down her normal feeding. They have switched her to Pedialyte, and we're waiting to see if she keeps that down. Flu test came back "negative pending", which means that the initial test came back negative, but we are still waiting for the cultures to prove negative as well. Because of that, the nurses have to gown and mask up, in order to be sure to not spread the "potential flu" to their other patients. We don't have to do this, since we are only in the room with Mackenna and not with other patients. They moved Mackenna to room 4107 in the Heart Center, which is a private room right across from the "closet room" we were in before. It's much cooler (temperature-wise, anyway) and much larger. There's plenty of room so we're not bumping into each other all the time now.

That's all for now. Thank you all for your continued prayers.
"Aunt Cherri" and "Mimi" (Tiffany's mom)
  • hmjmom
    Sorry Mackenna is still in the hospital. We are keeping her in our prayers. I hope she gets well soon!
    by hmjmom at 03/13/10 12:14PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    I sure hope she's well soon, poor little girl!
    by cyber_space_cadet at 03/13/10 9:57PM
  • cbonk
    Hey Cherri- I hope that Mackenna gets better soon! Poor little one! Hey. I found those Flat Stanley pictures that I did last year - how'd that go anyway?
    by cbonk at 03/13/10 10:38PM