It's been so pleasant in North Texas the last couple of weeks. It's been cool and rainy, with the temp in the low 40s at night. Love it!! Been doing alot of baking and making soup. Perfect weather!

Everything is super in the Trotter Home. The kids are well. I'm happy to report that God has taken away Evie's hives completely. She has only broken out once in the last couple of weeks, when she gets real upset real fast, that will happen. But as for generally having one pop up here or there, there has been nothing. Praise God!

Julie is doing fabulously. We celebrated her 1st birthday on the 30th. She has been walking like a champ for awhile now. Her smile will melt your heart and makes me want more kids....all in due time :) Evie is an awesome big sister and is really doing well. Still not potty-trained but, oh well. Eventually, right?

Not too much else going on. Hopefully going to the pumpkin patch this week. Costume party in a couple of weeks. I'm going to be Mary Poppins, Evie is going to be Snow White (I think), Julie is going to be a Bee, and Charlie might be an MLMer. We will see. Lots of fun planned through this fall.

That's about it for us. Sorry my posts are few and far between. Check me on facebook for more recent stuff.

love you all!
  • whipsmile
    Sounds like blessings all around. Glad to hear the update. :-)
    by whipsmile at 10/12/09 9:26AM
  • spike427
    can't believe julie is 1!!
    by spike427 at 10/12/09 5:57PM
  • lovnprayers
    The pumpkin patch will be fun. Evie told me she was going when I was talking to her tonight. Have fun!
    by lovnprayers at 10/13/09 10:23PM
  • nillabarr
    I am going to go find your FB and see if there are any recent pics! Glad to hear all is well for you guys! We miss you!
    by nillabarr at 10/14/09 6:44AM
  • mpettes
    You will be the BEST Mary Poppins! Be sure to posts pics on FB!! So glad to hear all is well. It's hard to post here there and everywhere, isn't it?
    by mpettes at 10/15/09 10:26AM
  • dressednyella
    I'm so glad everything is going well! :)
    by dressednyella at 10/26/09 3:51PM
  • sunnylee
    Mary Poppins!!?? That's awesome! And Snow White? I better see some pics later!!!
    by sunnylee at 10/26/09 6:29PM
  • fullofgrace

    by fullofgrace at 12/24/09 2:05PM
  • fullofgrace
    by fullofgrace at 03/20/10 1:07PM

Anxiety, among other things.

I know, I know. It's been way too long since I've last posted. But, these last couple of months have been super crazy around here.

June is a super busy month for us. Charlie's b-day is June 8th, our wedding anniversary is June 14th, Evie's b-day is June 19th and we fit father's day in there somewhere.

Since this was Charlie's 30th birthday, I flew in one of our best buds, Scott, to surprise him. It was a blast. We had a great time. Those two picked right up like they had seen each other everyday for the past two years...but they haven't :) It was a great visit! Had a HUGE party for him with our church family.

Less than a week after Scott left, Charlie's parents came for a week visit. It was great to see them! Faye did a ridiculous amount of sewing while she was here, but made beautiful curtains for our bedroom, a huge floor blanket for the girls, a life size doll for Evie...it was great!

Julie is doing great! Our sweet baby, she's doing really great. Finally got her sleeping through the night! Now, if I can just get her nap routine down. She is crawling everywhere and her favorite thing is to open and close doors. She sure does love her sister. She and Evie get along great. Evie LOVES to make her laugh.

Well, onto our sweet Evie. It's been a tough couple of months. Evie has always been a high strung kid. But, her anxiety hit a new level a few months ago. We got the book "Clifford's Good Deeds" from the library back towards the end of May. In the book, one of his deeds is saving two small kids from a burning house. Well, this practically traumatized Evie. Overnight, she wouldn't sleep with her door shut anymore, for fear of their being "a fire in her room." Where discipline has been a struggle, it's been even more so as some of her tantrums are anxiety induced. The most recent problem, is that now she is having stress induced hives. When she gets worked up, she breaks out in hives all over. Bedtime is the toughest, we almost always have to give her some Benadryl at bedtime bc she is so anxious about going to sleep. We have to stay in her room till she falls asleep, and then she usually ends up in our room at some point in the night, on a pallet made for her on the floor.

It's been a real struggle, not to mention heartbreaking. A 3 year old shouldn't have to struggle with anxiety at this level. Anyway, we see her pedi next week and are looking forward to getting her some help. In the meantime, we do alot of praying, singing hyms, breathing exercises and counting to 10 :)

Needless to say, it's been a very discouraging, frustrating and exhausting couple of months. We always knew Evie was a tough kid, but this brings on a whole different level of difficulty.

Anyway, otherwise we are doing well. Hanging in there, just loving this 100+ degree weather...oh, wait. It's been brutally hot!!

Alright, consider yourself updated. I'm off to bed :)
  • curlie
    Poor little thing! Praying for all of you.
    by curlie at 07/18/09 8:50AM
  • the_earlys
    praying for y'all.
    by the_earlys at 07/18/09 10:55AM
  • whipsmile
    oh, poor little one. :-(
    by whipsmile at 07/18/09 11:47AM
  • lyryk
    It is good that you know why she is anxious, tho. Have you ever thought of putting a smoke alarm in her room where she can see it? Then just explain to her how it works and let her hear it so she'll know that she has a sentinel keeping watch and it is safe for her to sleep because the fire can't sneak up on her. Smoke alarms warn you before there even is a fire and they never get sleepy.
    by lyryk at 07/18/09 2:38PM
  • ladidodd
    im sorry its been so tough... that makes me so sad for evie :( and im interested in hearing what her dr suggests... you are such a good mommy :)
    by ladidodd at 07/18/09 4:01PM
  • beckylboyer
    Poor Evie and poor mommy and daddy! We will pray for her that something can be done to help her with that anxiety. I know you must be so worried and stressed. Sounds like you are doing what you can to be adaptable. Praying! Love you!
    by beckylboyer at 07/18/09 5:47PM
  • sjb
    Yuck! That is really tough. I hope the doc gives you guys some answers. Anxiety is rough in an adult, never mind a little girl! Glad to hear little Julie isn't giving you any trouble... it's nice to have at least one easy kid, right? =-) Hang in there!
    by sjb at 07/18/09 8:38PM
  • spike427
    poor little evie and poor you!! i love your profile pic, though!!
    by spike427 at 07/18/09 10:57PM
  • sunnylee
    that would be SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! I know I'm a nerd..but something I'm SO looking forward to w/ having kids is: seeing their face the first time they see Mickey or Cinderella!!
    by sunnylee at 07/18/09 11:56PM
  • alissasmommy
    I am so sorry Andrea :( It is heart-wrenching to watch your child in pain or fear. I love you and hope the pedi can get some answers for you. Anxiety is horrible when you are grown and should be able to rationalize things, I can't imagine what it is like to a child. Call me when you get a chance :)
    by alissasmommy at 07/19/09 4:30PM
  • sparker
    Wow, I didn't know that the hives were from stress. I also didn't realize how the whole fire/bedtime thing hadn't gotten better. It's awful that she is having so much stress as such a small little person - I'm praying for y'all!
    by sparker at 07/19/09 8:28PM
  • lovnprayers
    I sure wish there was more we could do. I'm really anxious to get down there to help out. Tell Evie Nana and Papa are praying for her and that we love her.
    by lovnprayers at 07/20/09 12:29AM
  • joes_wife
    I've dealt with this type of anxiety some with my girls. I used to do slow breathing techniques with them, pray, etc. Sometimes all it takes is time. I FEEL for you!! It's so hard. She is still too little to completely rationalize through it probably. Once she is a bit older she will be able to deal with it differently I hope.
    by joes_wife at 07/20/09 8:18AM
  • tu_madre
    i am envious of your time with scott... (-:
    by tu_madre at 07/20/09 9:55AM
  • mjintexas
    Aww, poor little thing, and poor parents! I hope the pedi can help!
    by mjintexas at 07/23/09 10:13AM
  • littlelamb
    Poor Evie! I hope you've gotten some help from her doctor by now. I just can't imagine!
    by littlelamb at 07/24/09 8:09PM
  • heatheronthehill
    Praying for all of you! *hugs*
    by heatheronthehill at 07/28/09 10:42AM
  • dressednyella
    I am just so sorry Evie is going through this! I will pray for her.
    by dressednyella at 07/31/09 11:46PM
  • strawberry_patch
    Aww I hope things get better soon, I used to break out in hives whenever i'd cry and get real upset, I was just very very emotional I think i'sd still break out in hives if I cryed hard enough. I hope her anxiety attacks go away soon its hard to watch anyone go through that but esp. When they are so little! Sending all of u prayers from tampa!
    by strawberry_patch at 08/27/09 7:54PM
  • spike427
    hi, hope y'all are doing well!!
    by spike427 at 09/25/09 3:46PM

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

A big hat on a baby.
It's funny because it's a big hat.
  • crazy_mama
    So cute!!! Now there is a girl that knows how to celebrate!
    by crazy_mama at 05/05/09 12:48PM
  • whipsmile
    i'm glad you label your children. :-)
    by whipsmile at 05/05/09 12:58PM
  • kaceyatthebat
    Hey, let's have an update detailing how p.t. is going! I can't wait to hear what you're doing and how Evie is handling it.
    by kaceyatthebat at 05/05/09 12:59PM
  • jodimn
    This is really cute!
    by jodimn at 05/05/09 2:29PM
  • iloveponds
    Ooops! I forgot the holiday, what was I thinking??? And, I'm originally from S. TX, just outside of San Antonio!
    by iloveponds at 05/05/09 6:53PM
  • sparker
    No worries, Will and I don't really go on many dates. We usually just hang out with my parents...

    yes, I know I'm lame -- I may have to break the news to Will though.
    by sparker at 05/05/09 7:56PM
  • sparker
    And I'll make sure to tell Evie how proud I am tomorrow!
    by sparker at 05/05/09 7:57PM
  • wifelet
    I'm impressed she kept that hat on long enough for you to take two pictures! :)
    by wifelet at 05/05/09 7:57PM
  • darth_bluejay
    ahh, she has gotten sooo big!!! see ya'll wednesday. :-)
    by darth_bluejay at 05/05/09 10:22PM
  • lovnprayers
    My precious baby girl!!!
    by lovnprayers at 05/06/09 1:38AM
  • jerzgirl
    by jerzgirl at 05/06/09 7:06AM
  • sunnylee
    remember when you and Charlie dressed up as a Mexican and a Taco for Halloween??!!
    by sunnylee at 05/06/09 7:24AM
  • dressednyella
    by dressednyella at 05/09/09 1:16PM
  • blueturtle
    Aughhhh! beyond cute! congrats the ONLY thing that could have gotten me back on pleo was an invitation like that and now I'm here and it was totally worth it. I miss you so much sweet girl. Scott and I were just talking about when you guys left. sigh.
    by blueturtle at 05/16/09 7:18AM
  • graminator
    What a cutie! Hope I get to see her before she and Evie are grown ...
    by graminator at 05/21/09 2:04PM
  • ladidodd
    we'll be here!! saturday night is a going away party at the smithermans... will yall be there?
    by ladidodd at 05/21/09 7:56PM
  • kreg
    just wanted you to know we'll be on our way to colorado on the 6th. So sorry we can't make it!
    by kreg at 05/23/09 8:57PM
  • sunnylee
    missing you and our good old Moody Beach House Memorial Day! :-(
    by sunnylee at 05/26/09 11:22AM
  • ladidodd
    thanks!! im pretty much in denial about everything so we're really doing ok.... ill possible know more tomorrow.
    by ladidodd at 05/31/09 4:11PM
  • curlie
    Happy belated birthday to Evie! :)
    by curlie at 06/20/09 1:01PM

Fancy Nancy??

We are so proud!!
  • mapgray
    Love the dog tags! She is just to cute!
    by mapgray at 05/01/09 2:03PM
  • cooljoke
    Before you know it, she'll be moving to Seattle and fronting for some post-grunge group.
    by cooljoke at 05/01/09 2:17PM
  • jerzgirl
    by jerzgirl at 05/01/09 4:51PM
  • sparker
    That is hilarious -- tell her her favorite friend is proud
    by sparker at 05/01/09 5:01PM
  • iloveponds
    Gotta love the dog tags with formal dress!
    by iloveponds at 05/01/09 9:11PM
  • lovnprayers
    At least you got her to stand still so you could take a picture of her. LOL I couldn't get her to when I was there. P1040090
    by lovnprayers at 05/02/09 1:21AM
  • spike427
    LOVE IT!! oh she looks so big!!!
    by spike427 at 05/02/09 1:48PM
  • keebs
    Soooo stinkin' cute!!!
    by keebs at 05/03/09 1:17PM
  • alissasmommy
    Ha Ha!!! That's one dainty princess :) Too cute!
    by alissasmommy at 05/03/09 7:40PM
  • sunnylee
    oh my word....hilarious!!!!!!!!
    by sunnylee at 05/04/09 8:05AM
  • sparker
    that's sweet :) I didn't hear her say that

    She must like Will okay now - she rubbed his shoulder when we were singing Sunday night, although she did stare him down a little :)
    by sparker at 05/04/09 11:13PM
  • mjintexas
    I'm cracking up! And MAN I miss my sit n' spin.
    by mjintexas at 05/05/09 9:45AM
  • graminator
    She is too cute!
    by graminator at 05/05/09 9:58AM

Who knew that rainbows were God's problem?

We had a great time in Odessa for Easter. Evie hunted a ton of eggs, she's too cute! So excited. Had some great adventures there. Went to the duck pond, fed the ducks. Had a huge thunderstorm on saturday night, complete with hail and losing power for about 30 min. Evie really enjoyed it!

After the storm was over, there was a huge rainbow in the sky. I hollered at Evie to come and look at the rainbow. I said, "Evie, what is a rainbow?" (the answer of course being, God's promise, which btw, she DOES know the answer). She said, "God's problem!" That's right folks.

Headed out the Ft. Worth Arts Festival with Julie and Jerry. I'll close with some great pics of Julie:

  • ladidodd
    those are soooo cute of julie and your dad!! :) she is a doll!
    by ladidodd at 04/18/09 4:22PM
  • darth_bluejay
    she is soooooo cute!!
    by darth_bluejay at 04/18/09 6:43PM
  • darth_bluejay
    ok on ghost whisperer: she's pregnant? i didn't know that. ok, sam (jim) did get back his memory. i'll try and find somewhere online where you can see that episode. although yesterdays episode was a rerun. :-(
    by darth_bluejay at 04/18/09 6:44PM
  • darth_bluejay
    here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ituPgyCTEFc
    by darth_bluejay at 04/18/09 6:50PM
  • darth_bluejay
    you need to watch it in parts but thats the episode. ttyl
    by darth_bluejay at 04/18/09 6:50PM
  • alissasmommy
    Awww! Julie is so cute!!! Already a G-dad's girl :)
    by alissasmommy at 04/18/09 7:42PM
  • littlelamb
    That last picture is just too cute!!!
    by littlelamb at 04/19/09 1:33PM
  • lovnprayers
    Those are so precious. I miss you all.
    by lovnprayers at 04/19/09 4:41PM
  • whipsmile
    pretty pretty girl!
    by whipsmile at 04/20/09 8:31AM
  • sunnylee
    goodness she has gotten so big!!!!!!! ADORABLE face!
    by sunnylee at 04/20/09 9:42AM
  • sunnylee
    and we most DEF figure something out!!!! Maybe meet in the middle after we move to Shreveport and go to the Tyler Zoo or something (however I head the one in Ft Worth is great!). I do wanna see you 4 though!! I haven't seen Julie in so long! And I have to have a Evie Hug!!
    by sunnylee at 04/20/09 10:25AM
  • nillabarr
    Julie is just as cute as Evie! PRECIOUS!
    by nillabarr at 04/20/09 3:09PM
  • alissasmommy
    I was just about to call you! :) I know it is really short notice, but how about tomorrow? If not then, how about Friday?
    by alissasmommy at 04/20/09 6:28PM
  • keebs
    What a cutie!!! Craig said that she looks a lot like Big Julie did when she was little.
    by keebs at 04/20/09 7:47PM
  • alissasmommy
    Scratch tomorrow, I forgot I had a paper and test due in History. (Not good to remember it the night before...) How about Friday?
    by alissasmommy at 04/20/09 11:09PM
  • alissasmommy
    Sounds good. See you 10ish on Friday. Would you like me to bring something?
    by alissasmommy at 04/21/09 9:42AM
  • jerzgirl
    So cute!
    by jerzgirl at 04/24/09 12:16PM
  • sunnylee
    NO NO! We weren't up there...Aunt Lauri came down to us in College Station..it was a last min thing, but we were glad she came.
    by sunnylee at 04/27/09 11:41AM
  • sunnylee
    :-) I def WOULD NOT come up there and not see my Andrea and Charlie (my parents ;-) ) LOVE YOU!
    by sunnylee at 04/28/09 9:40AM
  • graminator
    You DO know about Charlie Paul's turtle face, don't you?
    by graminator at 04/28/09 9:56AM